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Operation Trojan Horse

p25 - The Chicago Fire was caused by a giant fireball that went across several states & caused numerous other fires. It wasn't Mrs. O'Leary's cow.

The beginning of the book does a statistical analysis of sightings from 1966, with most occurring on Wednesdays & tapering off through Tuesdays. The objects prefer remote sectors where the chance of being seen is the least (although they do appear over cities, on city streets etc). Time-wise 10pm & after. I'm not sure how this data correlates with my no-ET idea, except that some of the seemingly mechanical objects could be made by the US govt or military or shadow govt. These would exist alongside the ultraterrestrial model outlined by Keel. The question is, are they working together. Is the govt saucer mimicking the other type, using it to hide their own activities? Methinks so. Keel himself said in an article in one of the other books (co-written) that the US govt had flying saucers already in the '40's; the discs Arnold saw being some of those on a test flight.

p31 - The ET hypothesis was accepted on the strength of superficial, circumstantial evidence and pseudo-scientific speculation - because of strong emotional appeal, and possibly the decades of lousy space opera science fiction & equally lousy sci-fi movies such as Plan 9, Target Earth (although this one is actually decent), Attack of the Crab Monsters etc etc.

...a search for some kind of evidence that ufos were machines of a superior intelligence with an advanced technology... Keel's funny in that he uses this phrase several times in the book to disparage this view & how corny it is. 

p35 - AF Special Report 14 said there was no evidence of an extraterrestrial origin or an advanced technology. Keel's statistical studies using 1000's of reports from the '60's verified this. Ufo enthusiasts seem to select for study only those sightings that fit the ET thesis & apparently discard the rest. *Because the ET thesis has been relentlessly promoted in film & print for decades; govt censorship was deliberately used to enforce this theory.* As I've said, if you don't believe in aliens nowadays you're considered nuts. Instead of the opposite, the way it used to be in more sane times.

p38 - Leon Davidson thought it was the CIA using hypnosis as a diversionary tactic during the Cold War. I'd say that's definitely part of it; also hiding ritual abuse & drug experimentation on our population that they need a cover story for (see Jasun Horsley & others). Keel says that only a small portion of the data fits this view & it ultimately proved insupportable. I'm not so sure about that. Maybe it became more prevalent after this book was written; after all the mythical greys didn't appear till the mid '80's... Historically there would have been no NSA to do this; elves, fairies, religious miracles etc. That doesn't mean it couldn't have started up at some point in modern times, as depicted by Bowart, Martin Cannon & others.

p39 - RAF Air Marshall Goddard speech - "If the materiality of ufos is paraphysical and normally invisible, ufos could more plausibly be creations of an invisible world coincident with our own... their substance relatively etheric..." for them to be able to make the sudden movements they do at such high speed. Makes the likelihood of ufos being earth-created greater than the likelihood of them being created on another planet. He said all this in a speech in 1969, close to the time frame of this book being written. Not a fave with the ET crowd I spose... See William Lyne for a good explanation of the non-ET version.

p42 - Peeps are "rendered mute" not silenced when they discover the "secret." In other words no one (MIB) is forcing them not to say anything. 

The ufonauts are often inimical to the human race. Big words there Keel haha... In other words they're not all Space Brothers.

p51 - Quote of a speech by Mr. Orion of the Ashtar Inter Galactic Command. "The saucers... are the space bodies of certain aggregates of consciousness." Although Orion is sposed to be where the bad guys come from (Pleiades the good guys) and Ashtar is a similar name to Ashtoreth the demon of biblical times, so what does that tell ya... The ICHC taking us for a ride again... Nothing they say is trustworthy; in lengthy tomes like Dolores Cannon's books they might slip up once in awhile though; there may be some truth hidden in there that they didn't intend to reveal. Like the '50's trance person who said "you couldn't survive in it" when discussing "ascension" (my favorite word) to a higher frequency.

p57 - Many contactees were told they were selected because of their aura. If any of these are shadow govt craft looking for victims to experiment on, this is how they select them. They can "read" something in the peeps they select that indicates how vulnerable & gullible they are. New Agers hehheh... Maybe these beams of light like a "tube" are microwave pulse beams that can tune in to a person's mind & detect this stuff; doesn't literally have to be an aura. Unless these guys are all Etherians; or else the ones who are if there actually are any) read the auras, while the shadow govt impostors use scientific means (microwave beams) to accomplish more or less the same thing. 

p59 - The UV spectrum is the ufo entry field, after which they radiate energy in all frequencies, which is white. The infrared spectrum is the exit field. So do they transition across our visible spectrum, back and forth? Is the wavelength below IR too long to accommodate them? If you go all the way to the low end, the longest wavelength, you'd get a straight line. Would this also be outside of time (see below), or stuck in time like in one specific point of time? Can there really be a wavelength so high or low that that's as far as it goes? There would still be a higher frequency above Keel's highest; it doesn't seem like there would be a limit to it. If The Flash ran fast enough could he communicate with this super frequency source field? Hmm...

p62 - Meade Layne figured it all out years ago, the mat & demat of these extradimensional objects. Ufos are seen to disappear into thin air; materialize out of nowhere. Unless we had cloaking technology back in the '40's... 

"Electromagnetic phenomenon;" this phrase was crossed out in Project Blue Book Report 14 on page 295 & replaced with "unknown." A tip-off that the AF knew what these were back then & knew they were helpless to do anything about them. 

p66 - Some common characteristics of encounters: small child present & goes into trance, seizure of control of mechanical equipment (cars etc), extreme emotional reaction, knowledge of the witness. Total knowledge of the witness seems to rule in favor of UT's rather than govt spooks. 

p67 - The ufonauts seem to know everything about us, speak our languages & are familiar with the lives of humans. UT's. Or is it possible the tech of the shadow govt had advanced far enough by the '60's to pick out all this info from the person's own mind. Keel doesn't seem to consider the possibility of mind control by the CIA anywhere in this book, even though mind control research was begun in the '40's. Maybe he's being cautious...

p74 - In 1790 there was a crash of an enormous "globe" in France which caused a huge fire. A man came out of it & ran away & was never found. Too early for govt or human made saucers.... Wha... In 1846 there were rains of blood around the world, & Spring-Heeled Jacks in Britain. So man-made saucers aren't the answer to everything.

p79 - Keel goes into the 1897 airship mystery. The ufo pattern was revealed here; carefully planned confusion & deception. The mystery inventors who later disappeared prepared the public for the advent of the machines etc. Otto Binder thinks the ufonauts were showing us how to advance in our flight experiments, showing us dirigibles, then mystery airplanes, then ufos. Well no one is building & flying ufos publicly in the 50 years since they first showed up, we're still using rockets. Binder was wrong, simply promoting the ET thesis, either because he believed it or because he was told to.

p99 - The press-agent game, repetitions in hundreds of modern ufo incidents. Poorly investigated because these cases are hard to reconcile with the popular ET thesis. Somebody wants us to believe in aliens.

p146 - The phenomenon tailors itself to adopt acceptable forms for the time period in which it operates. 

p151 - Catalogs different types of ufos. There are too many different models, almost no two are alike. This is a problem for the ET buffs. Wouldn't aliens be mass producing spaceships on an assembly line if they were flying here from another galaxy? To make them safer for interstellar travel? Especially if they are part of a hive mind of sorts, with essentially no free will. In that scenario all of their spaceships should be exactly the same. The ufos we see are all different as if they are the work of individuals tailoring their own ship to their own preferences (like Han Solo & the Millenium Falcon). Kind of a contradiction here for the ET buffs, as Keel says.

p181 - We were set up for a modern myth of ET visitants. Agree. But by whom? The ufo source? The secret govt? Both? If the latter, so they can hide behind the ufo myth to continue their abuse of their victims. If the former... I dunno why... If they were here before man & if we were brought here from elsewhere as Trench theorizes (Mars?), maybe they want their planet back. Hey, it's not our fault...

p182 - Artifact game. Planting false evidence all over the landscape. That's what I thought too, see previous blog entries...

Stories of anomalous anchors hanging down from the sky. Guy comes down the rope to cut it free, as if he is swimming. There's a couple churches in Europe where the anchor is supposedly incorporated into the building entrance. Would be interesting to check out & see. One of these guys was caught & let go, another was killed. What a weird story. Would a spaceship need an anchor?

p189 - Joe Simonton & the pancakes from outer space. They tasted like cardboard haha.

p194 - Some accounts of mini-people only a few inches tall. Weird & weirder...

p200 - "What is your time cycle?" This question was asked of many contactees. None of them knew of it before hand because this was one of the things Keel kept secret to separate out the hoaxers. Why would a secret govt agent ask what our time cycle was? Why would a UT even ask that question? Why would they care what time it was?  !!?? Is this a CIA-bopeep standard statement to "prove" they're ET's?

Major French tries to drink jello. The lady has to show him how to eat it. How do you reconcile this? The lady related this incident verbatim, was not subject to hypnosis to remember this. True story. But why the heck would someone try to drink jello? & why only this fellow & not others as well? Shouldn't there be more cases of jello drinkers? (Edit: Happy Camp CA had a visitor some years later who also tried to drink jello).

p207 - The ufo source would have to be at the highest possible end of the frequency spectrum. It can manipulate energies & reduce them to the visible frequencies. This highest frequency would be so fast it would be standing still, thus putting it outside of time, existing beyond all time fields; timeless. Infinite because it's not confined to 3d space. This would splain how the ufonauts seem to be able to predict the future. They already know it. Yet some of their predictions were wrong; why? A setup? For what?

p230 - The ufonauts are the liars, not the contactees. They deliberately hand out false info & exploit our beliefs.

p234 - The earth was occupied before man arrived or was created. The Persian djinn. The Indian tricksters. The mystery men throughout history with strange persuasive powers. Conflict arose between physical man & the paraphysical owners of the planet. The ICHC. Trench & Gardner's 2 creations in the book of Genesis; copied by Heglund (crediting himself for the idea natch). We're the 2nd one.

p238 - Comparison of MIB encounters to demonomania & black magic. Same symptoms. Albert Bender got stuck in this trap. Keel himself with his visit by the 3 MIB who drank a bottle of bleach.

p241 - Pics of symbols seen on various ufos.

p243 - "We Are One." Slaves of a very high order, no free will; total control by the collective intelligence or energy mass. Hate to say I told you so but I did, a long time ago. Rejoining this super intelligence is supposed to be the goal? No thanks. We're supposed to graduate from an earth school to lose our self awareness? Meh...

Angel reports same as ufo reports. Fable and endless genealogy. See Tim Wyllie & Urantia for this type of junk...

p245 - Elementals. They can be conjured up by an occultist & will continue to exist, independently apparently, until another occultist gets rid of it. Wow, uh-oh. I would guess that these elementals are UT's. Maybe they sucker occultists into giving them permanent form. Not sure how this works cuz I can't do it & don't want to. What about ghosts, are they peeps who have supposedly graduated the "earth school" but refuse to join the mass consciousness in order to keep their individuality? Are they related to elementals in some way... Or is that what the elementals are; not necessarily an older race, just a race of everyone who died & didn't join the mindless mass & didn't reincarnate, if that actually happens anyway; maybe they aren't allowed to...

p266 - Both good & evil forces at work; probably throughout history. The ICHC, some good, some bad? 

Automatic writing. Oahspe.

p290 - The Nation of the Third Eye. Some MIB have been seen with the eye in the pyramid symbol on their lapels. Illuminati. The Powers That Be. The Shadow Govt. The Secret Govt. The bopeeps...

p297 - An account of how the phenomenon zeroed in on Keel during those years - weird phone calls, wild goose chases, middle of the night apparitions, vanishing black Cadillacs... He doesn't mention the 3 MIB who drank his bleach. Wonder why not? Would it have made him look ridiculous? Maybe he thought so & only told Brad Steiger in confidence.

p304 - "Reich's strange theory" - guess Keel thought Reich was a kook being led to ruin by the ufo forces. I'm not so sure but don't know enough about Reich yet. Keel didn't think much of orgone energy I guess, or I spose my theory of the real reason for Villas Boas encounter with the sexy space lady on her ufo... (Creating orgone energy to power the spaceship haha...)

p312 - The weird language of the ufonauts might be buried in the pages of Oahspe. Some of the words in the supposed universal language written of in that tome have been heard spoken by the space peeps. Or it could be another diversion, or it could be those space peeps themselves dictated Oahspe so naturally they'd know & use that language. Or the bopeeps borrowed the weird language from there. Not sure what this weird language is...

p317 - RAF Air Marshall Goddard again: The astral world of illusion inhabited by illusion-prone spirits.

Ancient man knew this. Originally bible said Sheol not Hell. Sheol means invisible world.

p322 - Keel suspects that some group in the govt figured all this out years ago. Okay if true, then are some of them in league with these guys? Are they trying to use them? Are they being used or controlled by them? Who is controlling who? Who are the actual players?

p326 - Quote from Howard Menger - "They use people not only from this planet but from Mars as well. And also other people of your own planet. People you don't know about. People who live unobserved and undiscovered as of yet." Wha?! Keel wonders if he meant the elementals.

p328 - Goddard - "denizens who are eager to exemplify principalities and powers." In other words, they're not space brothers, we're being fooled. They are able to manipulate the electrical circuits of the human mind & make us see what they want us to see & forget what they want us to forget. Scary. Meade Layne figured it all out in the '50's but nobody listened.

p330 - Ultraterrestrials posing as gods & superkings supervised human events for many centuries. Okay but why? 

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