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Forbidden Science

A collection of articles from Atlantis Rising. I wish they had footnotes...

p3 In the intro Kenyon the editor mentions an online article in Jewish World Review where Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak, doctors who know too much about the working of the body to be impressed with Darwinism or evolution in general. One example they cite is the human eye, which is too complex to have arisen spontaneously & shows all the hallmarks of a designed system. Gasp! Elsewhere I've read of 5 properties of cells that are also too complex to have evolved, but I need to find the citation.

p20 Discusses cold fusion & how this establishment skientist named Park tries to debunk it while being totally wrong with his facts.

p36 Penalties for non-conformity with consensus science are very visible to the scientific community. Telescope time is denied to credentialed practitioners who fail to confirm the absurd Big Bang concept describing an explosion that created matter. - Big Bang is successfully refuted in quite a few things I've read, see LaV; it shouldn't even be considered any more but that's mainstream skience (and media) for you. However, also see LaV for his continuous creation idea of SQK which is spontaneous matter creation on the opposite end of the scale ie sub quantum. Big Bang simply couldn't have happened.

p38 The Antikythera Device from an 80 BC shipwreck uses a differential gear not "invented" until the mid-1500's.

It has more than 2000 characters inscribed on it which have been translated but never published. Hmm why not? Navigation device that allowed Roman freighters to cross the Atlantic 15 centuries before Columbus. Thus the Roman coins that have been found here and there in North America.

p41 Magnification technology was used in Egypt in 3300 BC.

p42 Lalande Battery may have run the Pharos lighthouse.

Baghdad Battery from 250 BC. Earthenware jar with an asphalt stopper pierced by an iron rod, its lower section inside surrounded by a copper cylinder. Dump in some fruit juice & you have 2 volts of electricity. Hmm not enough watts to run my microwave though...

p53 Earth does not precess relative to local (solar system) objects. There is an unaccounted for reference frame - the solar system curving through space - producing the observable phenomenon we call precession. It's not the wobble (spin axis). In the precession equation the current answer is 50.29 arc seconds per year of change in the earth's orientation to inertial space; it can be measured.

p54 Constellations have changed position relative to the equinox at the rate of one degree or one day every 72 years. The Perseids (meteor shower) have not changed at all in 423 years. Why not? Precession is something other than a result of local forces. Earth does not wobble relative to Venus; no precession of the earth relative to the moon.

p57 Something is moving our solar system in an elliptical pattern far tighter than any galactic motion would produce. A binary star. Brown dwarf. Waxing and waning influences from another star.

p105 Article on techno invisibility while covering some history of the concept does not mention the 3 sources I found (and mentioned here somewhere) of peeps demonstrating invisibility "machines" or techniques in the 1920's & '30's; which are buried in old ufo books.

p114 Japanese terrorists Aum Shinrikyo "Divine Truth" sect who launched the sarin attack in a Tokyo subway, may have a Tesla-based device that triggers earthquakes & may have scalar weapons that alter the weather; tested in Australia. Allied with/funded by the Yakuza.

p128 At 39 degrees F moving water is densest, strongest and has the most carrying capacity. Stagnant and warm waters begin to deteriorate. Hmm maybe I should be drinking ice coffee...

p144 Acoustic levitation by Tibetan monks making big noise with 6 trumpets & 13 drums & chanting & praying, Levitated boulders & sent them from a meadow flying up to a ledge. A Dr. Jarl described it & filmed it. Films were supposedly released in 1990. I've read of this elsewhere.

p153 Quasars and active galaxies (seyferts) belong together; the seyferts may be ejecting the quasars. But their redshifts are different, showing that the quasars should be half a universe away (according to Big Bang Theory). Because they are not, the interpretation of redshift as a measure of velocity is totally wrong. In spite of their different redshifts, the distance is the same. Tired light, I tells ya. LaV tells ya. Also since this article was written we can now see 82 billion light years, in a universe that's only sposed to be 12 or 15 billion years old. How could it expand to 82 billion years in 12-15 billion years? The universe isn't expanding. The Big Bang never happened. But don't tell anyone, you might lose your funding and your telescope time as happened to this astronomer (Halton Arp) who lost his telescope time at Mt. Wilson & Palomar.

p157 This guy doesn't believe in black holes either. See LaV. "Black holes, where everything is supposed to be falling in, is a poor explanation for the cores of active galaxies, where everything appears to be falling out." Again see LaV.

p159 Slight increase in solar output (as of 2008) might account for climate change.... Wha... How is this possible? A hotter sun wouldn't affect earth, would it? There is also evidence that some of the other planets in our solar system are experiencing warmer temperatures too. Gosh, humans are causing global warming on Mars? Wow...

p160 Cycles of mass extinction every 62 million years. The last mass extinction was 65 million years ago (z dinosaurs). 251 million years ago biggest extinction event in earth's history; the end-Permian extinction, much larger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, 90% of life on earth went bye-bye.

Our solar system orbits the galaxy center in an up and down sinusoidal pattern, ie like a wav file. Density, mass and gravitational pull are highest at the center of this sine wave, which is where we are now. 2012 is when we crossed the plane. Cosmic Year is 225 million years (time it takes to do 1 orbit of the galaxy), but to account for the sine pattern this should perhaps be increased to yup 248 to 251 million years. Which means we may have returned to the same point in galactic orbit that we were at during a previous extinction event (the big one). We may have entered a threat zone. (This all involves cycles, as in precession, as in Hindu cosmology, as in planetary orbits - it is a law of cycles, not random). This zone could contain higher concentrations of dust, debris, asteroids, radiation, that we ran into 251 million years ago. To me it seems that the threat zone would be the galactic plane because of the higher concentrations & stronger forces; not necessarily a particular position in space; since we cross the plane every 62 million years & extinctions occur every 62 million years. They don't necessarily happen instantly though.

p163 Signs of change on sun earth and Mars where global warming is also occurring. Earth's declining magnetic field and polar wandering might indicate internal rising temperatures in earth's core & mantle, causing more volcanic eruptions & earthquakes. No, you dunce, this is all caused by humans, including the warming of other planets. How stupid could you be? Anyways, if the solar system is moving into a high concentration of dust in a spevific point of space along our orbital path, dust hitting the sun will cause it to warm up & be more active. Maybe that's what's happening. Maybe we're due for a catastrophic CME sometime soon. That'll be fun.

p200 The internet may have emerged as the greatest breakthrough in uncensored global information exchange ever seen; at a stroke nullifying a control structure painstakingly constructed over hundreds of years... Sorry, it's part of the control structure. There's censorship all the time, for example in how the search engine algorithms are constantly changed to make some info impossible to find unless you are diligent and persistent. Also how some peeps can be banned for expressing the wrong thoughts... TV and the internet, the control system in a nutshell. Cyber Satan.   

p258 Any time we perceive a belief as absolute or unchangeable we are in trance. Hmm.... lots of peeps in trances then, lefties & righties...

A researcher uses a device to send a weak magnetic field into subjects' heads, influencing their temporal lobes, causing experiences described as mystical, out of body, or like hauntings. Methinks govts around the world are doing this all the time; not for our benefit.

A study showed that one woman's nightly visits by the Holy Spirit were caused by a clock near her bed; the magnetic pulses generated by the clock were similar to shapes that evoke electrical seizures in epileptic rats and sensitive humans. Electronic pollution; we're surrounded by it & don't give it a 2nd thought. 5G is extremely suspect; not tested thoroughly enough for its long term effects. That's why peeps wear aluminum headgear heh.

p259 Some researchers believe that when areas of the brain become quiet, like the  orientation area, it is a regression to a more primitive state. - Wrong. It is a move into the subtle or deep sleep state, contact with our hyper-conscious rather than the subconscious. The opposite of a regression. A positive move away from material reality, which is over with anyhow when we are over with ourselves. No return to this state apparently. Does this state continue on without us? The material state. If so, for how long? Does it continue on throughout the various cycles?

"Managed by the higher consciousness of normal cognitive functioning." Arglebargle. Foofaraw. Couldn't disagree more strongly. Normal cognitive functioning is not a higher consciousness of anything.

A neuroscientist says, why would the limbic system evolve... It probably didn't. Evolution polluting mainstream science, as well as everything else. See other notes about complexity of eye, cells, etc; couldn't have evolved. First came sounds then specialized nerve cells evolved.... If there were nothing to contemplate visually then we would not have evolved eyes... Evolution evolution... it's just a theory, you morons. Plenty of proof that it doesn't happen the way Darwin said. Intelligent design etc.

p260 "Should not the same evolutionary principles apply..." No, they should not. They should not apply to anything because it never happened in the first place; not as in the holy Darwinism.

Experiments designed on the principle that the brain generates the mind, seemed to prove the opposite.

Open focus signified by synchronous alpha frequencies in the brain. Rather than have a narrow focus (like politics for example) which causes stress; which is what they want.

p261 It can be demonstrated that imagination can change the structure of the brain.

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