Thursday, February 13, 2020

Beyond the Pale Horse

p21 - Cooper text on the supposed UFO crashes & human body parts. Probably everyone else's source for this story. He recanted the ET thing later on.

p25 - Cooper names Strieber as CIA agent & his book Majestic labeled as fiction is actually a version of the info in James Forrestal's diary.

p27 - Bilderbergers formed to maintain international secrecy about aliens.

p59 - Plan for formation of totalitarian socialist world govt. World police.

There will be behind the scenes council of "wise men" fronted by a "benevolent dictator." King William? Or maybe one of his sons... Anyhoo, no aliens!!

p60 - State dept Publication 7277.

Movie "They Live."

p66 - It's a false promise; of perfect utopian society through social engineering. It's brainwashing - to create an ignorant slave race. All property will be owned by the state, who will be your rulers/owners of everything including you. An engineered global economic collapse will kick it off.

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