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Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines

Read this to get some background on his thinking, but it was worse than reading a textbook, at least the first part of it. Looking for more clues about the cycles.

p35 The ancestors of the Hindus must have inhabited a northerly region since according to certain texts there were occasions when the sun circled the horizon without setting.

p101 The notion of "matter" was completely foreign to ancient peoples including the Greeks as well as Easterners - no sanskrit word exists for it.

p129 Discusses the origin of the Vedas, Upanishads etc. The Veda is also correlated with the cosmological theory of the primordial place of sound among the sensory qualities. - So sound beats vision. In the beginning was the sound; maybe in the beginning was the Word is a mis-translation. The primordial sound being Om of course. Maybe that's why I prefer listening to or playing music to watching the boob tube.

p133 Mentions ether as the fifth element. Theory of atomism leads to theory of universal void which leads to denial of existence of ether. Which is still denied to this day. LaV pretty much proves it exists with his SQK studies.

p140 Aspects of Buddhism, Mahayana & Hinayana. A weird caricature has been presented to Westerners.

p146 Dharma - simply denotes "manner of being." The essential nature of a being, determining the manner in which the being will conduct itself. Conformity with the essential nature of beings, in the ordered hierarchy where all beings have their place; the fundamental equilibrium or integral harmony resulting from this hierarchical distribution.

p152 Individual being is regarded as a compound of 2 elements: essence and substance. Qualities belonging to the individual alone as well as what he derives from his heredity (physical and psychic).

p158 Incomprehension leads to anthropomorphism which leads to turning the divine attributes into so many "gods."

p164 Six vedangas: shiksha, chhandas, vyakarana, nirukta, jyotisha, kalpa.

p172 The moment the subject knows the object, the object becomes part of its being.

p196 A reaction, being a perfectly natural consequence of an action, is in no wise a sanction in a moral sense. Agrees with Taoist theory of concordant actions and reactions.

p202 The supreme goal is called Deliverance, because the being who reaches it, whatever state he may belong to and whatever his rank within that state, is freed from the bonds of conditioned existence by perfect identification with the Universal. Elsewhere he says the personality survives (not the individuality).

p228 Karma, evolution & reincarnation. Karma which means "action" is regularly used in the sense of causality which is worse than an inaccuracy. A false interpretation of the apurva, which people distort into a moral sanction. Reincarnation seems to have first made its appearance among some of the socialist dreamers of the first half of the nineteenth century, who saw in it a way of accounting for the inequality of social conditions, which they considered quite shocking; when in fact it's perfectly natural.

p230 Cycle of existence it can only pass through once. Reincarnation - metaphysical absurdity.

p245 Incurable decay of the West (because of the Kali Yuga maybe but he doesn't say this). He sees 3 possibilities: the West (including Europe) sinking into barbarism, the East rescuing the West either by consent or by force (Chinese invasion heh), or a spontaneous change to a more "normal" (Eastern) outlook. The latter ain't happenin,' that's for sure. The sun sets in the west, symbolic of Western civilization sinking. If the Kali Yuga & cosmic cycles stuff is true, then there's no stopping it, things will continue to decline until the end and the switch to the next cycle. 

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