Sunday, January 19, 2020

Saucers of Fear

p38 - A ufo that shapeshifted.

p85 - Dero (Inner Earth) cave entrance near Mitla, Oaxaca - Cavern of Death. Last room of a temple. Now sealed up. No longer have access. Well, dig it up! Find out what's what instead of just guessing.

p90 - Malta underground tunnels - also sealed up, after schoolteacher & 30 students went in & never came back. Dig it up too, send in the military.

p96 - "Moon food" concept of Asian philosophers, that soul is extension of universal energy field. Ego, personality & memory left behind at death (I hope not). Presumably if one reaches nirvana? -Nah, the Vedas say the personality survives.

p108 - Steiger says alien abductions on the increase in the 80's. But it was part of their regular procedure to use hypnosis with contactees. Geez no wonder... Rolls eyes... More & more peeps being hypnotized into believing the false alien story.. More hypnosis used, more alien abductions... Geez it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out... Kinda like teen pregnancies, too many 10th graders getting pregnant, better teach sex education in 9th grade then, oops too many 9th graders now getting pregnant better teach it in 8th grade, oops too many 8th graders getting pregnant better teach it in 7th grade, oops too many 7th graders getting pregnant better teach it in 6th grade... On & on & on, the lunacy never ends.

p109 - Abductions more heavily concentrated in the US - of course because the CIA is doing it! & implanting screen memory of alien abduction which is then made permanent by hypnosis. Duh. "Beeping sound" is mentioned. This puts the victim (labeled "abductee") into a trance. Thanks to Strieber & Hopkins for spreading this BS. Idiots. See Horsley & Prisoner of Infinity that this is all likely a cover for ritual child abuse. Despicable.

p110 - Among common characteristics are dreams of men in white coats - sure, that's the real memory, screened & then permanently erased by misuse of hypnosis. So Strieber & Hopkins can sell books & spread the lie...

p139 - Eyewitness to Hitler's escape - saw him at airfield after he had supposedly committed suicide.

p152 - Interviews with a grey. By friend of a friend. Yeah right...

p156 - NSA attempt to make contact with ultraterrestrial entities through a stable interdimensional portal. Like Crowley, Parsons etc. Read of this elsewhere...

p162 - Effects of ELF waves.

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