Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Book of UFO's

p20 - '65 encounter with 3 three foot tall beings who approach witness from ufo. They can't communicate & the "aliens" get back in their ufo & leave. Elves are now driving flying saucers. The whole point of this encounter seems to be to show little green men to this witness so he can then talk about them. If they are not real aliens which is my contention, then it would be a test of the hypnotic powers of whatever this is as they try to establish the ET con. Maybe these early tests are to find out what type of aliens most peeps are willing to believe in. Seems like most see little guys, thus it is decided that the greys will be the common form for the abduction scenarios. Where are the other types nowadays? No 13 foot tall giants, no yodas etc etc. Standardized into the form most peeps expected to see, proven by these early tests.

p39 - Account from Steiger witness about 2 MIB's that want piece of metal that fell from a saucer & was taken by witness, for the good of his "family, country and world." Because the piece of metal is ordinary earth materials; this whole act a setup to make peeps think these pieces are valuable evidence when in fact they aren't. In some cases they are apparently unusual alloys but I don't remember one instance where one of these alloys could not have been made here on good old earth.

p64 - Another witness encounter with 3 MIB, from an anonymous letter to Moseley (goof in the book does not attribute this article correctly, it's reprinted elsewhere as coming from someone else). The witness was supposedly communicating with aliens. One message: "We are being monitored. Cease communication immediately. This station is clear." Another was a code message: "RANSE DEMMA AYYPO LRATX CRWAW MMERM GRGAI HUUOF NIMRO XERCI TRIEO. COMPUTE 744K. CL5 OUT. CL9 ACKNOWLEDGES. OUT."

Somebody is toying with this guy (regarding the communications), maybe Moseley himself, or Barker. They're possibly doing all this stuff to sell books, according to Colvin in his editing notes in the previous book. Although I have not researched yet whether or not these types of communications are still happening nowadays; still catching up on the early 50-60-70's background of all this stuff, which is absolutely essential to get a clear picture (if the picture can ever become clear, which is doubtful). Similar to the "collecting the metal that fell from the ufo" bit; the entities (or humans or whatever they are, or both) do all the weird contact stuff then come and try to scare the witness away. It's all a setup. The above code looks like a Microsoft software access code.

p96 - Keel says "most if not all percipients suffered mind tampering rather than a real experience." Which is why most witnesses prefer to believe the ET crap; less scary than the above alternative.

"Flying Saucers Close Up" by John W Dean. Worth checking out?

p98 - ESSA3 & ESSA7 satellite photos supposedly show hole at the north pole.

Image result for essa3 satellite photos

C'mon man. Palmer argues the hole at the pole in 3 or 4 articles reprinted here. Dull dull dull as are the rest of his articles. As an editor he was probably ok tho. There is no hole at the pole as modern imagery proves; however that doesn't disprove the hollow earth theory as there are others who argue in favor of cave entrances to a vast system of underground caverns. Which is possible. Hole at the pole? Nah. Flaws in the photographic process somewhere, as in the purple & red "orbs" that show up in some home photos which are nothing but flaws in the digital lens (lens flare or whatever), or the space blobs of Constable which disappear when using stereo infrared film.

p104 - Writer Stamey says there are 3 groups - the "fear group" represented by the MIB, the "space brothers" of Adamski etc who will intervene if necessary to "save the planet", & the "peace group" who won't interfere. The latter supposedly aren't hampered by walls and doors like the MIB according to this author; except that the MIB walk through walls also, mat & demat. Keel saw it. Bender saw it. Others have seen it. The supposed greys do the same thing.

p131 - Arnold sees lettering on the last of the 9 saucers he saw; not really, but he might have if he were close enough. They were experimental craft by the US govt. 3 simple facts: flying saucers do exist, they are not visitors from another planet, & they are part of a new defense system of the US govt. This was written by Braczyk & Keel in 1971 & obviously ignored. There is more to it though; this doesn't splain the ones that change shape, or the MIB & their walking through walls mat & demat act. The physical saucer builders (maybe not all of them) must be in league with these supernatural spooks (maybe not all of them). Maybe the supernatural spooks aren't all in league with each other either. But they do exist and they can take physical form somehow; maybe only temporarily...

p162 - Keel quoted in letter sent to him: "High frequency sound waves have an effect on the entities, as do concentrated beams of light." Referring to the purple lights & other sightings where the objects dodged his flashlight beam. "Their structure is magnetic & temporary." Magnetic because they stall car engines etc. Temporary because they're sometimes seen to disappear, not just fly away. They run out of energy & vanish; unless they can steal energy from somewhere. Blood etc that allows them to keep their form longer in our plane of existence. "They broadcast directly to the human brain." Which is why all sightings aren't real; real to the witness but they never actually happen.

"We are biological robots controlled by 2 distant forces both trying to get control over large segments of the population... We can't do anything about it... One of those forces apparently wants to destroy the human race..." Yikes. Keel doesn't mince words here.

"Cunning ploy implanted over the last 20 years" ('47-'67) by the ufo forces, whatever they are - that is, that they're aliens from another planet. They are not.

And with the coronavirus now spreading everywhere, I wonder what the messages are these days from the "space people." "Aliens caused the coronavirus." Heh...

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