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Virtual Disneyland of the Gods

p3 - Dedication is to John Keel, who supposedly inspired this book. Nothing I've read so far, however, makes me think Keel would agree with anything written in here. The beginning few pages talk about how we're all in the Earth School. Similar to many of the channeled stuff from Dolores Cannon. Nothing said by any of these ICHC guys can be taken at face value. They can't be trusted. We don't know they are who they say they are. As I've said before, the stuff might be worth reading though (if you have nothing else to do) because they might let some real info slip by accident.

p24 - If you have a school you don't want interference from an outside source - ET's, Djinn, whatever, so the school would be in a quarantine. Which automatically would negate the presence of aliens. 

Author says Fort & Keel both agreed with this. I don't know of one instance where Keel said he thought earth was in quarantine. Fort either. Fort said we are property, which isn't the same thing. Channeled entity Ra said so but again he's one of the ICHC & his (whoever's subconscious he is) info can't be trusted either, regardless of the esteem this author (and Wilcock) hold for it. Keel thought we were being messed with by UT's, not protected. Unless this protection ie controlling our minds & causing nuttiness & suicide is part of their "protection." David Icke calls them archons, after the gnostics; before that they were reptilians.

p25 - You don't spend years describing your civilization & its founders if it isn't true. Anunnaki etc. 

Not necessarily. If your King makes you do it & your alternative is to be killed & just have someone else do it, then you do it. Whether it's true or the King just made it all up, you don't question. Hegland's conclusion that the Annunaki myth must be true is just not tenable. He may believe so but it's not proof. Sitchin's scholarship & translations have been questioned by many in the academic community. Which doesn't prove anything either. & Icke has 2 witnesses who saw Sitchin shapeshift into a reptilian. Which is also neither here nor there. You don't tell the story of the origin & founders of your civ & then denigrate them, the author says. Well Berossus was not making the tablets, he was only a historian. He called them ugly lizards but that doesn't mean the Sumerians did. Yes they were ordered not to depict them as they really looked (supposedly), but then there is the statue made by the Ubaid people (there are other depictions as well). My point is, you can't assume the Annunaki story is legit without more evidence. They may have simply been UT's posing as gods, as Keel said. They could have been Icke's reptilians, the serpent people, whoever. The first owners of earth trying to get rid of us, & if not that then control us for their own ends. The idea of the school is just not really viable when the only source for this information is those people themselves. Sorry. LaV thinks all ancient myths are just that, myths created that point toward the galactic center & its frequent explosions. To warn us. He doesn't go into Sumerian stuff too much tho IIRC. Hegland is correct in that the Sumerian civ sprang up out of nowhere, with no gradual precursors. -Edit: Actually there were precursors: the aforementioned Ubaid people & also the Scythians mentioned by Laurence Gardner who were in the Romania area in 5000 BC, also the Denisovans earlier than that in the Altai area, also Gobekli Tepe in 9800 BC...

What is man doing here, why should he be concerned with what he is & where he came from? Dan Brown discusses this in a new book Origin. Hmm... As if no one else in history has pondered these questions? Like 100's of philosophers going back centuries?

p27 - Trench's theories of sky people who created man elsewhere & brought him here. Which would jive with an older race already being here when we "arrived or were created" (Keel) but not necessarily a school run for our benefit. Trench agrees to "a long period of which earth still finds itself."

p28 - Man is become as one of us. This is sposed to prove plural gods. Maybe "us" is just father, son & holy spirit. We just don't know, do we. It's a gigantic guessing game.

p33 - "In the Galactic Code..." - what galactic code? Galactic Law? Who says? There is no physical evidence or proof that there are any other citizens of the galaxy. Channeled stuff isn't proof! If LaV is right regarding the time frame of galactic superwaves, no civ will ever develop fast enough to advance that far. We'll start over with the remnants, every time. There will never be, or ever was, a civ as depicted in Star Wars or Star Trek or the thousands of sci-fi video games & movies. It'll never happen. These Annunaki aliens are fakes, if anything, posers; the UT's posing as gods. Now maybe the UT's, being non-physical, could survive a superwave. Maybe they're just biding their time until the next one comes along.

p36 - Dr. Ellis Silver lists 13 (and more) reasons why humans are not adapted to living on earth. In his book he includes objections & rebuttals which this author doesn't go into. Some seem a bit off, like #8 we can't drink the water without getting sick. We used to be able to before we polluted it! I remember doing so as a teenager (I'm now 66) with no ill effects whatsoever. What about well water? Aside from the chemicals seeping in from the stuff we dump in the ground... We still use and drink well water, for crying out loud...

Oh man it'll be tough getting through this book if I attempt to write up my notes at the same time I'm reading it. Looks like I might not agree with much of what he says; although no doubt there will be something worthwhile in here & it'll be worth the effort. We shall see...

p49 - OP's - people with no souls - used by the "gods" to take control of; these would be Trench's Adam 1. Also same as Popul Vuh's people of wood or Dolores Cannon's backdrop people. Also the "hylics" of Valentinus in the early AD's. According to the latter there were 3 types of man: the elect (pneumatic), the called (psychic) & the hylics (material man), the latter having no souls. One should investigate the gnostics further I spose; as time allows, which it probably won't since so much is on the plate already... Interesting concept though; credit to the author for finding three sources on this, although Cannon is channeled stuff & possibly worthless, or something the ICHC let drop by accident, or simply "borrowed" from one of the other 2 sources. Or just made up BS to fuel whatever agenda they have...

Wait a sec. So these would be the peeps that were already here before man appeared, in other words the djinn or elementals. The ufo source, or the ones controlled by the ufo source or ultimate high frequency energy (if there ever could be one). Something doesn't add up. Or is that why the djinn keep messing with us; is it because they have no souls and we do? Now the serpent people are supposed to be the ones who "rescued" us from the garden of eden by giving us the fruit of knowledge. The serpent people should be the same as Adam 1 or the djinn or these OP's, who would all be the same. So why would they rescue us from the garden of eden only to harass us now? Doesn't make sense. Unless they were just trying to ruin Jehovah's creation. OP's would be human constructs that the djinn or elementals could take possession of & use to their own ends; not necessarily a school. (Does this make Sitchin an OP?) We might be getting schooled. Author says their job is to stop us from developing our divine potentials. As part of the lesson plan? I dunno about that... If you suspect the validity of the Annunaki story at all then this whole scenario almost falls apart. Maybe some writers just have too much time on their hands (or non-writers like me hahah...)...

p66 - Vit B-12. Plants don't use it. Vegans must supplement their diet or become weak & anemic (they are anyways haha).  B-12 is only found in other animal products - so eat meat I guess? This is used as support for intelligent design rather than evolution, since survival of the fittest would have humans either not needing B-12 because of its rarity or having B-12 plentiful in the environment, which it isn't. Based on cobalt, which is rare on earth. Maybe it argues for unintelligent design since we need it & it's so rare, & difficult for our bodies to process... hehheh... There are other arguments out there against evolution which this author could have used, for instance the eye being too complex to have evolved on its own & there being 5 parts of cells that are likewise too complex. Also regarding the non-evolution of man, neanderthals cro-magnons & homo sapiens all lived at the same time; their bones have been found together. 

p76 - A barrier at 7200 miles in space, discovered by NASA. Sigh it's discussed in one of this guy's other books... Also found by OOBE traveler Robert Monroe (if that's considered valid). And then there's the Gegenschein written of by Charles Fort, with images online. Not sure what it's supposed to be as I'd never heard of it before; author says it's a reflection off this 7200 mile barrier (the edge of the quarantine).

APOD: 2014 January 14 - The Gegenschein Over Chile 

This image is supposed to be an eclipse in the Gegenschein in Namibia:

The dark Namibian eclipse in the Gegenschein | Petr Horálek's ...

Weird, eh? Anyhow it's a reflection off something between earth & the stars. Wikipedia says it's backscatter of sunlight reflected off interplanetary dust, at the exact opposite point in the sky of the sun. There is a ton of dust in the "vacuum" of "empty" space. Dust would have to be concentrated at that point it seems like; maybe it is.

p90 - See pixels in the landscape? Huh? Who has seen & reported this? Anyone? I don't think so... Pointless conjecture if no one in all of recorded history has ever seen it... Impossible to develop a program with unlimited resolution. Zoom in too far & you see pixels. Okay, what about microscopes? Telescopes? No pixels reported. I don't think we're living in a sim or computer program. The solidity of what we see & touch is tied in to the visible spectrum somehow. Go outside the visible spectrum & everything is un-solid as well as invisible. Plenty of empty space between our atoms for all this stuff to exist. I don't buy the simulation theory.

p94 - Anomalies of the kind being observed in today's world. 

Which anomalies? I guess he's talking about what he goes into later on in the book but to base everything on such a vague generality doesn't make sense to me.

The Laws of the Universe seem to defy consistent analysis. 

Really? Maybe we haven't discovered what the real laws are yet. Everything else is just theory, which the skientists promote as Law in order to hide the truth to keep the grants coming in.

p99 - Holodeck during Capt. Kirk era of Star Trek... Wha... That was Picard era. Could be a simple mistake that an editor would have caught but still... C'mon man, have you never watched Star Trek? Are there such inaccuracies in other subjects in this book that I might not be familiar with? Sigh...

p108 - 10% of heart attack victims have NDE's. My uncle had one, but from liver failure. They watch the doctors from above & see stuff while their brain should not have been functioning. Absolutely true. Consciousness must be separate from the brain. Also true. Which means our consciousness isn't tied to this meat bag we sit around in. See you on the other side! Unless you atheists extinguish yourselves due to your beliefs, which I suspect might be the case...

p119 - Aspects of OP's, the peeps with no souls supposedly. The atheists I guess, although not necessarily all of them. They blindly follow orthodox teachings (liberals? conservatives? atheists? fundamentalists? abortionists? anti-abortionists?), are control freaks, have no inner issues to work out, only seem interested in money sex & food... 60% of peeps... Well I dunno. Author named Boris Mouravieff wrote some books about it, maybe worth checking out at some point... To me it just sounds like the uneducated masses from our dumbed-down education system (here in the US anyway)... People are sheep because our schools & the internet train them to be; be a follower...

p142 - He calls Sitchen a heavy-duty scholar - then says the Annunaki aren't from some other planet; which contradicts the heavy-duty scholar big-time, who said they were from supposed Nibiru with its supposed 3600 year supposed elliptical orbit. That is until 500 BC when they showed up 300 years too early for some reason... WTF...

p143 - Says poltergeists are energy releases from disturbed people, which is the conventional view. Some writers (including Keel I think but I'd have to re-read & find his view on them) such as Colin Wilson & Claude Lecoutex more or less prove that they are living beings. Not psychokinetic activity.

p189 - Author came to this realm with a task to do based on an agreement made on the Other Side. Which was revealed to him by Them. Trance channeled in other words. The ICHC still alive and well. Which IMO makes it all suspect or downright worthless. He drops Keel's name again but Keel did not base anything on trance channeled communications. He studied them, went to demonstrations, did mention that there are some worthwhile parts buried in some of these messages, but he did not use any of this stuff (or anything revealed under hypnosis) to form the basis of his views. Keel & Fort both used primary sources; Fort dug his info out of old newspapers & Keel did 4 years of field work where he interviewed the witnesses personally & experienced for himself some of the things the ufo victims went through. He didn't sit at a computer & collect a bunch of stuff off the internet like this author and others (Wilcock). As Swedenborg said long ago, the trance entities whatever they are are not to be trusted, they are liars. As I've said many times, how do you know they are who they say they are? You don't.

p208 - Author gives a shout out to LaV without describing what SQK is & how it works. Author argues that Einstein was wrong about most everything, which I think is correct, & that he was mainly a front man for a group of theorists. Author could have used the Chinese version, the Tao, along with Hindu concepts to support the SQK & ether thesis. Anyhow no big bang, no expanding universe, the universe is infinite, as is, no beginning, no end.

p217 - The GEO600 gravitational wave detector finds noise from the edge of the universe. Okay... There is no edge of the universe. Does the noise come from as far as our telescopes can see? Does the noise move out when our view of the universe expands with better telescopes? Anyhow the author uses this to support his (actually others') view of a holographic universe. BTW this detector has not detected a gravitational wave as of yet. Kinda funny... Maybe there aren't any, as Leedskalnin said. It's all magnetism.

p254 - Budd Hopkins used as evidence of alien abductions. Sorry, he worked for the CIA & most likely misused hypnosis to promote the grey fiction for his bosses. No one has seen one with their own eyes, it's all promoted through regressive hypnosis which makes it absolutely worthless as evidence of anything. The hypnosis brings out the implanted screen memory of "grey aliens" which is actually a cover for secret govt ritual abusers. See Horsley. So far the author doesn't even mention the possibility of govt mind control, which is really what almost all of this is, aside from the real invisible entities doing whatever it is they're doing. (Keel doesn't mention it either FWIW, but there were the 3 MIB who appeared in his room & drank bleach...)

p263 - Again no mention of possible CIA mind control. Blame it all on aliens. To throw us off the track? Regarding all these discarnates, OP's, angels, directors, etc etc, I've said elsewhere either here or to friends regarding the Urantia book: Would God have to be so organized? Would he need an entire hierarchy of assistants? God's bureaucracy? C'mon man. Author uses the bible for some of his evidence, well the bible AFAIK says there are 72 angels each in charge of a region of earth (I think... don't quote me, I'd need to look it up again - maybe it's the Book of Enoch - a primary source, not trance channeled by some unknown entity). That's it. No directors, programmers, nothing like what is described in this book (and many others actually like Dolores Cannon, Urantia, Oahspe maybe, etc etc).

p274 - Kurzweil's singularity can't happen, according to Jim Elvidge. The software isn't keeping up with the hardware advances. If humans have been around millions of years as archaeological evidence shows (no they are not random artifacts placed by the construct programmers to stimulate us - what a cop-out, worse than the skientists who ignore this stuff), then some past civ might have advanced to the point where the singularity already happened, as I've posted elsewhere. Upload your consciousness but your soul doesn't go with you. Well it's the soulless ones who did this, if there really are any, the ancient atheists, who knew their existence ended with death & tried to circumvent it. Wherever & whatever they are now, wait till they figure out how to gain access to the internet. Maybe they already have...

p288 - It is obvious man didn't build the ancient megalithic sites, such as pyramids, Baalbek etc. 

Wanna bet? What about the Coral Castle? Loophole in physics discovered & exploited by Leedskalnin, when the planets align in a row on the opposite side of the globe, allowing for a magnetic push effect that will lift heavy objects off the ground & make hard rock malleable & carvable as at the Egyptian monuments & the Coral Castle. You can see where Leedskalnin did it. See R.L. Poole.

Singularity - gods will not allow it etc etc. If it could happen it already did in the remote past. So there. And those ancient atheists are the ones bothering us now. So here.

p291 - Neanderthal to cro-magnon to homo sapiens. Sigh... They all co-existed.

p301 - All alternate outcomes must occur - spawning bazillions of alternate universes. Nah. All outcomes exist in the quantum state, as potential outcomes. Once an action is taken, say if I pick my nose or not, the state of the universe is locked into that action & the rest of the potential outcomes are discarded. That being said & in regards to alternate timelines which I don't think exist, PKD thought the past might change, based on his own personal experience. I mean, I think alternate universes are possible, just not likely. 

Attacks by neighboring universes? Background microwaves exist due to nearness of neighboring universes... LaV splains what the microwave background radiation is. This isn't it.

Could the noise at the edge of the universe come from whatever is creating the boundary? There is no boundary! There is a limit to how far we can see but the universe doesn't end there. Did the universe used to end at the 11 billion light year boundary (when the big bang supposedly happened) at the then limit of our telescopes? Then all of a sudden when we could see 85 billion light years (or whatever the number is, it's in one of my other blog posts), the boundary was moved? Incidentally how could the universe only be 11 billion years old when its 85 billion light years across... Skience... sigh... Time to alter the theory to keep my foregone conclusions correct... Change the data to fit my preconceived notions rather than form conclusions based on the data... Yup, uh huh, that's our skientists for ya... Keep the grant money coming in...

p336 - I haven't read any Jacobs but this is most likely the bopeeps doing all this. Humans not aliens. The grey abductions are a screen memory brought out by the hypnotists, in the process burying the true story. How about some Jasun Horsley. The pregnancies are most likely the result of ritual abuse & rape. BTW Mack & Hopkins were both CIA, as was Tim Leary. This is the result from some of their wonderful work in our behalf... "This! This is the result!" to quote Barris on The Trouble With Tribbles. They would probably take my criticisms lightly... ("It is you I take lightly," Cpt. Kirk responds to Barris).

p337 - "Under hypnosis..." - sheezus it's all a fucking FAKE!!!! What did these people consciously remember before they were hypnotized? Hmm? Keel would be aghast, probably was if he was keeping up with this stuff before he passed in 2009.

p347 - Here we go, the New Age Ascension bullshit, raise your vibration.... The Schuman Resonance is NOT CHANGING!!!!!!!!!! Sheezus fuck... "Lately it has been measured at 13hz & keeps rising..." Not true!!! Random peaks have been measured in that range but they are caused by lightning & other one-time events. The baseline is the same as it's always been, 7.83 hz. Go to the Space Observing System & look for yourself:

There are resonances in other areas but they go away when the event ceases, like the 10-12 hour event today (4/16/2020) at the author's 13 hz range which fades away. There was a slightly higher one at about 14 hz the day before, day before nothing in that area. Maybe HAARP doing something. Or the HAARP's I should say since there are many of them in various countries. The only way the baseline would be raised is if the HAARP's pushed the ionosphere outwards, increasing the distance between it & the earth's surface, which is what the Schuman Resonance is, a standing wave between earth & the ionosphere. And, since we have an author getting all of his info from trance channeled discarnate beings, let's go back to the trance channeled discarnate being I reported on before, from the '50's, who said about raising our vibrations and I quote, "You couldn't survive in it." One of the truths that one of these ICHC guys accidentally let slip. 

A decent question for one of these guys (the author, Wyllie, Wilcock etc etc) would have been, has the Schuman Resonance changed in the past? If it were raised slightly to 8 hz would we all become psychic (since that's the frequency psychic's brains operate at, or so I've read)? It is possible to do this artificially. The eyes resonate at 18hz, send some 18 hz waves at somebody & they'll start seeing things... (Reported in.. shoot, have to look it up again, online source I think, report of experiment that was tried). Generate some waves on your pc & try it out. Uh, not me... in the interest of skience though... Nah...

The only question at this point is, should I read the last chapter, The Change? I've read about it before in other New Age tomes & don't think it's happening, at least not the way they say it is. No Ascension, no raising of vibrations, in fact it's a trap, as I've said before. "You couldn't survive in it." Somebody gave it away...

p420 - Skimmed up to the appendices, here's a quote from Jim Elvidge about Kurzweil's Singularity: "With some notable exceptions, software development has not even come close to following Moore's Law in terms of performance or reliability. Yet, the Singularity predictions depend on it." 

Hmm, if all this info comes from The Great White Brotherhood, ie the Ascended Masters, then why didn't they give Meade Layne this info in the 1950's? Hmm????

And that's that...

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