Sunday, February 2, 2020

Inspected By Extratrerrestrials

p50 - Loss of time "is a common happening for people taken aboard ufos and then released." This investigator wanted to use a hypnotist. - There you have the ET swindle in full swing. Hypnosis as proof of alien abduction. Geez... Beware...

p64 - Witnesses see a ufo flying along with 23 helicopters. Yup from outer space, gots to be. Yup. Witnesses get radiation burns. Military or covert ops test.

p66 - A witness is hypnotized after telling initial story. Afterwards the details didn't change. However this was just a sighting and not an abduction. No need for her to have a screen memory implanted. "Ufonauts" decided she wasn't a good subject, maybe.

p71 - Witness sees 2 occupants inside saucer. Hmm... Real or... One of the humanoids was staring at her, & when she went inside the house the tv was emitting a buzzing noise. She was put in a trance (this happened in 1981), remote mind control probably already highly perfected by then. Pilots were normal humans.

p78 - This witness remembered nothing at all before being hypnotized.  She saw a ufo & ran into her house & later went to ufo "experts" who probably told her it was likely she had been abducted & suggested hypnosis, so she went into the sessions already convinced she had been taken & just couldn't remember it. Sorry, her subconscious made up the whole thing based on her preconceived notion of what had happened. Where are the aliens 40 years later? How come none of them have ever been caught at it? Are they that perfect? Oh I forgot they're advanced (outdated tech in the Adamski saucer, pencil & paper in the Hills' saucer, stuff constantly falling off their machines which need constant emergency repairs, etc etc etc, on & on & on...)

p80 - OMG... The ET thesis defined... Many witnesses have no memory of the experience before being hypnotized. Duh, because it never happened in the first place! "We can regress them hypnotically so that they can remember." Gawd... As if statements made under hypnosis are foolproof truths... Nothing said under hypnosis can be trusted. We don't even know what hypnosis is & why it works. & these guys act as if it's The Way. Maybe some of these amateur investigators & hypnotists should be prosecuted. But they're not, cuz it's all part of the social programming by the controlled puppet media... Kudos to Barker tho for giving this viewpoint a hearing, even tho I don't agree with it...

p86 - The Betty & Barney Hill case. Hypnosis... of course... But as Colvin has pointed out, all articles on the Hills fail to point out they remembered military uniforms...

p91 - What about peeps who remember nothing at all - abductions may be more widespread & numerous than previously suspected. - That's what they want you to think, Gray.

p92 - According to Hopkins, details recounted by peeps under hypnosis are identical. Of course, they were planted there. And not by aliens. By you, you a-hole.

p94 - "Searching for individual humans with certain characteristics." Yes, Gray, but not for the capability of higher thinking, but rather for the susceptibility to being hypnotized & used! So this fake story can be spread throughout our culture...

p96 - A psychiatrist asks about child sexual abuse at an abductee group meeting & Budd throws her out. "Because she was causing harm." She knew what was going on, Budd; you're the one causing harm by using all these people to promote your own self interest.

p97 - Did Budd actually think he was helping these people? Gawd help us... Ch 10 by Budd is a nice propaganda piece for the alien abduction scam. You can fool all the people all the time.

p102 - Strieber; they used hypnosis expecting to find his abduction was by humans. So he says in this interview. Hypnotist was arranged through Hopkins. Aha! Of course they found the alien thing he originally thought he saw. If hypnosis was ever actually done & he's not just saying it to "legitimize" it (in their own minds anyhow); it erased the real memory of abuse (details in Prisoner of Infinity), as more modern researchers suggest it will. & reinforced the fake alien shit.

p113 - John Judge (dunno who he is or what basis he uses for some of his research) says remote piloted vehicles (RPV's) existed in '47-'48 (he must have got this from Keyhoe's legit article reprinted in Visitors From the Void). Ufo sightings during this time were sightings of advanced hidden technology. GI's found caves in Nazi Germany with functioning saucers - he has reports from several publications. Which publications? Nice if he would footnote them. Basically worthless without that, tho probably true.

p120 - Kennedy murder; brain matter went to the left, inconsistent with shot from the driver as Cooper claims.

p125 - Don Ecker discusses human mutilations along with cattle, sometimes in same area - bodies in NY morgue mysteriously mutilated, same as cattle mutilations. Also in eastern Idaho. Strieber pissed at getting calls about mutilations. In Night Siege book Hynek wanted no mention of dozens of human abductions already found out about as part of that investigation. Way to go guys, way to help the covert mind control peeps.

p134 - Helmut Lammer sees arguments against all alien abductions being by the military or covert ops. He doesn't consider ritual/cult abuse. I say gyno examinations could be screen memory for ritual rape. See Keel & his mention of the white vans driving around in ufo flap areas.

p135 - He asks why abductees have only reported military involvement since early '80's. I say because abductions weren't being reported en masse until then thanks to Hopkins, & also that they have been reported, even back in the case of the Hills, who saw military (maybe Nazi) uniforms.

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