Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Visitors From the Void

p9 - Oct 11 1931 a blimp (or airship) on fire crashes to earth in Chief Cornstalk area. 45 years later Mothman makes his appearance here. Coincidence? Arglebargle? Foofarah?

p16 - Article proves US military had drones or remote controlled aircraft in 1946.

p35 - Binder's article is a primer for the ET thesis. Good summary of the different types of weirdo beings seen coming out of flying saucers. Binder takes every sighting at face value & states that hundreds of different aliens from different planets must be visiting us. What he actually does is make the whole aliens theory look ridiculous. No way would this many types of aliens be visiting us, or even be existing. All he does is prove the contentions of Keel & others that the phenomenon (whatever it is) is tailored to the percipient. In other words the "aliens" appear as whatever the witness, based on their own conceptions, thinks they're supposed to look like. Since every sighting is different, this must be the case. These early pre-70's cases must all be either witnesses tranced or hypnotized by the covert ops peeps to promote what Binder believes, or ultraterrestrials from some other concurrent space (the void between & within atoms for instance), or witnesses fooled by demons or genies or whatever the "natural" (or supernatural) part of the ufo thing is; the same guys that used to show up as elves & fairies etc. Or real aliens I spose, but that possibility seems to me the least likely of all. Otherwise we'd have physical evidence by now, & there is none whatsoever; although Sanderson claims he has seen unexplainable artifacts, but that still doesn't prove aliens. Humans go back 250 million years; manufactured artifacts & hieroglyphics having been found embedded in coal that is of that age. If anything, ancient human civilizations not aliens (or supernatural beings, our "ancient adversaries"). Picard: "Let's see what's out there." A few years later: "Anything yet?" Data: "Nope."

p66 - Keel reports that ufonauts seem to have no concept of time as we know it. Cuz he found out via his own interviews that they're constantly asking, "What is your time cycle?" Editor (GB or AC, maybe Cooper, not sure which) argues that aliens might have their own schedule, which is why you're more likely to see a ufo on a Wednesday or Saturday, in June or September (somebody named Saunders tracked this & said Wednesdays, corroborating Keel who also independently said Wednesdays are the peak weekday). At the time of this interview with Steiger in 1974, he had already known for 7 years that Keel had been visited by supernatural MIB's (if he believed Keel's story - he may not have, although Raines suggests otherwise when he spoke to Steiger for his book; probably close to its 2019 publication date). Let's see what Steiger says here. Note: not much.

p69 - Glowing orbs of pure intelligence that permit the percipient to view them in most acceptable manner. Same viewpoint expressed much earlier by Keel and also copycat Vallee later on. Would account for the variety of descriptions of the ufonauts & ufos themselves, as in the Binder article.

They may be our "keepers." We are property, as Fort said. Steiger seems to agree that the "aliens" are not from outer space.

p78 - Documented cases of contactees suddenly becoming smart after visit from ufo. Similar maybe to T J Heglund who believes he downloaded all his book info from aliens (in one minute, no less); qualify that by saying I haven't read any of his books yet, just excerpts on Amazon. How would this fit the no-aliens thesis? Govt peeps testing remote transfer of info; form of mind control, or remote mind manipulation at least. Possible. Or demons or other paranormal type of being, or our keepers; demonic possession. Odd, though. Sounds laughable but these cases are witnessed & documented. -Edit: Heglund in the intro to his first book says he underwent hypnotic regression. There you go.

p84 - Vesco says ufos are made in Canada. From working prototype developed by Nazis & documents captured by British at the end of the war. Says many Nazi factories were moved to Britain. So once William becomes king is he going to unleash all these forces to spearhead the formation of the NWO? With himself at the helm. How's that for a quantum leap...

p87 - Prominent ufo investigators have told witnesses that their experiences were not valid, since they didn't fit into the investigators' idea of what a classic alien abduction should be. There you go. Empower the investigator at the expense of these poor people's independence & sanity. I'd bet Hopkins is one of the ones he's referring to. Making it all up, using hypnosis as form of mind control, to aid & abet the CIA or whoever the ritual abusers are.

p104 - Witnesses say ufos come out of nowhere, disappear into nowhere, shrink on the spot, & change shapes - Vallee, from peeps he's interviewed. Any theory of ufos must take this into account. So they can't all be man-made, some are these other things, whatever they are...

p105 - Ufo organizations were infiltrated - cases reported in confidence to ufo groups became immediately known to various govt agencies. Idea violently rejected at the time by those ufo groups, but later on he was vindicated; since it was found out that this is going on.

p134 - Ackroyd sees MIB, apparently believes ufos are ET's.

p144 - Macer-Story believes they are supernatural, possibly using human agents (she doesn't use the word possession, although that could be what it is I spose). Isha Schwaller de Lubicz book The Watchers about powerful interdimensional beings who supervise & control human activities. Couldn't find this book on Amazon or Ebay, so maybe it comes close to the truth (she knew too much, that's why it isn't available...).

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