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Flying Saucer Fire and Fury

One of his better collections...

p7 - Sorry but Thor in the intro is full of crap. None of this stuff ever happened. Eisenhower deal with greys never happened, it was most likely made up by Barker (according to Andy Colvin elsewhere). According to him his team aboard the Victor One helped "whistleblowers" & then rattles off their names. Maybe none of these guys should be trusted:
William Cooper (yes, he's kinda all over the place)
Michael X. Barton
Gray Barker
Frank Stranges
T. Lobsang Rampa
Michael Wolf
Andrija Puharich (he did work for the CIA on ESP-type stuff)
Howard Menger (admitted helping govt for "national security" reasons)
Otto Binder
John W. Dean (the Nixon guy? Wha...)
Ingo Swann (helped govt with remote viewing)
Wilhelm Reich
Jerome Eden
Frank Edwards (Lorenzen was critical of his first book, tons of errors in one case alone)
Coral Lorenzen (corresponded with Keel a lot, see
Harold T. Wilkins (who can say?)
Jacque Bergier
Leonard Stringfield
Brinsley Le Poer Trench

Is this a new 2018 intro? These peeps are all dead now I think. And no John Keel, no Jacques Vallee, no Alan Greenfield, the guys who believe in other than the ET thesis, or anyone who is still alive (although a few of the peeps on this list may still be breathing AFAIK...). What a surprise... Hmm, AFAIK = a fake...

p19 - The evolving contact story, from Adamski-types to now the alien abductions. Because it plays better in Peoria (with the public), Barker speculates. In 1975! Exactly. Thus the purpose of Strieber & Hopkins. Cuz it's all a made-up story taking advantage of already-existing ufos (whatever they might be - they've been seen in the middle ages & all the way back to Bible times) to foist a fake on us, to cover up ritual child abuse and/or biological weapons testing (see Horsley for the former) or plasma weapons testing (see LaV). And 35 years later you see peeps still believing we're being visited by aliens with a superior technology, flying through space in their machines that break down so often it's a wonder they haven't all perished on one of their intergalactic journeys (some advanced technology there...). Cripes, peeps will believe anything... And we still don't know what they really are... Although I have yet to delve too much into recent writings, it appears to be covert ops peeps taking advantage of a phenomenon that has been with us forever, to hide their nefarious doings - biowarfare etc. The ET swindle. Thanks Mr. Spielberg. Oh that's right, it's in the interests of national security. So they can abduct us & conduct medical experiments on us like guinea pigs...

Which brings us to: if the ufo phenomenon tailors itself to our expectations, what would be next? Currently we have ufos (presumably aliens but not really), prior to that fairies in the middle ages, gods in ancient days... What would the next manifestation be, independent of the covert peeps & how they'll try to present it in the puppet media? The channeled garbage; the ICHC? Maybe... Although that's been around since before Orthon & company, all the way back to the spiritualist movement that began in 1848... Gods to elves/fairies to seance dudes to Space Brothers to greys... Maybe it's online shenanigans with "insider" information & online aliens; all bogus. Why didn't the Space Brothers have the internet already when they first showed up? How come the "aliens" who "abducted" the Hills were using pencil & paper & were dressed in military uniforms? Sheesh...

p22 - Visitors are here to help avoid crisis brought on by accelerating sunspot activity (1975). What, not global warming? Hehe... Maybe the "alien visitors with an advanced technology" weren't aware of the 11 year sunspot cycle. Since this didn't fly they go with the hole in the ozone layer, oops its always been there, so how about global warming, oops peeps start questioning the data & how it is gathered, so how about climate change... Which is a nothing because the climate is always changing, it's not static & never has been. Meh, arguing against these guys doesn't play in Peoria & will get you banned from social media...

p36 - Good contemporary reviews of The Eighth Tower & The Invisible College, both had just come out. Keel likes the way Vallee & others paraphrase his work. -Edit: just like modern authors paraphrase or summarize Sitchen's work & get a book published. I cudda done that...

p43 - Fatima prophecy - "look of deep horror on cardinals' faces as they leave the pope's office" - witness.

p46 - Letter to Barker from friend of Raymond Bernard who is living in a colony underground, Brazil or thereabouts. Masars II, a colony in Agharta, with "underground friends." Okay... Don't recall ever reading of a follow-up to this; because it's BS presumably. This letter-writer may be the same as the author of The Voyage of the Discovery and Scott's Last Expedition, but that's just a guess. No obvious link to this guy found so far...

p48 - Ufos are interdimensional - letter from a JH Bruening from U Miss. In 1976 so he may or may not have picked this up from Keel. "The Ufo phenomenon is a set of contrived paranormal events, created for the benefit of the viewer with a specific stimulus content." Sounds plausible. I wonder what this guy might say about the supposed alien abductions... "The ET model fails to account for paranormal phenomena." Exactly.

p54 - Jennings Frederick gets poked in the arm by Vegetable Man. Good account of a trance/hypnosis victim.

p59 - Frederick's encounter with MIB, also written up elsewhere. Why would they ask him what he knows about time & questions of the future? He thought the questions "stupid."

According to Keel, one of the questions many contactees he interviewed were asked was, "What is your time cycle?"

What the heck... Time travelers might conceivably ask what our time cycle was, if the ufonauts were time travelers. My contention is that time doesn't exist as a medium through which one could move; it's just a measure invented by us foolish humans, to track the decay of "physical" particles. It only exists in our memories & in the "history" we've produced from our experiences. You can't say "this is a unit of time" like you could say about a square foot of cubic space, for instance. Try to grab an existing second of time and it's already gone...

But even if "time" did exist & peeps from the future or distant past (or at Montauk - rolls eyes) figured out how to travel through it, the earth's time cycle would still be the same, past or future (barring some major catastrophe that changed the earth's rotational speed - such a catastrophe would wipe out any potential time travelers from the past anyhow. Theoretically.) So... time travelers from a distant earth epoch would have no need of asking what our time cycle was because it would be the same as theirs.

Therefore who would need to ask what our time cycle was? Aliens? They would have their own time cycle & stick to it ie they wouldn't adjust to daylight savings time, or they already would know what our time cycle was, with their advanced technology & instruments (paper & pencil!) having visited us for centuries etc etc... So it ain't aliens (because there aren't any, among other reasons).

Alternate universe then; Keel's ultraterrestrials. Same space, different place. Mat/demat of something or other. Taken advantage of by covert ops peeps, child molesters etc. Or controlled by...

p60 - Wilhelm Reich, Jerome Eden. The latter has a couple books about the former. Is orgone energy the same as the underlying fabric of the universe as described by LaV & the Hindus & the Tao? Ether. If so then somebody somewhere knows how to harness & control it. The ufonauts. Reich shot them down with his cloudbuster. He thought ufos left a waste product of DOR (detrimental orgone I guess) in the air that had a bad effect on weather etc... Thus he was jailed & essentially killed. Article is good brief summary of Reich.

p70 - Good letter from Keel, maybe not available elsewhere. "The extraterrestrial hypothesis is nothing but a trick - a propaganda device." 

p79 - Text of letter from Jerome Eden about Reich & dangers of ufos.

p80 - Mention of Keel's ufo opinion spectrum - far right says ufos are extraterrestrial spacecraft. Wha? Hmm I don't think so, if it's supposed to match the right in political thought. The ET guys would be the materialist/atheists/skientists, who are all lefties. But maybe it's not supposed to match, dunno. Makes no sense when you compare to, say, Redfern's Final Events.

p82 - Keel says Frederick story was confabulation. No real Vegetable Man, darn it. Or giant asparagus aliens either I guess.

p90 - Section about Frank Scully's story of crashed saucers & little men taken by govt.

p94 - Reports of "little men" collected by Leonard Stringfield. People saw them but were they put into trance before hand or are they modern day elves? Why did they need breathing gear?

p99 - Stringfield - "They've got them; the craft and the bodies." The govt, that is...

p114 - According to Barker, Moore believed a substitute body was planted at scene of Jessup's death. We also have the Genzlinger book which says Moore identified Jessup's body in the photographs. Doesn't add up unless Moore is helping cover up the fact that Jessup was still alive.

p153 - FBI memo says Jessup applicant for sensitive position.

p158 - Navy technician in San Diego in 1965 says he saw a ship disappear. Continuation of Philadelphia Experiment supposedly (22 years later).

p165 - Jessup re-annotated the annotated edition of his book; this is the copy he gave to Sanderson that disappeared after Sanderson's death. Not splained very well in one of the newer titles, forget if it's Horsley or Bishop, probly the latter.

p172 - Sanderson had a meeting with the Pentagon & asked them about teleportation. "We don't mention that subject!" was the supposedly virulent response. All hell broke loose, according to writer Rogo somebody. They call it ITF.

p176 - According to William Spaulding (whoever he is), ufos are govt experiments that deliberately went wrong - part of a clandestine conspiracy to promote ufos rather than stamp them out. I would amend this to say promote the ET thesis so they can use it as a cover.

p178 - Same guy says it's better to create a belief system from which all covert activities can be run. Massive increase in biological warfare testing (at this time I guess, 70's-80's). Massive increase in bullshit too, the alien abduction scam. He includes cattle mutilations in this, as part of the testing; for radiation poisoning I spose.

p180 - Letter from Allende in which he notes the progression in engineering modifications or improvements to saucers over time. - Yes! Obvious now in 2020. Yet none of the new ET proponents ever mention this; in fact they seem to bury the old cases from 60's-70's - to hide this fact?

p181 - Allende continues that a Major Bronson was the test pilot of craft built in Canada - date of mass manufacture is 1948. Timeline fits with testing being done in '46-'47 (what Arnold saw). They needed a large battery to supply powerful electric current; Allende calls it the Trudeau battery.

He also mentions a "Sunday supplement" article that appeared on Apr 3 1952 or 1953 that mentioned these Canadian built saucers. A brief online search failed to turn it up.

p182 - Letter from Indrid Cold. He says he was a walk-in. Hmm... Barker verified this letter was from the real Mr. Cold? If so, how? Did it have a return address?

p184 - So Valiant Thor & his buddies are working toward a world govt? Are you part of the NWO dictatorship, Mr. Thor? Geez... Panic on the Victor One as Thor gives it away.

p188 - Ufonaut from crashed saucer says, "I am a Watchguard."

p194 - Classic regression hypnosis story - it didn't happen! Sorry, but with hypnotic regression you just buried forever what really happened; never know now...

p195 - Alias Carlos Allende, article in Fate magazine; the author knew family members.

p197 - Another good Allende letter - Barker says he has 100's of pages from Allende & 6 audiotapes. Are they in his archive? Has anyone looked into them recently?

p201 - Letter from a Hans J. Peterman in LA says that the Philadelphia Experiment was with a magnetic field in the shape of a Moebius strip & a submarine; the submarine followed its one-sided course & disappeared at some point. Okay, could this be replicated on a smaller scale? How do you even make a magnetic Moebius strip?

Jessup was killed because he found out they were using the results of these experiments for mind control, & they used it on him. As good a theory as any.

p202 - Article on the airship mystery of 1897; Dellschau, Mr. Wilson, secret gas of Peter Mennis, NYMZA... Hmm, Dennis the Mennis & Mr. Wilson... 😏

p212 - Hollow earth; 2 guys were apparently trying to recruit ufologists to go into the tunnels (in 1982). Wha? Weird story. Location of tunnels was never revealed & the 2 guys were apparently never heard of again. They showed Barker a book called Symzonia from 1820, written by a guy named Capt. Adam Seaborn. Supposed inner earth journey.

Barker never got a copy but we gots online resources that he didn't have. Probably written by John Cleves Symmes (thus Symzonia), the first proponent of the hollow earth who petitioned Congress in around 1820 to finance an expedition to find it. Ch 5 of z e-book gets to the hollow earth "description."

p214 - Subterranean cities have been discovered. Govt knows about inner earth & its inhabitants. Okay...

p220 - Keel letter about Philadelphia Experiment, describing history of the story. Book is worth it for this letter alone, if it isn't reprinted elsewhere. Suggests Jessup may have been onto secret of free energy.

p238 - Eisenhower's meeting with aliens - his aids were in state of complete collapse & confusion. Having seen real aliens etc. Although this article goes through the whole thing in detail, gives a good overview, it almost for sure never happened. Invented by Barker, according to Colvin.

Well shoot, good book. Surprised.

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