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Curse of the Men In Black

Sounds like a cheesy old horror film. Instead it's a cheesy newer UFO book. The first part reprints The UFO Warning by John Stuart, which I'm certainly glad it does, having saved me $17 or whatever to buy a copy of this piece of crud. Mildly interesting but not very well written. It does have a new monster though; a hairy 8-foot-tall thing with bamboo like arms, webbed feet and a round head. The girl assisting the author apparently gets raped by an incubus. She had the scratch marks on her body to prove it. That's where they quit investigating UFO's. But if these invisible entities are incubus, then we have ties to the
occult here... Which many of these guys have pointed out for years...

Ugh can hardly wait to read the rest of this volume...

p93 2 good ufo photos... yawn...

p109 An "alien" met near Tonopah AZ (I've driven through there quite a bit, hmm...) wants to warn us about global warming. In 2010. How come no alien 50 years ago (the Space Brothers and their ilk) warned us about global warming? According to the UN who throws data away, it's been warming for 100 years or more (don't mention the Maunder Minimum or the Medieval Warm Period or they'll throw you in jail). So the Space Brothers had to know about it back then. And they didn't warn us. Hmm... Could it be because it's all a fake? D'oh! How come he didn't say anything about nukes? AFAIK.... This "warning" comes from the mind of the guy meeting the alien; his own mind, as in he's been hypnotized. In other words it's not an alien, it's a confabulation, an outside "stimulus" (mind control, wandering influence) that he interprets according to what he wants to believe in. Ain't no aliens.

p127 An abductee in 1965 remembers an "examiner" saying in an amused tone, "They will think it's flying saucers." Exactly. This statement remembered consciously not under hypnosis. The reason the whole gray/abduction scam was set up in the first place, so they (shadow govts, black ops, etc) can do shit like this to us with impunity.

And for some reason I can't copy an image for this title, from amazon or ebay. It gives me an error. Wired...

p158 Death of Philip Schneider; not in Keel anywhere cuz this guy died in 1996. He supposedly worked on the underground tunnels at Dulce NM where they accidentally dug into a secret alien base in 1979; 68 military personnel were supposedly killed in the shootout & a number of grays I guess. Doesn't say what happened after that, I think the grays are supposed to have fled. He also tells the Eisenhower meeting aliens story, the treaty allowing them to abduct, etc etc.

Railroad cars with shackles in them. Prisoner cars. He saw one in the Portland Rail Yard. His friend at Gunderson Steel Fabrication said they had a contract to build 107,000 rail cars each with 143 pairs of shackles in them, 11 sub-contractors for a total of 15 million prisoners. Eh...

p159 SDI was to stop an alien attack. Space shuttle was milling special metals that couldn't be produced on earth (gravity). Stealth weaponry comes from taken apart crashed alien discs. Well sir (in Flanders voice), I think this is all disinfo. The stealth technology comes from Townsend Brown's research in electrogravitics (1928 - classified in 1930). Our own govt is doing this. The public is at least 20 years behind on tech, at a minimum; there's no reason this stuff can't be developed behind the scenes by ourselves and kept secret for awhile; then pretend or lie that it comes from crashed ufos; Colvin says Carbide materials were found at Roswell etc etc... The installation at Dulce (if there even was one) was a secret US military base, not an alien base, & the accidental discovers were killed to silence them. The 3 survivors were implanted with the alien story to hide the fact that our own govt (the NWO not the Pres or the House or any political party) is doing this crap. According to Schneider this all started 75 years ago. Interesting; Reagan was just a wee lad then. Precocious.

64,000 black helicopters, 157 F-117A stealth aircraft with imaging with a variation of one inch to 30,000 miles.

World Trade Center bombing (early '90's) was a nuke cuz it melted & stretched the rebar & steel. OKC bombing couldn't have been a fertilizer bomb. Nitrate explosion couldn't have done the damage. 

13 deep underground military bases that he helped hollow out.

His wife says he was part genius and part paranoid schizophrenic. So all of the above is probably grossly exaggerated. She said he was deprogrammed; I'd say he was programmed, regarding the aliens story.

p161 His father supposedly worked on the Philadelphia Experiment. He autopsied some of the bodies & found alien implants. According to letters he found in his father's basement after he died. Did anyone else ever see these letters? Nope. Also photos of ufo's flying through the mushroom clouds during nuke testing on Bikini Atoll. No one else ever saw them. The guy was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but probably had a bunch of disinfo planted to obfuscate anything he said that might be true. Sort of like all this weird info that's given to peeps like David Icke which he prints & then is called crackers. Some of it is true, but how much & which parts?

p176 Guardian, anonymous UFO researcher. Ontario, Canada, landing or crash on Nov 4 1989. Recovery of 3 reptilian fetus headed beings identified as muscular gray-white skinned humanoids. Matrixed dielectric magnesium alloy craft driven by pulsed electromagnetic fields driven by a cold fusion reactor. Craft of military nature designed to pit human species against human species in an ideological war. - I dunno how he extrapolates the latter from the former. We are in an ideological war in this country tho, Pelosi "the enemy is in the House" etc etc. High tech EMP weapons. Low frequency ELF waves calibrated to the same wavelength as the human brain to subliminally control test subjects (us). Interesting stuff, sort of. 

Data aboard the recovered sphere indicates aliens preceded us by millions of years & their civ was destroyed 65 million years ago by an interdimensional war. Now they are attempting to reclaim earth. - Hmm 2 things here. Interdimensional war - not from outer space. So would another dimension have cold fusion? Or magnesium alloys? Heh. And... 65 million years ago was one of the mass extinctions. 62 million years ago was the last time (prior to 2012) we crossed the galactic plane in its sine wav shaped orbit. It's all beginning to add up!

Film of UFO landing. Maybe it's on youtube...


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The UFO Silencers

p11 Somewhat shaky account of the Maury Island affair off Tacoma, WA, where I happened to be born six years later. First of all it wasn't 3 lumberjacks who witnessed the saucer, it was the two boat operators (who may have been agents of the govt but I digress...). The supposed UFO didn't blow up, it was disabled and was ejecting pieces of slag from inside the center of the donut. Kenneth Arnold didn't just decide to go investigate, he was sent there and paid by Ray Palmer the pulp editor of Astounding, who wanted the story for his magazine. Author leaves out many interesting details of the puzzle, but I've covered this elsewhere... In reality nothing but a tall tale to cover up the dumping of something into the bay right there by Tacoma. Something that should still be there sitting on the bottom, if, ya know, someone thinks to go check, after all these years...

p15 Accounts of additional cases which, to be fair, seem to be perfectly accurate from what I remember of those accounts in other sources.

p20 Account of an MIB confiscating pieces of metal from a saucer; author says they are intent to take any physical evidence that might prove the existence of flying saucers. Actually I think they confiscate everything because the evidence will prove that all the flying saucers are manufactured here on good old Earth. As I've said many times, they are setting up the belief in saucers from space from a superior technology & the whole abduction thing as a cover for their own nefarious doings. Can't have a piece of evidence pointing to good old earth as the source, can we?

p27 Lies and false leads implanted in gullible earthly minds by the aliens... Uh, no, not by the aliens, but by our own govts, black ops, CIA/NSA, MK Ultra peeps, mind control, the Elites, the ICHC, whatever you want to call them. Hypnosis plays a big part in this foolery...

p28 Keel sets the record straight. "We have been misled into believing the extraterrestrial thesis."

p54 Greenfield's theory as of 1967, alternate reality, since there are inconsistencies in the interplanetary theory. Since AG is a practicing occultist he probably knows very well that these things are connected to the "wandering influences" but doesn't say anything about that, or about possible govt/shadow govt using or being used by them. So is he spreading disinfo then, at least as of '67. His book is way more revealing; this interview is somewhat dated and relatively pointless but maybe his book hadn't come out yet; but Beckley should have been aware of it while writing this present work. Eh who knows... This older stuff is hit and miss.

"Subjective viewing of an objective stimulus." What is the stimulus? Govt peeps beaming suggestions into your brain? Wandering influences?

p75 Yet another instance where regressive hypnosis is used to get the "abductee" to remember the abduction. Simple for her subconscious to have made it all up on the fly, based on expectations of herself, the hypnotist and the rest. Implanted fake memories. Covering up a real abduction by someone else; a milab, as they say.




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Forbidden Science

A collection of articles from Atlantis Rising. I wish they had footnotes...

p3 In the intro Kenyon the editor mentions an online article in Jewish World Review where Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak, doctors who know too much about the working of the body to be impressed with Darwinism or evolution in general. One example they cite is the human eye, which is too complex to have arisen spontaneously & shows all the hallmarks of a designed system. Gasp! Elsewhere I've read of 5 properties of cells that are also too complex to have evolved, but I need to find the citation.

p20 Discusses cold fusion & how this establishment skientist named Park tries to debunk it while being totally wrong with his facts.

p36 Penalties for non-conformity with consensus science are very visible to the scientific community. Telescope time is denied to credentialed practitioners who fail to confirm the absurd Big Bang concept describing an explosion that created matter. - Big Bang is successfully refuted in quite a few things I've read, see LaV; it shouldn't even be considered any more but that's mainstream skience (and media) for you. However, also see LaV for his continuous creation idea of SQK which is spontaneous matter creation on the opposite end of the scale ie sub quantum. Big Bang simply couldn't have happened.

p38 The Antikythera Device from an 80 BC shipwreck uses a differential gear not "invented" until the mid-1500's.

It has more than 2000 characters inscribed on it which have been translated but never published. Hmm why not? Navigation device that allowed Roman freighters to cross the Atlantic 15 centuries before Columbus. Thus the Roman coins that have been found here and there in North America.

p41 Magnification technology was used in Egypt in 3300 BC.

p42 Lalande Battery may have run the Pharos lighthouse.

Baghdad Battery from 250 BC. Earthenware jar with an asphalt stopper pierced by an iron rod, its lower section inside surrounded by a copper cylinder. Dump in some fruit juice & you have 2 volts of electricity. Hmm not enough watts to run my microwave though...

p53 Earth does not precess relative to local (solar system) objects. There is an unaccounted for reference frame - the solar system curving through space - producing the observable phenomenon we call precession. It's not the wobble (spin axis). In the precession equation the current answer is 50.29 arc seconds per year of change in the earth's orientation to inertial space; it can be measured.

p54 Constellations have changed position relative to the equinox at the rate of one degree or one day every 72 years. The Perseids (meteor shower) have not changed at all in 423 years. Why not? Precession is something other than a result of local forces. Earth does not wobble relative to Venus; no precession of the earth relative to the moon.

p57 Something is moving our solar system in an elliptical pattern far tighter than any galactic motion would produce. A binary star. Brown dwarf. Waxing and waning influences from another star.

p105 Article on techno invisibility while covering some history of the concept does not mention the 3 sources I found (and mentioned here somewhere) of peeps demonstrating invisibility "machines" or techniques in the 1920's & '30's; which are buried in old ufo books.

p114 Japanese terrorists Aum Shinrikyo "Divine Truth" sect who launched the sarin attack in a Tokyo subway, may have a Tesla-based device that triggers earthquakes & may have scalar weapons that alter the weather; tested in Australia. Allied with/funded by the Yakuza.

p128 At 39 degrees F moving water is densest, strongest and has the most carrying capacity. Stagnant and warm waters begin to deteriorate. Hmm maybe I should be drinking ice coffee...

p144 Acoustic levitation by Tibetan monks making big noise with 6 trumpets & 13 drums & chanting & praying, Levitated boulders & sent them from a meadow flying up to a ledge. A Dr. Jarl described it & filmed it. Films were supposedly released in 1990. I've read of this elsewhere.

p153 Quasars and active galaxies (seyferts) belong together; the seyferts may be ejecting the quasars. But their redshifts are different, showing that the quasars should be half a universe away (according to Big Bang Theory). Because they are not, the interpretation of redshift as a measure of velocity is totally wrong. In spite of their different redshifts, the distance is the same. Tired light, I tells ya. LaV tells ya. Also since this article was written we can now see 82 billion light years, in a universe that's only sposed to be 12 or 15 billion years old. How could it expand to 82 billion years in 12-15 billion years? The universe isn't expanding. The Big Bang never happened. But don't tell anyone, you might lose your funding and your telescope time as happened to this astronomer (Halton Arp) who lost his telescope time at Mt. Wilson & Palomar.

p157 This guy doesn't believe in black holes either. See LaV. "Black holes, where everything is supposed to be falling in, is a poor explanation for the cores of active galaxies, where everything appears to be falling out." Again see LaV.

p159 Slight increase in solar output (as of 2008) might account for climate change.... Wha... How is this possible? A hotter sun wouldn't affect earth, would it? There is also evidence that some of the other planets in our solar system are experiencing warmer temperatures too. Gosh, humans are causing global warming on Mars? Wow...

p160 Cycles of mass extinction every 62 million years. The last mass extinction was 65 million years ago (z dinosaurs). 251 million years ago biggest extinction event in earth's history; the end-Permian extinction, much larger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, 90% of life on earth went bye-bye.

Our solar system orbits the galaxy center in an up and down sinusoidal pattern, ie like a wav file. Density, mass and gravitational pull are highest at the center of this sine wave, which is where we are now. 2012 is when we crossed the plane. Cosmic Year is 225 million years (time it takes to do 1 orbit of the galaxy), but to account for the sine pattern this should perhaps be increased to yup 248 to 251 million years. Which means we may have returned to the same point in galactic orbit that we were at during a previous extinction event (the big one). We may have entered a threat zone. (This all involves cycles, as in precession, as in Hindu cosmology, as in planetary orbits - it is a law of cycles, not random). This zone could contain higher concentrations of dust, debris, asteroids, radiation, that we ran into 251 million years ago. To me it seems that the threat zone would be the galactic plane because of the higher concentrations & stronger forces; not necessarily a particular position in space; since we cross the plane every 62 million years & extinctions occur every 62 million years. They don't necessarily happen instantly though.

p163 Signs of change on sun earth and Mars where global warming is also occurring. Earth's declining magnetic field and polar wandering might indicate internal rising temperatures in earth's core & mantle, causing more volcanic eruptions & earthquakes. No, you dunce, this is all caused by humans, including the warming of other planets. How stupid could you be? Anyways, if the solar system is moving into a high concentration of dust in a spevific point of space along our orbital path, dust hitting the sun will cause it to warm up & be more active. Maybe that's what's happening. Maybe we're due for a catastrophic CME sometime soon. That'll be fun.

p200 The internet may have emerged as the greatest breakthrough in uncensored global information exchange ever seen; at a stroke nullifying a control structure painstakingly constructed over hundreds of years... Sorry, it's part of the control structure. There's censorship all the time, for example in how the search engine algorithms are constantly changed to make some info impossible to find unless you are diligent and persistent. Also how some peeps can be banned for expressing the wrong thoughts... TV and the internet, the control system in a nutshell. Cyber Satan.   

p258 Any time we perceive a belief as absolute or unchangeable we are in trance. Hmm.... lots of peeps in trances then, lefties & righties...

A researcher uses a device to send a weak magnetic field into subjects' heads, influencing their temporal lobes, causing experiences described as mystical, out of body, or like hauntings. Methinks govts around the world are doing this all the time; not for our benefit.

A study showed that one woman's nightly visits by the Holy Spirit were caused by a clock near her bed; the magnetic pulses generated by the clock were similar to shapes that evoke electrical seizures in epileptic rats and sensitive humans. Electronic pollution; we're surrounded by it & don't give it a 2nd thought. 5G is extremely suspect; not tested thoroughly enough for its long term effects. That's why peeps wear aluminum headgear heh.

p259 Some researchers believe that when areas of the brain become quiet, like the  orientation area, it is a regression to a more primitive state. - Wrong. It is a move into the subtle or deep sleep state, contact with our hyper-conscious rather than the subconscious. The opposite of a regression. A positive move away from material reality, which is over with anyhow when we are over with ourselves. No return to this state apparently. Does this state continue on without us? The material state. If so, for how long? Does it continue on throughout the various cycles?

"Managed by the higher consciousness of normal cognitive functioning." Arglebargle. Foofaraw. Couldn't disagree more strongly. Normal cognitive functioning is not a higher consciousness of anything.

A neuroscientist says, why would the limbic system evolve... It probably didn't. Evolution polluting mainstream science, as well as everything else. See other notes about complexity of eye, cells, etc; couldn't have evolved. First came sounds then specialized nerve cells evolved.... If there were nothing to contemplate visually then we would not have evolved eyes... Evolution evolution... it's just a theory, you morons. Plenty of proof that it doesn't happen the way Darwin said. Intelligent design etc.

p260 "Should not the same evolutionary principles apply..." No, they should not. They should not apply to anything because it never happened in the first place; not as in the holy Darwinism.

Experiments designed on the principle that the brain generates the mind, seemed to prove the opposite.

Open focus signified by synchronous alpha frequencies in the brain. Rather than have a narrow focus (like politics for example) which causes stress; which is what they want.

p261 It can be demonstrated that imagination can change the structure of the brain.

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The Vengeful Djinn

Anglicized to Genies of course. No, not Barbara Eden or Will Smith. "The truth about a race of beings that you thought only existed in your imagination and your nightmares" - and movies and tv, don't forget those.

p16 Iblis & others are the fallen angels, they were supposed to bow down before Adam and refused. Djinn came before man. Iblis is supposed to be the angel Azazel.

p22 Iron can weaken or repel supernatural entities. Withering power of iron tools. Iron at the time of Solomon was pure: magnetite. If djinn are composed of plasma, which can be affected by magnetic fields, the magnetic energy might have been harmful to them. - So does this mean the shape-changer alien in X-Files who was finally destroyed in one of those shitty season 9 episodes was really a fairy? No wonder he liked Mulder... wait, I mean a jinn. or maybe he was an elf. An ugly one...

p34 The US military was trying to capture a djinn in Saudi Arabia in 1995; had been for many years. From unverified testimony of a Saudi prince to a friend of one of the authors. The US was after a technological device that allowed djinn to pass through walls and through dimensional windows. - Hmm, would djinn need a device to do that? If they're plasma then I don't think so. Disinformation? Materialist attitudes demanding a material explanation for everything even when it doesn't make sense?

Similar incident in Pine Bush NY. Military "training exercises." Operation undertaken by a special unit to capture an inter-dimensional alien using a portal in that area of the country to enter and leave our world. Main objective is to capture its technology. - Just a disinformation story? Possibly. Genies shouldn't have technology as we understand it. They would be the "wandering influences" mentioned in ancient traditions, yes? Keel's "ancient adversary." Booted off earth to make room for man; and they want it back. If...they exist as independent beings. Guenon didn't seem to think so, but then he regarded angels, demons and the devil as actual existing beings. His traditional doctrines allow for the possible existence of non-human or non-corporeal beings. But apparently the ancient Hindus never figured out what they were; or if they did or if Guenon figured it out from what they wrote, he isn't telling, because he knew peeps who would take advantage of the info. He's very guarded in some of his writings.

p36 Modern holy man in Arabia says Allah created 3 types of beings: angels, djinn, humans. Angel/jinn wars. Some of these latter were quarantined in certain places, which the authors speculate is why some areas of earth are haunted. Most jinn were banished outside the physical universe. The wandering influences, who would be trying to get back in. & those practicing magic & evoking entities & channeling entities or "aliens" would be doing precisely that; letting them back in & f'ing up the world in the process. The quarantine areas would be Keel's window areas.

p75 Jinn can manipulate matter by changing vibrations of strings - I guess string theory was still popular when this book was written heh. Anyhow changing the properties of matter. Individual vibrations determine the type of particles and matter formed. Now if you combine this with LaV's SQK you have jinn influencing the very formation of the physical world. Not via strings which don't exist but via sub quantum particles that continually interact; continuous creation. Methinks this is what the US military is after, that they think the jinn are capable of doing; the ability to influence the creation of matter.

p136 Jinn can vanish into thin air, materialize, pass through walls etc. - This sounds like the MIB who visited Bender & Keel. Did Keel know what they were? He had traveled in the middle east (Jadoo etc). He never wrote about it specifically. 

p144 Jinn and fairies can possess people, they are weakened by iron (authors speculate because human blood contains iron - hmm, wouldn't this argue against possession then? Would they possess humans with iron in their blood if iron weakens them? Or would they become trapped? Hmm... authors don't say anything about it). Iron weapons and tools hold sympathetic magic of life force. Greeks and Romans would not allow iron in their temples or rituals, in order to not disturb the dead. Fairies told Robert Kirk about their weakness to iron... I have his book, gots to read it soon, didn't realize he spoke to them personally (supposedly). He's the guy who died on a fairy mound or what evs...

p169 Guy named Martin (Martin Martin!) buys home in Holmes NY which turns out to be haunted, describes his nighttime visitations including one by lizard people who change to smoke and back. Portal area? Reptilians and jinn are the same? Apparently... If any of it really happened anyhoo. Fascinating account nevertheless.

p182 Electromagnetic interference - disrupt the ability of shadow people to maintain a form in our world. Mobile phones are killing off ghosts. Haunted tourist attractions in Britain could be under threat; from electronic noise. Account of a shadow man showing up at a salvage company; apparently all the employees saw it. They were salvaging computers and pieces of cell phone towers. It seemed to be most interested in the latter. Someone brought in a crucifix & it went away.

p189 Skinwalker Ranch. It violates skinwalker pathways. Tells of some of the phenomena.

p222 The obligatory Crowley reference, as per usual. Lam, Aiwass & all those guys. Him opening a portal through which all these things are appearing & fucking with us. As if no portals existed before his meddling... Bologna. Really jinn? Infiltrating occult circles? Controlling them? Are they more than just wandering influences?

p223 EVP - electronic voice phenomena. You can use a ghost box, axe questions, then play the recording back & get answers. There's a book Ghost Box but I didn't think it had much valuable info, more of a travelogue of visits to haunted houses. 

Voices have been heard in ELF waves for years, low guttural voices in an unknown language; see Keel, Barker etc. Maybe there's some on youtube, haven't checked.

p227 Conversation with "jinn" using MiniBox. At some stone chamber in upstate NY. Hmm, never heard of these; sources of paranormal phenomena apparently. 

"Who built this chamber?"

"God.....weapon.....Satan." It said the chamber was a portal.

"Do you come through the chamber?"


"Where are you?"

"In the the chamber."

"Are you human?"


"Are you djinn?"

"Unh-huh.....surprises." (I think the unh-huh is like saying yup or yes).

"Who is here besides demons?"

"" Then strange laughter.

"Tell us who you are."


"Is anyone here besides djinn?"


"Give us more information."


p233 A section on how to deal with and get rid of them.

To me this could all come under the same umbrella that Guenon describes, the medium producing something out of his subconscious that these wandering influences then use; psychic remnants; probably tons of remnants in an old stone underground chamber. Because the authors believe in jinn, they end up interviewing a jinn. If this had taken place in the middle ages, would they be interviewing a dwarf or elf? The Sumerians would be talking to Enki. Subconscious = negative influences. Super-conscious = positive influences. So any encounter of this type with a disembodied whatever must be negative by definition. We should be trying to reach the super-conscious, not the sub...


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Man & His Becoming According to the Vedanta

"Guenon held that Hinduism embraces the most ancient, profound, and comprehensive expression of traditional metaphysics we possess, which can in some ways function as a key to every other traditional form, and this work has been called the first reliable exposition of Hindu metaphysics in any Western language."

p11 Karma means action in all its forms, as well as ritual action. Nothing to do with what the word has come to mean nowadays, which is a modern invention as I've said elsewhere. 

p12 According to the Veda there are 7 beings endowed with longevity, whose existence is not confined to any particular epoch. Similar to Taoism that speaks of "eight immortals." Hmm, this couldn't be an allusion to the planets, could it? The seven known or acknowledged at that time.

p13 The Upanishads represent the primordial and fundamental tradition, and constitute the Vedanta in its essence. Not just "stories" or "legends" or "myths." 

p14 Sound holds the primordial rank among sensible qualities. We hear many octaves of sound; we see only one octave of color.

p24 Personality - the supreme self - it abides ever the same through all degrees of existence. So we are who we are, forever. Dang it, I thought I was King Arthur in a past life. Sigh...

p26 The personality belongs essentially to the universal order.

Certain states of manifestation are formless. Hmm. We met some of them on Star Trek. And Melvar on Futurama. Heh.

p28 The personality alone represents the permanent and unconditioned state. Personality is different from the individuality.

p33 The heart is the seat of intelligence and not of feeling. The heart is the Center. Sorry, don't wanna hurt your feelings haha.

p36 One must seek the place whence there is no return and take refuge in the primordial purusha; the original impulse. The dweller in the vital center from the physical point of view is ether; from the psychic point of view it is the living soul. - See LaV and his SQK, the underlying strata of existence, which skience denies, but LaV proves it.

p38 The ether, the Tao, yin-yang, SQK, all descriptions of the same thing. 

"It is today and it will be tomorrow and in all cycles or states of existence, such as it is, in itself, to all eternity." Survival forever. Not as human, but as whatever states we change into.

p46 Personality is permanent through all states of manifestation.

p52 Substance, essence. All manifested beings alike are subject to the general conditions which limit the states of existence in which they are placed.

p54 The four states of existence: unmanifested, formless, subtle, gross.

p56 Certain extensions of the human individuality are already freed from time. !! ...may be reached through suppression of one or the other conditions that make up the corporeal world. - No more particulars about this unfortunately. Did Guenon himself achieve this? Or is he only stating what the doctrine says? 

p62 Pure intellect is of a transcendent order and can claim knowledge of universal principles as its proper object; this knowledge is acquired directly and immediately by intellectual intuition. For Aristotle also.

p76 Diverse changes of condition and modes of existence are presented to the individual soul while dreaming, and in this state perceiving internal objects which belong to the domain of subtle manifestation. Diverse illusory forms are assumed by this same subtle being without in any respect altering it, since such forms are considered as purely accidental and not belonging to the being who assumes them, so that the latter must be regarded as unaffected by this merely apparent modification.

p90 Fundamental cyclic numbers are 72=2(3rd power)x3(2nd power), 108=2(2nd power)x3(3rd power), and 432=2(4th power)x3(3rd power)=72x6=108x4. They apply to division of a circle 360=72x5=12x30 and precession 72x360=432x60=25,920. Hmm... A=432hz I tells ya, A=440hz is a corruption of tone; doesn't have the same effectiveness. In fact might create an 8hz dissonance in the ear, as I've mentioned elsewhere. here he ties cycles to precession; a clue to the end of the cycle? See Earth Under Fire for LaV's tying in periodic galactic core explosions to the precession cycle.

p91 In the dream state the individual produces through the action of its own desire alone, a world issuing entirely from itself, in which the objects consist of combinations of ideas clothed in subtle forms; secondary and accidental modifications.

p96 The psychic is in fact the subtle state.

p102 The 4 states: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and that which is beyond.

p106 Brahma

p112 Posthumous evolution of the human being. Uh, the ultimate question I spose. Possible for a prolongation or indefinite prolongation of the human individuality in some cases; this would be in the subtle state. A passage of the being into the subtle form takes place at bodily death. Certain psychic or subtle elements can subsist without being dissociated from the individual, in some cases. - But what happens to them? Author is vague, maybe because the sources aren't (can't be) very specific. 

p114 Birth and death are changes of state.

p115 Recent ideals of progress and evolution have completely corrupted the present-day Western mentality. Yikes, don't pull any punches...

p123 The being is maintained for the whole duration of the cycle to which that state belongs - all humans are maintained then till the end of the human cycle. In the subtle state? Or the deep sleep state. 

The being takes part in the final transformation which will be accomplished when the cycle is completed. Yikes well it sounds like according to this there is no gradual change at the end of the Kali Yuga, or reverse uptrend. It'll be a grand finale that wipes us out or transforms us or... Raises our vibration! Woo....

p126 The subtle form (at death) might not completely escape from time, but it does escape from space.

p127 The being may remain in the same individual condition in which it is attached to the subtle form until the outward dissolution of the manifested worlds, in other words the end of the cycle. From there it could either be Deliverance or going into the deep sleep state prior to returning to another cycle of manifestation (if one has not achieved perfection I guess).

p128 The subtle form is imperceptible to the senses, thus it does not affect the perception of those who are present when it separates from the body. Neither is it affected by combustion or any other treatment which the body may undergo after death. 

p139 The Divine Journey. Those destined not to return leave under these luminous signs: fire, light, day-time, waxing moon, the half year when the sun ascends toward the north (which would be Dec 22 to June 21). Those destined to return, under the shadowy signs of smoke, night, waning moon, the half year when the sun descends toward the south (June 21 to Dec 22).

p140 2 paths, one does not return to manifestation. As above. I guess almost everyone nowadays must return for another go in another cycle.

p141 No being of any kind can pass through the same state twice.

p156 Man can acquire true Divine Knowledge without observing the rites prescribed; the rites are mostly based on the science of rhythm and its correspondences in all the various orders.

p157 Deliverance is total and absolute Knowledge. Not feelings, sorry.

p162 The yogi having crossed the sea of passions is united with tranquility, having renounced those pleasures which are born of perishable external objects, he is calm and serene in the fullness of his own essence.

p173 He who has made the pilgrimage of his own self , a pilgrimage not concerned with situation, place, or time, which is everywhere, always in the immutability of the eternal present, procures a final deliverance from all disturbance or all modification; such a one is actionless, he knoweth all things and he attaineth eternal bliss. 

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Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines

Read this to get some background on his thinking, but it was worse than reading a textbook, at least the first part of it. Looking for more clues about the cycles.

p35 The ancestors of the Hindus must have inhabited a northerly region since according to certain texts there were occasions when the sun circled the horizon without setting.

p101 The notion of "matter" was completely foreign to ancient peoples including the Greeks as well as Easterners - no sanskrit word exists for it.

p129 Discusses the origin of the Vedas, Upanishads etc. The Veda is also correlated with the cosmological theory of the primordial place of sound among the sensory qualities. - So sound beats vision. In the beginning was the sound; maybe in the beginning was the Word is a mis-translation. The primordial sound being Om of course. Maybe that's why I prefer listening to or playing music to watching the boob tube.

p133 Mentions ether as the fifth element. Theory of atomism leads to theory of universal void which leads to denial of existence of ether. Which is still denied to this day. LaV pretty much proves it exists with his SQK studies.

p140 Aspects of Buddhism, Mahayana & Hinayana. A weird caricature has been presented to Westerners.

p146 Dharma - simply denotes "manner of being." The essential nature of a being, determining the manner in which the being will conduct itself. Conformity with the essential nature of beings, in the ordered hierarchy where all beings have their place; the fundamental equilibrium or integral harmony resulting from this hierarchical distribution.

p152 Individual being is regarded as a compound of 2 elements: essence and substance. Qualities belonging to the individual alone as well as what he derives from his heredity (physical and psychic).

p158 Incomprehension leads to anthropomorphism which leads to turning the divine attributes into so many "gods."

p164 Six vedangas: shiksha, chhandas, vyakarana, nirukta, jyotisha, kalpa.

p172 The moment the subject knows the object, the object becomes part of its being.

p196 A reaction, being a perfectly natural consequence of an action, is in no wise a sanction in a moral sense. Agrees with Taoist theory of concordant actions and reactions.

p202 The supreme goal is called Deliverance, because the being who reaches it, whatever state he may belong to and whatever his rank within that state, is freed from the bonds of conditioned existence by perfect identification with the Universal. Elsewhere he says the personality survives (not the individuality).

p228 Karma, evolution & reincarnation. Karma which means "action" is regularly used in the sense of causality which is worse than an inaccuracy. A false interpretation of the apurva, which people distort into a moral sanction. Reincarnation seems to have first made its appearance among some of the socialist dreamers of the first half of the nineteenth century, who saw in it a way of accounting for the inequality of social conditions, which they considered quite shocking; when in fact it's perfectly natural.

p230 Cycle of existence it can only pass through once. Reincarnation - metaphysical absurdity.

p245 Incurable decay of the West (because of the Kali Yuga maybe but he doesn't say this). He sees 3 possibilities: the West (including Europe) sinking into barbarism, the East rescuing the West either by consent or by force (Chinese invasion heh), or a spontaneous change to a more "normal" (Eastern) outlook. The latter ain't happenin,' that's for sure. The sun sets in the west, symbolic of Western civilization sinking. If the Kali Yuga & cosmic cycles stuff is true, then there's no stopping it, things will continue to decline until the end and the switch to the next cycle. 

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Theosophy: History of a Pseudo-Religion


Fascinating read about Mme Blavatsky & Co. Spiritist Fallacy is better. Not going to re-read, this'll be strictly from my notes...

p15 - Spiritualist phenomena not caused by spirits of the dead but by actions of living people.

p19 - HBofL document states that Theosophy is an attempt to pervert the Western mind; true and real adepts do not teach the concepts of karma and reincarnation

p44 - The Mahatmas were invented - Blav wrote their stuff herself. - Masking the influences that were really behind her. 

p47 - The "Masters" - relegated to an inaccessible region of Tibet in order to make verification impossible. 

p52 - Blav admitted she wrote the letters, in India surrounded by accomplices. "Automatic writing" I suppose could be the claim, as in Urantia, Oahspe, the Book of Mormon & a host of others.

p61 - Blav - "I don't know what to invent." All a sham I guess in order to acquire converts or disciples with money. When in doubt, follow the money...

p71 - She urged vegetarianism but never adopted it herself, smoked constantly day and night. 

The attraction exercised by Blav was astonishing in that her physical appearance was far from pleasant. - Ouch...

p78 - On reincarnation there are contradictions in what Blav said. Nvm, just read Spiritist Fallacy which shows that it doesn't happen anyway.

p84 - Idea or theory of "elementals" can be attributed to George Felt, according to papers he left to Blav. Earliest idea Guenon could find of them I guess. So again there's no basis for believing in them, just one dude's idea. "Wandering influences" according to traditional doctrines.

p86 - Book of Dzyan much of it is invented; authentic parts are borrowed from the Kandjur and Tandjur, published in Calcutta in 1836, vol 20 of Asiatic Researches.

p98 - Progress and evolution only modern theories. No traditional teachings mention them.

p104 - Reincarnation only invented by French socialists in 1830 or 1848. To splain unequal (in their eyes) social conditions. See Spiritist Fallacy.

p108 - Karma, at times the summit of absurdity.

p130 - Fantasies such as these... which is what the author thinks of a lot of this stuff, including the Great White Lodge. This is the origin of ideas that are still around now 100 years later. All originating in recent history, all without foundation.

p151 - Vivekananda distorted the Vedanta - for his Western audience presumably.

p169 - 1882 "New Year of Our Lady" because the world as we knew it ended in 1881. This happens quite often.

p230 - Discusses Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society & his writings. The pedophile.

p264 - Discusses vegetarianism; without mentioning B12, which might have been unknown at that time but a perfectly good reason why we weren't meant to be vegetarians.

p272 - Behind all these movements is something more fearsome; their leaders perhaps do not themselves know; of which they are in their own turn merely the instruments. Can we also apply this to today's politics?

p284 - Besant says that when a family does not follow the natural law grouping itself around the father and mother, disorder results. The same with nations. There must be a father nation and a mother nation. - That father nation, according to her, has to be England of course, which is called upon to dictate its laws to the entire world. This will be the realization of the United States of the World but under the aegis of the directing nation and for its benefit. Internationalism of Theosophists is therefore nothing but British imperialism. Or is it NWO'ism in disguise... All this set up to promote globalism - which will put us all in the slave labor camps - and not just conservatives.

p304 - More Great White Lodge stuff. Such fanciful stories circulate these days; there is a certain danger in this. Those who inspire them surely have some suspect plan; more infiltrations than one would be inclined to believe. - This was 100 years ago...

p308 - We draw only one conclusion, that some people are at present trying to create a state of mind favorable to the imminent realization of something that is part of their plans. - NWO.

p313 - The entire organization of the modern world conforms to a plan established and imposed by some mysterious organization. - Well that statement sure doesn't pull any punches. "Counter-initiation and its conscious or unconscious agents."

p314 - Psychic residues.

p320 - Diana Vaughn. Did Diana Vaughn exist? Dunno. Who is she? Was she  popular or well known in those days? A hoax I guess. Worth looking up? Probably not...


The Spiritist Fallacy

Wow Guenon shreds the whole thing in a single bound; spiritist meaning spiritualist. Also applies to channeling & hypnosis, especially with what's happening now 100 years after this book was written. He would probably be aghast & appalled, but not surprised.

p3 "Dire effects," "sinister," "greatest number of victims" etc, he uses to describe the effects of seances & communications from "beyond," even including hypnosis & channeling. For the participants he says it "results in irremediable disequilibrium and disorder" - yes just look at the ufo scene where this belief in alien abduction simply destroys people. The "peril is not to be dismissed as negligible."

p14 The medium lends to the spirit a certain ill-defined power to which various names have been given: odic, neuric etc. This force is not an integral part of the spirit. It comes from the living being (the medium). It must make use of this force (I believe he's referring to the "wandering influences" of traditional doctrines) in order to act upon sensible matter. 

p16 Origin of spiritualism in 1848, Fox sisters in New York.

p19 According to HBofL the first spiritualist phenomena were not produced by spirits but by men acting from a distance by means known only to initiates; their own inner circle. - Deliberately provoking and promoting it to bring us to where we are now, I presume.

p20 Similar events to Fox sisters are found in antiquity, Pliny the Younger, and in the Middle Ages. In Hydesville the person died a violent death & the body remained hidden. Among the ancients the phenomena was related to the fact that the person wasn't given a proper burial accompanied by certain rites; which could have still been done after the body was found, according to Pliny the Younger. That's how far back this stuff goes. Why 1848 all of a sudden? The same year as a series of revolutions in Europe. Coincidence? Guenon doesn't mention them, other than the "socialists" he keeps referring to as being the originators of a lot of this stuff (the notions of reincarnation, evolution, karma etc). Actions of deceased or of living man - the wandering influences triggered by the living. The dead are in another state of existence already.

p21 The sorceror who wishes to take revenge on the occupants of a house must touch one of them, who afterward becomes his unconscious and involuntary instrument and will serve as support for an action which can be exercised from a distance when the subject is present. So according to the author, this can actually be done. Interesting. 

Presence of a medium is not always a necessary condition.

p22 A pre-existent force can be directed and utilized by men who know the laws involved. 

p23 Possible that initiates provoked the phenomena by making use of favorable conditions they found there, in order to bring about the spiritualist movement. Which coincides with the revolutions that were happening in Europe. Brought about by the same people? The Illuminati? The NWO beginning the consolidation of Europe to pave the way for the EU? The coming World Socialist Dictatorship, I mean Utopia, sorry... But if it takes so long, generations, why bother if you're not gonna be around to reap the benefits? None of these peeps in 1848 would still be alive. Or... is it peeps, or someone (-thing) controlling them, for their own benefit?

p28 From 1850 spiritualism propaganda in which socialist periodicals were particularly conspicuous; the socialists (in France anyway) being the revolutionaries, or so I assume, the author only implies this. 

Theories set forth in the communications dictated by so-called spirits are generally related to opinions current in the circles in which they are produced. And thus more readily accepted. This enables one to account for their real origin; ie the minds of the participants, not departed souls.

p29 French spiritualists introduced the idea of reincarnation.

p30 - According to Dunglas Home, Allen Kardec received his own doctrines as messages from the world of the spirits. Home: "The illusions of this world." "Their fingers committed to paper the ideas thus forcibly imposed on them." "Not a single case of hypnotic clairvoyance where the subject did not directly or indirectly reflect the ideas of the magnetizer-hypnotist." Kardec's "mediums were so many writing machines slavishly reproducing his own thoughts."

Wow just wow, this explodes the whole alien abduction thing wide open. It's all produced by the hypnotists themselves, like Budd Hopkins. Or the aliens reincarnating on earth as the 3rd wave of volunteers or what evs, as Dolores Cannon produces in her many works. Or Tim Wyllie and his rebel angels. Just products of their own imaginations. Did they earn a good living from it? Do their books sell that well? Their sincerity isn't in question, don't get me wrong. But there are so many of these types of books nowadays. I wonder what Guenon would say 100 years later? No wonder Guenon's works weren't even printed in the USA until 20 years ago; this whole fake alien abduction scheme might have been impossible to implement. But again we get to the point of it all. Destabilize people & society? To make it easier to take over? Meh who knows. Guenon says elsewhere (maybe in this book too) that it is impossible for someone to reincarnate as another personality, because we retain our personality through all the different changes of state that beings go through. None of the traditional systems even mention reincarnation. All they mention is a "change of state." Karma is another one; it's a sanskrit word that means "action." That's all. There is no retributive karma that passes along from incarnation to incarnation; it's all an invention of these same people who try to use it to explain unequal social conditions.

p37 Belief in progress is of recent origin dating only from 2nd half of the 18th century.

Idea of reincarnation also very recent, from end of 18th century first voiced by Lessing, then Fourier & Leroux. All socialists. They use this idea to splain the inequality of social conditions.

p42 Pretas - inferior elements that remain attached to the corpse; identical to manes of ancient Latins; in no way do they represent the spirit. This is what magicians are evoking, not the actual spirit of the dead person. I guess because the dead person has already been changed to another state of being and therefore can't be hanging around as a ghost or whatever. It is these residues that we are mistakenly referring to as the dead, and whatever type of existence they have, they may have their own agenda. Such as, pave the way for more peeps to try to evoke them, thus the birth of spiritualism, & socialism in order to promote belief in this type of thing; the sentimentalism that Guenon always talks of.

Mediums are abnormal and unbalanced. Heh, okay. A disequilibrium that is not being attempted to remedy; rather it's being used or exploited, to the detriment of the medium.

p46 Magic vs spiritualism. A difference between one who takes the necessary precautions  & consciously produces phenomena of which he has studied the laws, and one ignorant of all these laws who places himself at the mercy of unknown forces, passively awaiting what they will produce. Precise and rigorous rules to which magical operations are subject, all of which have their reasons. The spiritualists have no notion of these rules and can unleash forces capable of striking them down. - Now, is any of this actually true? Try it & find out? No way. "Powers of the air," "powers and principalities," "wandering forces..." Apparently all traditions warn of this stuff, it's not just Christian arglebargle. So what are these rules and why are they necessary? And why do they work? When it all seems like ridiculous even idiotic ritual (from what I've read).

p47 It was well known by the ancients that what can be evoked does not represent the real person, who is beyond reach because he has passed to another state of existence, but are only inferior elements which the being has left behind following dissolution/death. Ancient Latins called it manes, Hebrews called it ob. The ob remains attached to the body not the spirit, and is translated as "breath of the bones." It is not a body, only a subtle form that can take an illusory corporeal appearance. The magician (hypnotist?) lends it what it lacks, a reflex consciousness of sufficient consistency to respond when it is interrogated. I presume this applies to Wyllie & Dolores Cannon, as well as Budd Hopkins and his ilk. 

p69 Suggestion plays a leading role in all of this, for suggestion or thought transmission is obviously linked to hypnotism or magnetism. Open To Suggestion, as Robert Temple titled his book about hypnosis. Which isn't in print in the US for some reason... They don't want to give it away...

p71 It is always extremely imprudent to bring into play forces about which one is entirely ignorant. There are things that cannot be touched with impunity in the absence of the doctrinal guidance required to keep one from going astray. The number of people who lose their reason is only too great.  - I would qualify the last sentence by saying that the author is speaking mainly of peeps converted to spiritualism who come to believe in communication with the dead, which he considers losing their reason. Not that they necessarily go insane or anything.

p72 Experimenter is in indirect contact through the intermediary of the mediums he works with. This ambiance is a source of collective and mutual suggestion. Experimenter (or subject?) influences the medium, but without being aware of it can also be subject to suggestion from the medium. There are also all the influences the medium brings along, which are at minimum eminently unhealthy. You are then at the mercy of anything that occurs.

p80 Some dude named Dr Gibier came up with 4 types of classifications of spiritualist phenomena: the somewhat independent collective being constituted from the "fluids" of the medium & persons present, demons, beings such as genies fairies etc (labeled elementals by some), and lastly the souls of the dead.

p81 Actions exercised by non-human beings. In principle, nothing is opposed to this since there might be such beings who might also be as diversified as possible. There must be something to this because there is remarkable agreement (among all peoples at all times) as to their manner of action.

p82 Elementals, modernized version of the above. 4 types: salamanders or spirits of the fire, undines or spirits of the water, gnomes or spirits of the earth, and sylphs or spirits of the air (the author doesn't necessarily agree with this, it's analysis of Gibier's theories. 

p97 Trance - same as the subtle state. Possibilities of the subtle state, including transferring into that state the individual consciousness. Same as the dream state I think.

p99 Subtle state is linked to the corporeal state in 2 complementary ways: heat and light, blood as caloric quality and the nervous system as the luminous quality. The principle of a whole psycho-physiology. 

 p100 The environment of the subtle state is a "field of forces." These forces unite with humans for the production of phenomena. Forces are diverse and multiple, from special beings to wandering influences. They are the most inferior of all whose effects can be baneful; to be avoided. Far-eastern tradition calls them wandering influences. Management of these forces constitutes the most important part of magic. Some of these forces can be demoniacal or satanic. Including the ob as well as the products of the disintegration of the subconscious of the dead person. 

p101 These forces can be captured by complying with certain laws. One must know how to direct it. The magician who knows the laws of the wandering influences is able to fix them by several procedures by taking as supports certain substances or certain objects which act as condensers. The magician can also dissolve the conglomerates of subtle force, either that he crated himself or that others did; in this regard the power of points has been known from all time. - Power of points? What is that? Author does not elaborate. 

p102 - Analogous to what alchemy calls coagulation and solution - summons and dismissal. In between the 2 the magician can lend to the forces he has captured a kind of consciousness and synthesize them as a temporary individual. Illusion of living being. Only a means of rendering visible what his subconscious already contains in a latent state. Wandering influences are being mistaken for spirits of the dead.

p103 These influences can be condensed in oneself, such as the fakirs of India.So if people can really do all this shit, then the relentless promotion of magic, Crowley, aliens, sci-fi, hypnosis, and especially channeling etc has caused this stuff to increase exponentially & has caused the world to get increasingly f'd up exponentially. Because these manifestations aren't what they seem. The ICHC. The "ancient adversary" as Keel calls them.

p114 Communications of alleged spirits are always closely related to current ideas. - Thus proving it comes from the medium/channeler/hypnotist him/herself. Why don't any peeps subject to hypnosis back in the 1800's mention aliens or alien abduction (although elves could be an interpretation of greys)? Why don't hypnotized peeps nowadays channel elves or dwarfs instead of aliens? The forces tailor themselves to the minds of the percipients, as Keel said 50 years ago (and no one listened).

p118 Reincarnation is not mentioned in the bible because it's a modern idea.

The "spirits"' view represents the thinking of those who interrogate them. This then would include Dolores Cannon, Budd Hopkins obviously, Whitley Strieber, Wyllie, Shi-Ji or whoever the fook that is, Oahspe, Urantia, etc etc ad nauseum.

p126 There is an indefinite series of worlds, graded in hierarchical order, that is to say states of existence (and not places) in which our world is only one constituent element of neither more nor less importance or value than any other.

p150 Kardec & Dunglas Home sound exactly like Adamski & Menger & their ilk almost 100 years later. The only difference being the latter meeting the supposed Space Brothers as actual physical beings instead of spirits. But the story is the same (living on Jupiter or what evs). The spirits (and their human allies/subordinates) must have then realized the old trappings no longer fit & changed the story, probly cuz of all the probes we've sent out to the planets & moons proving they're uninhabitable; gradually morphing into the story of the grays & alien abduction. Of course these spirits are only the wandering forces Guenon speaks of, controlled by someone(s), or controlling someone(s), or out of control.

p155 Intervention of secondary & dissociated elements coming from the dead is perfectly possible (in seances & such - channeling maybe), not the real being of the dead.

p161 Human individuality is not solely the corporeal state: it also consists of diverse prolongations. Guenon doesn't say exactly what these prolongations are; they extend into the subtle state, the deep sleep state and the unmanifested state maybe, as he describes elsewhere. None of this stuff is his opinion, it comes from traditional doctrines (Hindu, the Vedas, Taoism, Confucianism, Pythagoras, Islam, Judaism etc), which he says all agree. Which is why he thinks they speak the truth & are important, & better than modern ideas like progress, evolution, socialism etc etc.

p175 The dissociation following death involves not only corporeal elements but psychic elements as well. Such elements may sometimes intervene in spiritualist phenomena (or channeling I presume). These elements include all mental images, memory and imagination. These faculties are perishable. Outside temporal (time) condition, memory would have no reason to exist. 

p178 Very profound reasons for funeral rites. The action of these rites is exercised precisely on the psychic elements of the deceased. If the being only passed to another state, there would be no point in talking account of these post mortem elements. But the situation is otherwise because of the "prolongations" of the human individuality. He says he won't speak of this subject publicly or in detail. Maybe because it would put peeps at risk if they had this knowledge & tried to use (abuse) it.

Transmigration is mentioned in all traditional doctrines - change of state. Passage of the being to other states of existence, states that are defined by entirely different conditions. Not a return to the same state. Therefore reincarnation is impossible. 

p181 Multiple states are simultaneous as well as successive; succession is only symbolic because time is a condition proper to only one of these states, the corporeal state that we are in. Even duration is only a property of some of the states. Succession is logical not chronological; causal chain between the various states, which implies simultaneity or coexistence. The human state, even subject to time, can nevertheless present a multiplicity of simultaneous secondary states; the "prolongations."

p184 - HBoL - once consciousness is attained, the soul will never again pass through material incarnation; rebirths are in the realm of spirit. Acorn becomes an oak, but the oak can never become an acorn again. 

Awakenings of latent memories can be explained by laws of affinity and form. 

The first cycle never becomes the second. The beings of the first cycle generate the second cycle. Each cycle comprises a great family constituted by the reunion of diverse groups of human souls, each condition being determined by laws of action, affinity and form.

Complete correspondence between man and oak, which is why druids revered the oak.

p185 It suffices that a being has passed through a certain state, even if only in an embryonic form, or even in the form of a single germ, in order for it in no case to be able to return to that state. - I wonder how common abortions were during this time (1920's) and what this author would say about it... Or maybe he just did...

p190 Idea of the second birth is common to all traditional doctrines; second birth in a spiritual sense plainly contrasted with physical birth.

p191 Almost all these people imagine that they are the reincarnation of some illustrious figure. -Yes, including personal acquaintances.

p192 Dunglas Home says he's had the honor of meeting a dozen former Marie Antoinette's etc. Well see Dolores Cannon's "imprints" for an all too convenient explanation of that.

p199 Karma, as we've been conditioned to understand it, is a hooey. It's a sanskrit word that means "action." That's all. Karma as in previous lives affecting future lives, is hogwash. Actions in the present life, the only one we have as human as we know it, does have an effect in this life; actions have a reaction in a universal sense, but not in the modern sense that karma has wrongly come to be known.

p214 Memory is not a permanent principle of the human being. Guenon goes on to cite several examples of why we supposedly have forgetfulness of previous existences (the real reason being we have no previous existences as human but I digress), all lame, but not as lame as the one I cited in a previous post where the control says that the brain gets squeezed going through the birth canal. My response was, what about us C-sections then? Heh.

Unconscious prejudice falsifies the results of experiments - Guenon is referring to seances & spiritualism but I would apply it to any scientific experiment, or theory. Particularly the global warning or "climate change" (now there's a phrase that means absolutely nothing since the climate is never static & is always changing) fanaticism.

Hypnotic subjects only reflect ideas intentionally or unintentionally suggested to them. - Better suppress this information or Budd Hopkins and his fellow hypnoticists are out of a job & the alien abduction scenario goes down the toilet. Experimenter only needs to conceive of a theory for it to become the point of departure for interminable ramblings on the part of the hypnotic subject. On a par with any dream; could be studied from the point of view of the psychology of dreams produced by hypnotic states.

p217 In 1911 a guy named de Rochas published research on so-called successive lives by means of the phenomena of regression of the memory. Almost 100 years before Dolores Cannon. These ideas are now to be found everywhere. Boy, that's for sure. 

p218 Reincarnationist epidemic. 100 years ago! It must be a pandemic now, to match covid. At least the latter is real; although not a good thing obviously.

p225 He splains past-life regression, but I think he misses a bit. Earlier he mentions ancestral psychic as well as physical inheritances & I think that would splain past-life "memory" better than anything else, at least of the period of time the patient is regressed to.

p227 Useless & illusory to try to pursue researches prior to the subject's birth (aka Dolores Cannon - sorry to keep dragging her in but that's what she does - although I think she's sincere) because that living being did not exist yet in an individualized state. You cannot go back beyond the origin into conditions in which they can't be found. Full blown fantasy, the author says.

p229 Hypnotic state and dream state are the same; only difference is the presence of the hypnotist. Hypnotist can supply (even unconsciously or not knowing it) data to the subject that he'll use in his dream; ideas or theories of any kind. The hypnotist is the dupe of his/her own suggestions.

Hmm. Should I continue reading Cannon & Wyllie then? Waste of money if I just give or throw their books away. They do have nice covers heh. But they will represent the subconscious thoughts and ideas of these types of authors; apparently nothing more than that though. As distorted by the wandering influences or ICHC.


Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...