Saturday, March 7, 2020

Decoding the Message of the Pulsars

p48 - Pulses from a gravity or electrogravitics beam projector (by the Russian Podkletnov) go more than 64 times the speed of light. Take that, Einstein. Thus trips over several hundred light years might take only days, if this tech could be applied to spaceships. Hmm, maybe there are aliens here? If it would only take days of flight instead of centuries... However LaV's superwave would periodically wipe out any alien civs, just like it may have wiped out ours in the past. Therefore no one would ever advance far enough technologically to develop any kind of space travel across the galaxy, now or at any time in the past or the future.

p52 - Microwaves have been sent at faster than light speeds twice in the 90's. 1991 by Ishii & Giakos, 1992 by Enders & Nimtz who succeeded in 1995 in getting a beam to travel at 4.7 times the speed of light. Where are you, Einstein? Why isn't this common knowledge? Kinda important methinks. They don't want you to know...

p143 - US military is testing technology for transmitting force-exerting fields to distant locations. They ionize the atmosphere to form a luminous ball of plasma - most likely generated by microwave beams. There's yer swamp gas, Mr. Hynek.

p144 - Plasmoid sighting in Superstition Mtns. east of Phoenix - a beam technology test. Campers witness the formation & movement of these plasma balls. Has to be military. Other witnesses to same tech, in Australia. Foo fighters might have been forerunners of this idea...

p147 - Describes how military laser weapons systems destroy enemy missiles - with phase conjugation. Laser beam is directed at the missile, signal is reflected back and trapped in a grating pattern forming an intense outgoing pulse that converges on the target.

p157 - Batteries drain rapidly within crop circle formations - similar to car engines stalling during ufo encounters. Indicates electromagnetic effect. LaV doesn't address crop circles that appeared in past history like the 1800's, before this tech existed.

p161 - Ufos might use force field beams that bounce off earth back to ufo, forming standing waves that build in intensity; no law of conservation of energy here! - Phase conjugate resonator allowing microwave radiation to build to high intensity. This wouldn't work in outer space though! LaV doesn't address this. If this is their only power source, then these mechanical craft must be earth bound, no?
No ET's here. LaV doesn't address this either; it gets outside the scope of what he's talking about I guess. Still... How far up could one of these things go? Could it come back down?

p162 - "That is very secret. They are produced by beams from the orbiting Mylar microwave platform." Spoken in French regarding crop circles, at some conference. Jacque Vallee was helping translate and cut speaker off, whispering, "Shut up!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An orbiting platform made of Mylar would be invisible to radar. Does such a platform exist? And does Vallee know about it? This doesn't account for crop circles from early on (fairy circles or whatever in the Middle Ages) but would account for the increased complexity of the circles in the 90's noted by the author. Vallee is one of them! (the bopeeps) otherwise he wouldn't be telling this guy to shut up.

Regarding the pulsars as warning beacons set up by ETI's, these guys would have had to survive a galactic core explosion themselves, in order to still be around to set up this system to warn us. Could they have survived a superwave or become aware of them soon enough to have built such a system of pulsars? It just doesn't seem likely. The superwave, if LaV is right about them anyhow, would hit every solar system in the galaxy equally. Systems closer to the core would get hit harder with a more concentrated dose of cosmic rays (radiating out from the core as an expanding sphere, seems the cosmic rays would have more space in between as they moved outward). We're out here on the fringe of the Milky Way & the superwave caused the end of the ice age & wiped out whatever civilization if any that may have existed at the time. According to LaV we're due for another one & we're just getting to the point where we can recognize the problem & try to do something about it. Not sure civs can start from scratch like we did & catch up in time to explore the galaxy etc. There would be no galactic empire because the core explosions would periodically wipe everything out before it could get off the ground. We may be alone out here...

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