Friday, February 7, 2020

Valiant Thor's Book of Extremely Ancient Aliens

p28 - Mentions the 1000-year-old little gold airplane models found in various parts of the Americas.

p36 - Translation of Indian text about the vimanas.

p115 - Summary of Shasta legends.

p118 - Humanoid creature with breathing mask seen in 1837, repeat appearances in 1838 & later, coinciding with close approaches of Mars. Foo fighters in same time frame (1943-44).

p123 - Texts of reports of crosses seen in the sky in the middle ages.

Dull articles that all pre-date the existence of possible secret mind control or social programming operations carried out by various modern nations' covert ops peeps beginning as early as ww2. Proof of aliens? Hmm... Or proof of supernatural forces that only modern peeps interpret as aliens due to the propaganda from our wonderful puppet media? Meh hoo nose... These are all 50 year old articles, maybe a new batch of reports on the same subjects might enlighten us. Maybe not... I don't think they're Martians tho... The foo fighters are said to be Nazi secret weapons, forerunners of another weapon in development that was never completed; or was completed, the modern ufo machine... If any of them are even machines; which has never been proven in the how many years since 1947... Somebody catch one; somebody catch a bigfoot & bring it in. Otherwise it's all just a bunch of bullshit, taken advantage of by our govts or the NWO to fool you.

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