Friday, March 13, 2020

The Big Breakthrough

p13 - Barker's Hanger 18, Wright-Patterson & Edwards AFB "tales" served as basis for MJ-12 & Roswell hoaxes. The first 3 are called "tales" not hoaxes so maybe some basis in fact; doubt it tho. Govt hoaxes or mixed in with the Moore stuff. Keel doesn't elaborate here. Elsewhere he says Roswell might have been a fugu balloon from Japan left over from ww2 but I think it was a deliberate crash by the US govt to promote the ET thesis & start this belief in aliens thing, as I've said elsewhere. & of course we have Andy Colvin saying that Union Carbide glue or plastics was recently found at the crash site & he speculates that Carbide was building & flying saucers or drones (probably drones) for the govt at that time, in 1947 even. Which is entirely possible. -See the William Lyne books.

p17 - Colvin with note about the Carbide glue & them possibly building & flying drones at that time (late 40's). Maybe so. They were HQ'ed in WV where a ton of sightings happened in the 60's.

p26 - Ufo witnesses get strange visitor with green wire on his leg. This is Tiny; possibly just an autistic dude, the wire could be for periodic electrical shocks or something something. Elaborated on & explained elsewhere but this first account is pretty good when they don't know what's going on. But why is the dude pretending to be a census taker? Flipped out; this is the summer of love after all, when a lot of peeps were flipping out. Or he's a govt agent pretending to be wigged out, or a wigged out person being used by the govt...

p61 - "As if she were dead" - as witness (Jaye) describes "alien" (Agar). Sheezus some MIB are revenants? Well no but... Urk... Maybe it's Plan 9, the aliens are bringing dead bodies to life & using them in their evil plans. Zombies? Do the aliens watch our movies & think they're true events, therefore they copy Plan 9 hehheh... Meh who knows... Possibly just drugged out undernourished hippies... These are the "cadaver" types that Keel mentions elsewhere.

p64 - Asked by Apol if Au had been found but not mined, Jaye says that she thinks we haven't been able to mine the gold in the Superstition Mtns. What the heck; those mtns are in AZ east of Phoenix. Why would she mention them? That's where the plasma weapons are being tested...

Jaye asks them about the "sulfur" tablets. Why they are taking them & why they want her to take one. Sulfa not sulfur. If sulfur, why would they need it? Why would they want her to take it? She tells them they need to take it with water. Is there more sulfur in their atmosphere?

p77 - Large green pill made by Roche. Aha! Roche (big pharmaceutical company) is owned by aliens! Hmm no... Agar makes Jaye take one. A sulfa drug. Probably SMZ-TMP, also called an antibiotic; used for urinary tract infections. The Mrs. used to take these, often. But why would Jaye get sick from taking one? Why do these cadaver "aliens" need antibiotics? In a lot of these early contact cases the "aliens" ask for a glass of water & take a pill. These 2 "aliens" also ask for salt, water & olives - then eat the salt plain, a bunch of it. Why? They warn her about the "Third Group," evil aliens. What group are they? Who are the first 2 groups? Maybe Keel discusses these elsewhere.

p98 - Letter from Agar; about coming "south winds" & "scorching heat." Also she warns that the Third Group is taking over Montessori schools. Uh, ok....

p104 - Keel hypnotizes Jaye & thought she was not under his control during the session. Something or someone interfered. ?? Her answers were being fed to her by an outside source. Hoo boy, this could be significant. Could the same thing be happening in all these hypno sessions that invent the story of the greys later on? Could this be a test using Keel as an unknowing pawn, to see how their (whoever they are) hypnosis sessions will work in the future to build up the ET story. Fascinating reading, whatever it is. I mean, what the hell. What's really going on here...

p108 - Keel interviews Agar via Jaye - the Ten Men are after her. Ok, who are they? Also, she says she "does not breathe" when Keel asks her if she's having trouble breathing. I guess they could be real aliens but it could also be a put-on, or they could be from an alternate dimension right here on earth, or they could be drugged out mind controlled hippies. Doubt they're from outer space.

p139 - Villas Boas remembered every detail of his experience without being hypnotized. These aliens are not called greys but they might be; cases in '58, '61 & 65 where they're trying to grab people. Almost 20 years earlier than when the hypnotists like Hopkins try to promote belief in them. The Villas Boas case they wore apparent breathing helmets tho...

p142 - Witnesses have red marks in neck & abdomen, where lymph glands are. Possible they are being tested for poisons, or tested for reaction to the drinks or pills they are given. Not necessarily by aliens. Being used as human guinea pigs by other humans who cover their tracks with hypnosis. There are the 1000's of cattle mutilations tho, where they're drained of blood. However, their lymph node fluid is also taken, or the organs themselves are. Testing for ground contaminants maybe. -Edit: Maybe they're looking for evidence of monatomic elements in the soil!!!! ala David Hudson. Whoa...

p144 - Witnesses also with black eyes - supposedly punched by violent MIB's but possible cover for brain operation through the eye socket which leaves patients with black eyes. Kudos to Keel for researching this.

p156 - "Blobs in the sky" - are these Constable's sky creatures that he took infrared photos of? This was debunked later on by Andrew Collins who used stereo films to show these blobs were just film imperfections.

p158 - Peeps going for rides on "spaceships" & watching through viewers are not seeing anything other than a movie, a video. Yes. To fool them into thinking they're going into outer space when they aren't.

p169 - "You have been selected for many reasons... autosuggestion" is one of them. Yup. "Notes must be kept of the suggestion state" - Apol to Jaye. He gives it all away here; it's all a hypnotic trick. The ufos find the gullible/susceptible peeps & put them in a trance & make them do all these crazy things. What the ufo force is has never been figured out. There's also an imitator, as Keel says. The imitator is the secret govt or the International Bankers or NWO or the bopeeps or whatever you want to call them.

p176 - "Constable's cameras were not very good." Keel attended Constable lecture; questioned his findings even then. Audience was enthralled tho. Proof how gullible we are.

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