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Flying Saucer to the Center of your Mind

A re-read to get z notes typed up; most important with this guy since his primary research dwarfs the ones who simply pull info off the internet (like Wilcock, Hegland, Icke etc). This guy was there & experienced a lot of what he wrote about & was on the verge of figuring it all out, or did figure it all out & was extremely careful with what he wrote. Seems like these must be his best articles ever & I independently agreed with his conclusions; although having first read this about 3 years ago it may have sunk in & informed everything I've read since on the subject, which is quite a bit. 

p9 - PKD's Firebright cudda been a govt test of LaV's microwave pulse beam - creating the plasma ball talked about by LaV. A form of artificial ball lightning. They were under surveillance from the apt next door where tons of electronics gear had been brought in. The paranoid '70's. Dick was being harassed because of his commie acquaintances in Berkeley. Supposedly. 

p14 - According to Colvin, Keel thought in 2003 there were "technical details" in his old articles that counter bogus explanations by the media. Thus why they both wanted to organize & reprint them.

p15 - 2 kinds of ufos (Colvin): 1) natural like orbs & energy balls (some might be the artificial plasma balls told of by LaV tho; using the natural phenomenon as cover maybe), 2) synthetic ie man-made, by whoever or whichever secret peeps are doing it. Also others induced by brainwashing as in MILABS as they say; not uncommon for a victim's assault at the hands of humans to be replaced with a memory of abduction by aliens. Wow. Yay. Colvin wrote this in 2013. Where's Mr. Hegland? Did he read any of this material in his book that was dedicated to Keel? BTW there are also the ufo forces themselves ie the elementals, djinn, or whatever you'd want to call them, that are native to this planet, possibly here before humans were. So it's not all govt spooks. Sorting them all out is a problem.

p18 - Barker's intro includes the story of the 3 teens who see the big bird morph into a golden boy in the Mothman time/area. 

p19 - Keel's ufos originate from beyond our time cycle & have foreknowledge of human events. Because at their higher rate of energy, especially their "commander" or source at the highest rate of energy, would be outside of time according to his superspectrum theory. If there would be a highest rate of energy. I would guess that there wouldn't be, it would just go on indefinitely.

p35 - Maybe the CIA already knew what the ufos were & didn't want the Air Force or anyone else to find out. This was in the '40's prior to Arnold's sighting. Vandenberg etc. Maybe because they were secret govt test vehicles. Possibly attempting to imitate the real ufo phenomenon which they would have known had been happening for centuries, long before they were even born. Someone in govt even back then knew a great deal about flying saucers. Maybe an attempt to meet them on their own ground? Should hostilities ensue... Or just use the phenomenon as cover for their own nefarious doings, as I've been saying...

p37 - There is absolutely no evidence of any kind that ufos are extraterrestrial or interplanetary in nature. Hear hear. All substances & hardware alleged to have come from ufos are composed of earthly materials. Keel lays it all out here. & is still today ignored by the mainstream who must believe in the phony greys who only show up under hypnosis. I wonder what Keel thought in his last years; he must have realized all of his work had been for nothing. Maybe hoping that a few peeps might get the message... Thankfully Colvin did... Another researcher who uses primary sources (his own interviews & experiences...)

p38 - They are singling out certain individuals & observing them closely. This could apply to both the ufo forces & their human copycats; the human copycats under cover of the others using artificial means (EM, VLF, microwaves etc) to identify & victimize.

p57 - John Cole's own account from 1924 (recalled when he was in his 80's) about the crash of a huge plane with no wings. Six men in suits were already at the crash site when he approached. Later he went back & everything was gone. 1924 rules out the CIA or US govt for this incident. Secret who knows who it might have been. Includes an MIB incident where someone comes to his house to retrieve an object he had picked up. Same scenario as 40 years later in the '60's. Strange... 

p58 - Accounts of other "crashed planes" in 1930 in Oregon, 1909 in England, and in Spain, with MIB coming along to take pieces that had been picked up by witnesses.  Too early for govt peeps (well not necessarily). These guys are something else, connected to the ufos. They couldn't be Chinese agents either, as Colvin speculates elsewhere in his Mothman writings. China had not invaded Tibet yet & wud have no reason to be searching for reincarnating Tibetan monks (he connected that to the mothman shenanigans). Not to mention these guys would not be out of work actors hired by Barker & Moseley to generate contactee stories that Barker could publish (also alleged by Colvin after compiling Keel's & Barker's material). This is where they could have gotten the idea tho, if they were actually doing that. Out of work actors could not mat & demat inside Keel's room tho, or drink a bottle of bleach. But still this story of ufos dropping materials on purpose & then having agents go out to collect the stuff in an attempt to prove that these artifacts are products of alien technology that must be confiscated to protect the aliens' secret technology, it goes back this far, to the early 1900's, if not earlier (the 1897 airships). Weird. Who is promoting this belief in fake ET's then... Fake alien invasion coming right up; sooner or later... Like Cooper said, as soon as they can create one that's believable...

These early crashes are staged to promote that these machines are supposed to be from outer space. But the 6 men in suits who were already there when witnesses struggled to reach the scene... Agents of this agency whatever it is... Is Tesla flying machine tech available yet? Advanced dirigibles? Confabulation of witnesses? From underground or undersea? Sheesh hoo nose...

p60 - Weird actions of MIB's. They act as if drunk, speak parrot-like memorized speeches, have difficulty breathing as if gasping for air, drink jello, eat cigars, & like they have the bends as in too much nitrogen in their blood. Keel doesn't speculate here but geez if they have the bends would they be coming up from the deep oceans (USO's - as some have speculated) too quickly & actually getting the bends? Or coming from somewhere with a different atmosphere, or pretending to... The glass of water, the salt, the sulfa tablets... It must add up to something... Would ultraterrestrials suddenly materializing in our 3D world have a different atmosphere in their own world whatever it is? Or even have an atmosphere if they are only temporary constructions of energy controlled by the supreme ufo force? If they were underground (no not hollow earth holes at the poles, more like the caves of the Deros as nutty as that sounds) how would they breathe down there? Would there be less nitrogen in the air underground? Would air pressure change as one went deeper as it does in the oceans? Who are these guys?

p64 - Interest from MIB in witnesses shoes. Why? The Hills had a powdery fungus on their shoes later on after their adventure. Residue of what? If a ufo landed & made the spot radioactive would shoes be an indicator of that? If it's a MILAB wud they be checking the shoes for how much radiation their saucers were spewing out, & whether it was tolerable for humans? Cattle mutilations, same idea; testing them for poisoned water supplies or ground contamination. Or presence of metals? Or presence of naturally occurring monatomic elements? Monatomic gold? Hmm... See Gardner & Cox & the ORME or Ormus stuff online...

The MIB are retrieving evidence that points to a terrestrial origin, dropping the shit on purpose so they can come back & collect it. Hallelujah, somebody gets it. Constantly pretending to repair their machines so peeps will see them. Pretending to take earth & water samples etc etc. All part of the scam... Also, if these are earth-made vehicles (they must be) maybe they're still learning how to make and fly them; maybe some or all of the repairs are legit. Just not aliens.

p68 - People are very quick to accept a belief without any evidence. The will to believe is much stronger than the will to understand. Exactically. But why? Peeps need something to believe in, in order to what, make their lives seem worthwhile or to find meaning in something? Even in something that doesn't exist?... Believe in yourself, not some stupid celebrity or news anchor...

p73 - You are not taken aboard a flying saucer. You are taken aboard a truck or van. Amen to that. This is from a 1979 lecture. Has Keel changed his tune from 10 years earlier? He is now a believer in MILABS maybe. Or at least that the modern abduction scenario is MILAB, not the entire historical ufo thing. He saw the white vans cruising around in WV during the Mothman thing.

p84 - There is considerable evidence that all ufos are of earthly manufacture and are piloted by normal human beings. From 1973. -Again pointing to the abduction scenario, not necessarily to all ufo encounters since I'm sure he hasn't abandoned his belief in ultraterrestrials & their confabulations. Although it's possible he might have changed his tune about some of them & that some are humans tricking peeps' minds with EM & VLF.

All this started before the CIA & NSA came into existence tho. 5 "foreigners" at the 1909 
"crash" in Wales. He also mentions the Ummo contacts in Spain. The Ummo dudes played the same game (the 1909 guys too) where they left metal tubes for people to collect, then came back to get them; to "prove" they were "secret" stuff from another planet that had to be confiscated before we found out. Ummo investigators thought the CIA was interfering.

p88 - It is illogical that any spaceship constructed by a superior technology could travel all the way to this planet and then fall apart so easily. :)

Earlier in this blog somewhere I had speculated about the frame of reference for the ufo force probably going to change at some point, from ufos to what? Just thought that maybe that "what" is all the trance channel peeps who under "regressive hypnosis" now claim that the "aliens" are reincarnating as humans, called back to help in our time of need. Many of us are aliens originally born on some other planet at some point. I guess... Anyhow it seems like that's the newest form of this mystery, maybe... The Third Wave of Volunteers or whatever Dolores Cannon calls it...

p94 - Ufo leavings - space grass, crumbling black powder, green crystals in snow, purple oily blobs of liquid - all earthly stuff when analyzed. Silica, it's sand, heated it becomes glass. Silicon, magnesium, aluminum... All debris left by "interstellar spaceships." It sounds really stupid yet that's still the consensus nowadays 50 years after all this was correlated & analyzed by Keel. Ridiculous.

p100 - Mothman article, interviews with witnesses.

p118 - Cool monster stories. Something electrical is going on in these towns where the ufo sightings occur. Many peeps killed by lightning, too frequent to be coincidence.

p126 - Bigfoot & ufos seem attracted to infrared. Why? One of my nutty hypotheses is that the 2 opposing groups of ultras are from opposite ends of the spectrum, one from UV the other from IR & they must move into our visible spectrum to meet & do battle. & take solid form when they do. They use us as the dupes in their never ending war. A bigfoot or some other hairy creature would be from the UV side so when one spots the IR from a car motor it comes up & pounds on the hood of the car, mad because they've mistaken the IR signature of the car for one of their IR enemies. No? Good plot for a bad sci-fi movie?

p134 - Texts of the accounts of the anchors dragging down from the sky. 

Many uncommon names common to ufo incidents like Reeves, Allen, Hill, Maddox, Heflin, Kiehl. Why? Coincidence? Are the ufonauts stupid idiots getting their targets mixed up because of their name? Why no Smiths & Joneses?

p146 - Menger confessed his experiences with ufo entities had been engineered by the CIA. Others consciously recalled being hauled aboard unmarked vans or cars and being injected by hypo needles. There you go. Ongoing secret experiments by a secret branch of govt on human guinea pigs, selected for their ease of being hypnotized in order to implant the fake alien abduction cover story. From a 1977 article. This kinda stuff isn't mentioned in many of his earlier articles, & not in Operation Trojan Horse (maybe he pulled it, or the publisher did; being cautious).

p147 - Some branch of govt has been studying the contactees for a long time, even way back to the '50's. 

p148 - Official brainwashers may have actually worked to create the ET theory. Woo. Confirmation. Again, none of this in his earlier books.

p149 - Details of crash of balloon or ufo in France in 1790. Editor Colvin switches gears here to an article from 10 years earlier to show that not all of these incidents could be secret govt projects. Gots to be something else also.

p154 - Encounter of Carroll Wayne Watts in 1967. "They said they were stationed all over the world and could come and go as they pleased. No one could stop them." Spoke to space peeps, went on their ship, submitted to exam, but was threatened into lying on a lie detector test. Classic contact pattern.

p160 - Ufos might be normally invisible. They show up on radar but can't be seen by the naked eye. They appear and disappear with a bang or explosion.

p162 - Carving on a slab of stone in Kivik, Scandinavia that's 1000's of years old but identical to sighting in 1968.

The King's Grave in Sweden is one of the biggest stone graves from ...

A transparent sphere with 2 men inside. Must be the figure in upper left. Hmm, a bit of a stretch maybe... But what the heck is this a drawing of? Stupefying...

p163 - Sound of a car door slamming is part of the phenomenon (also baby crying). Could the slamming door be the sound caused by the "window" (between here and there) closing? The sudden rush of air or absence of air, whatever it would be. Similar (on a much smaller scale) to the roar made by an H-bomb.

p164 - Psychic ability is simply the ability to see beyond the normal range of vision - a definition in some occult book Keel read. 

Ufos do not come and go from place to place or planet to planet, they're always around, in the same areas, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. The cause may be magnetic influence in window areas. Maybe the poor slobs get bounced into our reality by the EM effect in these areas. So they're here accidentally & do all their shenanigans with us as a means of getting home. Meh seems more sinister than that...

p169 - At the 1933 Chicago Exposition a guy named Dr. Tompkins demonstrated an invisibility device. Never heard from since. Probably never made it home. So... another possibility is ufos not being naturally invisible but using this method presumably stolen from Tompkins to cloak themselves.

p172 - Mysterious disappearances of many peeps. Still ongoing, happening throughout history. Memories of what actually took place replaced by false memories, of those who were found at some point. Modern flying saucer contactees might only be remembering what they've been programmed to remember. Or might I add hypnotized into "remembering."

p176 - Accounts of peeps disappearing into weird isolated clouds. Peeps also disappear from ships, like in the Bermuda Triangle. 

p188 - Witnesses remember some entities they've encountered as having trouble breathing, gasping for air. This is associated with "smellies" & smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs). Z smell appears by itself, making peeps sick, or some entities or ufos have this awful odor. If I'm wrong & these actually are aliens, maybe they bring their own atmosphere with them. This would account for mysterious gas attacks where peeps have to leave their homes or farms to get away from it. Aliens release their own atmosphere to drive the peeps away so they can operate without interference. Whatever they might be doing... Or it's the good old US govt experimenting on its own citizens to see how much of a certain poison or radioactive such-and-such we can tolerate.

p190 - Fluoride. Fluoride gas one of the components of ufo leavings. Fluoride gas the primary pollutant of chemical & fertilizer plants. Ufos always seem to hang around these plants. So the aliens can breathe easier? Fluorine gas mixed with hydrogen gives you hydrofluoric acid which combined with hydrogen sulfide for the rotten smell gives all the effects suffered by the farmers in Oklahoma who were victims of a gas attack. Hmm, this is happening in the '60's just before our tap water was fluoridated. Makes it appear to be a govt test of how much fluoride we can tolerate without getting sick. Hydrogen sulfide included to mask the fluorine gas (if it has an odor, I dunno). Fluoride is bad news.

p194 - Derenberger was interviewed by NASA & claims they said to him: "We know more about this than you do. This is where that flying saucer came from (pointing to a star)". So NASA really does know, or they're faking him out to promote the ET scam & divert attention away from the US saucer program. It's a fakeout; disinfo so Derenberger will spread it.

p196 - Unknown satellites were already in orbit in the '50's & '60's. They beat the US & USSR into space. The secret space program. Where did they come from? Why is this topic so unknown nowadays? They don't want you to know... The latest stupid thing Trump said is much more important.

p210 - Mysterious monsters might be composed of highly condensed atoms that deteriorate over time, throwing off electrons & radiation harmful to humans & animals. All these bigfoot hunters better be careful of radiation poisoning if they get too close...

p211 - Ufos have been seen attacking monsters with light beams, making them melt away. Theory (not Keel's) that ufos are policing earth & protecting us from monsters. Okay... This was in an X-Files episode, or a variant.

Concussions in dead animals in ufo areas. Keel personally examined them. Concussion occurs with sudden increase in air pressure. This increase in air pressure would be the ufo materializing out of nowhere & displacing the air? Or vanishing & the air would rush in to fill the space it used to occupy? People are victims of mysterious concussions also. Is this related to the car door slamming sound? Seems like it would be but Keel doesn't say so.

p223 - Dragon paths or ley lines correspond exactly to the routes followed by modern ufos. So were dragons ufo manifestations that appeared as creatures the peeps of that time believed in? Did St. George kill a ufo?

p228 - Was PKD just ranting? (About his VALIS pink light experience)... -Actually he induced it himself with massive doses of water soluble vitamins (he did this after reading the Jaynes book, to try to get both sides of his brain to fire simultaneously - most PKD analysis doesn't pick up on this, including Keel's in this article). In other words Phil artificially created the illumination so often spoken of by mystics. His vitamin recipe is online but I sure as hell am not trying it.

p244 - Vitamin deficiencies in alcoholics & schizophrenics - similar to some ufo victims. Compare this to PKD's vitamin overdose. In the '60's massive doses of Niacin were found to help schizophrenics, but this info seems to have been suppressed. The trick is to get them to take it since they don't think anything is wrong. Like a former neighbor of mine... She just wouldn't do it because she vehemently insisted nothing was wrong with her.

p246 - A girl hallucinated & blacked out in the presence of fluorescent lights (her mother also to a lesser degree). Dr. said her brain was tuned to the same wavelength. Keel doesn't say what frequency it is. Would this be a higher frequency? Ascension! If so, proof of what that one trance channeled entity said in the '50's: "You couldn't survive in it."

p247 - Images & sounds could be introduced into the brain by an EM wave (either from a ufo or the peeps next door surveiling you with a bunch of electronic gear (as in PKD maybe)). Yes exactly what they're doing nowadays, possibly even via TV. I wonder if Keel knew or suspected this & was being extremely careful about what he wrote. He did live to be 79 thankfully, unlike many ufo investigators who died early.

p248 - Russian experiments with EM waves 0.5 khz to 30 mhz. No mention of VLF in these experiments but they must have been doing it. But Keel thinks some of these seemingly random EM waves might have a natural source. He seems to have ruled out a tech source (again, maybe just being careful). Other writers like Keith, Bowart, Constantine etc rule in a tech source. 

p250 - The Hill case was completely mishandled by Army psychiatrist Dr. Simon, who wasn't versed in ufo lore. Hmm. I'd say that he was doing his job. He was there on purpose to make them believe aliens had abducted them, to set up the whole alien abduction sham. The Hills consciously remembered military uniforms. So they were hypnotized by a US secret govt saucer & thrown into a van for their "examination."

p251 - Patients under hypnosis can produce elaborate realistic fantasies with total conviction. Keel writes of this elsewhere, where he witnessed it first hand. This kinda blows the lid off the whole regressive hypnosis BS crap, no? I wonder if Dolores Cannon secretly thought the same thing & was leading her entities on in case they might reveal a scrap of useful information amidst all the fakery. Maybe so... What about authors like Heglund? Hypnotic regression = bad news.

p256 - General discussion of hearing voices & having hallucinations. What happens to peeps' bodies when they're out of it for a few minutes, hours, days or weeks?

As Keel says later, maybe it's all a sucker's game, and we're the ones who are the suckers.

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