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Alien Dawn

p xvii - Solar knowledge & lunar knowledge - Robert Graves from The White Goddess. In other words left brain & right brain. Practical vs. intuitive.

p4 - LSD "therapeutic" session brings out "entity" possession (in a drug addict). LSD is too dangerous to be tried as any kind of therapy; doubt if peeps still do it. Therapists that is. Anyhow this seems similar to seance cases where the medium goes into a trance and gets taken over by the ICHC. Also similar to Dolores Cannon's deep hypnosis where other "entities" start speaking through the subject. How can this happen under an LSD session? What is the link?

p8 - "After hypnotic sessions..." Fuck, CW, how about questioning the whole hypnosis process, hmm? Geez, you're friends with Keel right? What did Keel warn about using hypnosis? None of this stuff "remembered" through hypnosis can be trusted. You're re-hypnotizing peeps who have already been hypnotized by the ufo forces, whatever they might be. Their "memories" aren't valid.

p17 - Account of Uri Geller, Andrija Puharich & the Nine.

p58 - Hapgood, earth's shifting crust, causes of mass extinctions - Hapgood's theory has been pretty well debunked by LaV in Earth Under Fire, although that book might have come out after this one.

p66 - When author discusses ancient civilizations he doesn't mention or doesn't know of anomalies in the geologic record, like artifacts found in coal deposits or the Ohio hieroglyphics found on a wall behind a 30 million year old coal deposit. Ancient humans go back millions of years, not just thousands. See Cremo's Forbidden Archaeology. Other works should have been available for author to consult; he should know this. In fact he cites Graham Hancock in the bibliography.

p86 - Geez author doesn't seem to even consider that peeps are being covertly manipulated, which is most likely what this is; they must be making it up because "they didn't even look like greys." ??? Geez because if you were more well versed in the history of the ufonauts you'd realize the "greys" didn't show up until the 80's after Strieber & others (hypnotists, Hopkins) invented them to promote the ET & alien abduction thesis. Long after this 1955 event took place. The beings in this particular case looked like yodas. 

p88 - Hypnotist may have asked leading questions... Yes!! Duh...

p100 - Aime Michel said to Jacques Vallee in 1958 that many ufos mat/demat & change shape instantaneously - they're not just ET's then. So this was known a long time ago!!!! Buried by the promoters of the alien swindle. So apparently this book up to this point just negated itself.

p104 - Credo Mutwa - things that fly through the night. He describes greys called Mutende but their activities are only recalled by putting the victims in the godsleep (same as hypnosis I presume). - But... this would be before the greys supposedly showed up on the scene; independent of alien abductions in the US. What year this happened isn't stated though.

p113 - Paracelsus on gnomes: "They can appear at will small or tall, handsome or ugly. Think twice before becoming allied with them... There are proofs of it."

4 main orders of supernatural beings: nymphs, dwarfs, sylphs, salamanders. Also giants.

Case of Eugenio Douglas who sees 3 12-foot tall dudes with weird helmets step out of a ufo.

p139 - FW Holiday - The Goblin Universe. Out of print.

p171 - Jung - Flying Saucers Myths of Things Seen in the Skies - maybe worth getting.

p172 - John Michell concludes in 1967 that ancient aliens brought wisdom to man. Mankind evolved very quickly, not as in Darwin. "The brain explosion" it's called. Hmm... They don't have to be aliens though; they could be ancient humans who are still here... somewhere... inner earth? Hehe...

p173 - "In the 50's most of the fashionable intellectuals were leftists who believed that socialism would bring about the Millennium." Hehe. It's still fashionable... Bernie Sanders anyone?... Maybe if you have an oil surplus to finance it (like Norway).

Ufo sightings occur along ley lines, Someone should have mapped this all out by now.

p191 - Keel on Apol: He didn't really know who or what he was; a prisoner of our time frame; confused the past with the future. Keel spoke to this guy over the phone. Wilson comments that he seems more like a poltergeist than a ufonaut. Maybe that's all the ufonauts are - poltergeists; disembodied entities that assume the identity of a spaceman to feed off the energy of the gullible dupes who believe in ET's; they appear as whatever that person believes in.

p194 - Cases of peeps involved in time slips. Odd sense of oppression & dreamlike unreality; same as in ufo contact cases. The brain is being affected by these "fields" or whatever they are. These fields can most likely be projected onto us externally, as well as exist in certain areas (Keel's window areas). Who does the projecting tho? Aliens? Covert ops thugs? Hypnotists? Not everyone is susceptible tho; they can only affect certain peeps.

p198 - Vallee says that it cannot be assumed that ufo entities are telling the truth. Yay! See Swedenborg quote about seances. I would add that it cannot be assumed that ufo entities are actually ufo entities.

p201 - Spirits who claim to be certain named individuals - who never even existed! Again see Swedenborg.

p212 - Story of Beth Collings abductions - she was hypnotized by Budd Hopkins. Ralph... Author needs to consider other aspects of these cases, like if Hopkins had a motive for what he was doing... Can't take this stuff at face value... Author didn't delve far enough into it. Should have read some Barker... Although reprints of his & Keel's articles have only appeared recently...

p214 - Abduction, alien rape, hypnosis again.... Sigh it's all being staged... C'mon man... A cover for ritual abuse.

p230 - John Spencer says that the abduction scenario is created by the mostly accidental misuse of hypnosis. Yes!!!!!!!! Author goes on to disagree, cites women who are suddenly pregnant then a few months later no longer are... So the phenomenon is real, yes, but it's not aliens doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're the cover story. Sigh, must I repeat myself so often.... See Jasun Horsley. See Keel about the unmarked white vans driving around Long Island during the ufo flaps.

p236 - Recalled under hypnosis... Fuck! Again... Worthless... Author already pointed out how some investigators question hypnosis, then goes and cites another case as if it's totally valid! Argh... Peeps who have already been hypnotized by the phenomenon, now being re-hypnotized. Danger, danger...

p240 - Allen Kardec - The Spirits Book. He asked them questions. "The ethereal and subtle matter which forms this fluid is imponderable to you, and yet is nonetheless the principle of your ponderable matter." Wilson says electrons, but it sounds more like the ether that underlies atomic structure, that modern skience vehemently denies for the public benefit (whilst some of them secretly use it behind the scenes). Zero point energy, as Bohm calls it. "Joined his electric nature to hers."

The influence of spirits is far greater than we suppose; they often influence our thoughts and actions. "A spirit does not enter into a body as you would enter a house. He assimilates himself to an incarnate spirit who has the same qualities and defects as himself."

p266 - Investigator Howe meets with Air Force's Doty (from Project Beta) - this stuff he told her is all fake; disinformation. Maybe that book hadn't come out yet...

p269 - Corso is effectively debunked elsewhere; in Looking For Orthon  if I'm not mistaken...

p290 - Researchers demonstrate under test conditions that humans possess precisely the same kind of powers that contactees ascribe to aliens. No kidding. Wonder why. Maybe cuz they're not aliens, you dolts...

Someone might argue that greys must exist because so many people have seen them; just like ufos & ghosts exist because so many people have seen them. But the difference is peeps only see & remember the greys after being hypnotized. It's a fake implanted memory AFAIK.

p319 - "Nowhere in the universe is there a lifeform like us." I think that's probably the case, not because a dude heard it from "aliens" but because all the chemistry & physics has to be "just so" to produce life like we are. One iota of difference & none of this could be happening. You wouldn't be reading my important words. I wouldn't be having my important thoughts in order to write them down for nobody to read.

p322 - Bohm says space is not empty it's full - zero point energy he calls it. The ether, the Tao.

Donald Hotson - Virtual Quantum Reality.

p323 - No "ether wind" from earth moving through it on our journey towards the constellation Leo. Why not?

p325 - Light loses energy as it travels long distances - thus red shift. Thus no big bang; it's not a measure of speed, only distance. Experiments of Walter von Nernst.

Experiments show Einstein was wrong about the speed of light. Confirmed elsewhere. Author speculates that he was wrong about everything. I agree, if that matters; my important thoughts and all.

p326 - Inertia & gravitation are electromagnetic phenomena resulting from interaction with the zero point energy field (it's called Ether!!!! Geez). Sounds reasonable...

Waste of time until the last chapter. Author seemingly contradicts himself quite a bit. Unfortunately relies on hypnosis for many of his conclusions. Seems like he set out to prove the existence of aliens but never did.

At the end he talks about quantum physics and how the mind can somehow influence matter; proven by the Michelson-Morley experiment where the presence of the observer changes the outcome. Author cites other similar studies.

What I'm wondering is... He also cites studies proving spirits are real & part of another reality beyond our senses, which is actually part of our own reality. So if we can use our minds to create reality, can these spirits also use their minds to also create reality? Because they're part of it... We just normally can't see them... Stupefying...

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