Thursday, February 20, 2020

War Over Lemuria

p7 - Study shows 4% of world population hears voices or auditory hallucinations. That's 40k out of a million, 40 million out of every billion. That's a lotta peeps. Shaver heard voices originally from the welder he was using at the auto plant.

p9 - Frederick Spencer Oliver says in 1905 that the survivors of Lemuria live in complex of tunnels inside Mt. Shasta. Hmm, is this where that all started? A Dweller on Two Planets. See also Churchward, maybe he has something to say about this.

p88 - Recounts when Shaver starts hearing voices.

p105 - James Tilly Mathews in 1790's claims Air Loom machine is controlling him & house of commons. He was committed to Bethlem Hospital, also known as Bedlam. See The Air Loom Gang by Mike Jay. First instance of someone reporting being influenced in this way by outside forces.

p107 - Gravity is a push not a pull. Shaver idea. I've also read it elsewhere, maybe in the Leedskalnin stuff.

Zeeman Effect - light can be split into several atomic-energy levels by putting a magnetic field at the light source. ! Interesting...

Albert Cushing Crehore - Analysis of the Cause of Gravitation.

George Crile

Raymond Pearl - The Biology of Death

p165 - Proofs of Shaver Mystery include: particles of disintegrated suns smaller than atoms which are drawn together through a process that creates matter and causes gravity. Shades of the ether, SQK, the Tao, etc etc.

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