Saturday, January 30, 2021

Curse of the Men In Black

Sounds like a cheesy old horror film. Instead it's a cheesy newer UFO book. The first part reprints The UFO Warning by John Stuart, which I'm certainly glad it does, having saved me $17 or whatever to buy a copy of this piece of crud. Mildly interesting but not very well written. It does have a new monster though; a hairy 8-foot-tall thing with bamboo like arms, webbed feet and a round head. The girl assisting the author apparently gets raped by an incubus. She had the scratch marks on her body to prove it. That's where they quit investigating UFO's. But if these invisible entities are incubus, then we have ties to the
occult here... Which many of these guys have pointed out for years...

Ugh can hardly wait to read the rest of this volume...

p93 2 good ufo photos... yawn...

p109 An "alien" met near Tonopah AZ (I've driven through there quite a bit, hmm...) wants to warn us about global warming. In 2010. How come no alien 50 years ago (the Space Brothers and their ilk) warned us about global warming? According to the UN who throws data away, it's been warming for 100 years or more (don't mention the Maunder Minimum or the Medieval Warm Period or they'll throw you in jail). So the Space Brothers had to know about it back then. And they didn't warn us. Hmm... Could it be because it's all a fake? D'oh! How come he didn't say anything about nukes? AFAIK.... This "warning" comes from the mind of the guy meeting the alien; his own mind, as in he's been hypnotized. In other words it's not an alien, it's a confabulation, an outside "stimulus" (mind control, wandering influence) that he interprets according to what he wants to believe in. Ain't no aliens.

p127 An abductee in 1965 remembers an "examiner" saying in an amused tone, "They will think it's flying saucers." Exactly. This statement remembered consciously not under hypnosis. The reason the whole gray/abduction scam was set up in the first place, so they (shadow govts, black ops, etc) can do shit like this to us with impunity.

And for some reason I can't copy an image for this title, from amazon or ebay. It gives me an error. Wired...

p158 Death of Philip Schneider; not in Keel anywhere cuz this guy died in 1996. He supposedly worked on the underground tunnels at Dulce NM where they accidentally dug into a secret alien base in 1979; 68 military personnel were supposedly killed in the shootout & a number of grays I guess. Doesn't say what happened after that, I think the grays are supposed to have fled. He also tells the Eisenhower meeting aliens story, the treaty allowing them to abduct, etc etc.

Railroad cars with shackles in them. Prisoner cars. He saw one in the Portland Rail Yard. His friend at Gunderson Steel Fabrication said they had a contract to build 107,000 rail cars each with 143 pairs of shackles in them, 11 sub-contractors for a total of 15 million prisoners. Eh...

p159 SDI was to stop an alien attack. Space shuttle was milling special metals that couldn't be produced on earth (gravity). Stealth weaponry comes from taken apart crashed alien discs. Well sir (in Flanders voice), I think this is all disinfo. The stealth technology comes from Townsend Brown's research in electrogravitics (1928 - classified in 1930). Our own govt is doing this. The public is at least 20 years behind on tech, at a minimum; there's no reason this stuff can't be developed behind the scenes by ourselves and kept secret for awhile; then pretend or lie that it comes from crashed ufos; Colvin says Carbide materials were found at Roswell etc etc... The installation at Dulce (if there even was one) was a secret US military base, not an alien base, & the accidental discovers were killed to silence them. The 3 survivors were implanted with the alien story to hide the fact that our own govt (the NWO not the Pres or the House or any political party) is doing this crap. According to Schneider this all started 75 years ago. Interesting; Reagan was just a wee lad then. Precocious.

64,000 black helicopters, 157 F-117A stealth aircraft with imaging with a variation of one inch to 30,000 miles.

World Trade Center bombing (early '90's) was a nuke cuz it melted & stretched the rebar & steel. OKC bombing couldn't have been a fertilizer bomb. Nitrate explosion couldn't have done the damage. 

13 deep underground military bases that he helped hollow out.

His wife says he was part genius and part paranoid schizophrenic. So all of the above is probably grossly exaggerated. She said he was deprogrammed; I'd say he was programmed, regarding the aliens story.

p161 His father supposedly worked on the Philadelphia Experiment. He autopsied some of the bodies & found alien implants. According to letters he found in his father's basement after he died. Did anyone else ever see these letters? Nope. Also photos of ufo's flying through the mushroom clouds during nuke testing on Bikini Atoll. No one else ever saw them. The guy was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but probably had a bunch of disinfo planted to obfuscate anything he said that might be true. Sort of like all this weird info that's given to peeps like David Icke which he prints & then is called crackers. Some of it is true, but how much & which parts?

p176 Guardian, anonymous UFO researcher. Ontario, Canada, landing or crash on Nov 4 1989. Recovery of 3 reptilian fetus headed beings identified as muscular gray-white skinned humanoids. Matrixed dielectric magnesium alloy craft driven by pulsed electromagnetic fields driven by a cold fusion reactor. Craft of military nature designed to pit human species against human species in an ideological war. - I dunno how he extrapolates the latter from the former. We are in an ideological war in this country tho, Pelosi "the enemy is in the House" etc etc. High tech EMP weapons. Low frequency ELF waves calibrated to the same wavelength as the human brain to subliminally control test subjects (us). Interesting stuff, sort of. 

Data aboard the recovered sphere indicates aliens preceded us by millions of years & their civ was destroyed 65 million years ago by an interdimensional war. Now they are attempting to reclaim earth. - Hmm 2 things here. Interdimensional war - not from outer space. So would another dimension have cold fusion? Or magnesium alloys? Heh. And... 65 million years ago was one of the mass extinctions. 62 million years ago was the last time (prior to 2012) we crossed the galactic plane in its sine wav shaped orbit. It's all beginning to add up!

Film of UFO landing. Maybe it's on youtube...


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