Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

Are these people delusional? Had a story planted through regressive hypnosis to cover up something they knew? So some of what they say may be true, but most of it will be disinformation? Or all of it? I bought used & got an older copy with a different cover. Oh well you takes your chances. Same content though, pub 1994.

p67 Roswell. Same old story from Al Bielek (which I believe he believes). Dead aliens looked more like locusts. Others say they looked like greys. I think they were crash test dummies, planted after the fact to spread belief in ET's that don't exist.

Time locks. We are locked into one time span at the moment of conception. When you die you are free to incarnate elsewhere. - Nah I don't think so. Reincarnation probably doesn't happen as I've splained elsewhere. 

p68 Phil. Experiment. They used 4 huge Tesla coils. Another description of what happened to the men similar to Allende's. Fiction?

p70 Montauk Monster; some huge sasquatch thing that tore into buildings and people. Better descriptions elsewhere (the Montauk books if I recall). Again, fiction?

p74 Earth has 20 year biorhythm. 1943 for Phil. Experiment, 1983 Montauk monster, 1963 what Kennedy?, 2003? 1923 and earlier? What about the upcoming 2023? Author doesn't go into this at all. If he had he might legitimize it. By not doing so he leaves it as worthless speculation, merely a set up for the rest of the story. 

p77 The Torus of Time - time and space curve back on themselves. - I don't think so. I don't think time exists other than as a measurement invented by us humans to stupefy ourselves. The universe of sub-quantum ether is just there, always has been and always will be. Matter comes into existence & then decays & returns to the ether.

p79 Bielek says Phil. Exp. & Montauk locked in and opened up a 40 year hole in hyperspace which is when the grays staged a mass invasion from whatever alternate reality they're from. The entire project (Phoenix Project) was generated for this specific purpose. - Hard to believe? You bet your sweet bippy it is. Where is one shred of physical evidence of aliens after all these decades? There isn't any? Gee, I wonder why...

p84 1992 interview with Bielek, says Tesla was in charge of Project Rainbow (Phil Exp) until March 1942 when he detuned the first manned operation because he was sensitive to the personnel & knew it wasn't ready, so it failed & he was removed & dead 10 months later.

Central rotating electromagnetic field in one of the gun turrets, at a critical frequency to interact with the 2nd time vector. (?) It rotated the position of the time field in relation to the ship, which is what made it disappear. Okay...

Too much power for humans to stand; 20 megawatts of pulse power at 75 feet. Heatimo Effect. (?)  Effect on neural brain resonance, made the people sick. This part is understandable, though splained ambiguously as all this stuff is.

Aug 12 1943 test they turned down the power, sailors merged with the ship etc ala X-Files Dreamland episode, equipment couldn't be turned off so Bielek & his brother jumped off the ship & landed in 1983 for 12 hours. Okay... where they were told the Phil. Exp. & Phoenix Project had become locked in a hyperspace bubble. They were sent back (placed in a time tunnel(! - he says nonchalantly)) to destroy the equipment & saw peeps on fire etc. 

p89 Physical age regression, from 75 years old to 55 or less. US/alien technology. Uh-huh. Why don't some of these NWO'ers like Bush & Clinton & Carter & Pelosi & Biden use it then? Or the Queen Mother? Or are they using it or something similar which is why they all live to be 100?

p90 Aliens involved in experiments - now you've lost me - Orion Confederation, Leverons, grays, & groups from Sirius A & Antares. Sirius A = Oannes? The aquamen? Orion guys are reptilians. - Flimsy on the details, interviewer doesn't follow up, doesn't want to poke holes in the story, too much detail would make the contradictions multiply like wildfire...

p93 Newspaper article about invisibility paint. From 1938 or 39. Chemist Max Gardner. He notified the War Department. It made stuff invisible from 100 feet away. This is the 4th mention of pre-WW2 invisibility projects that I've come across in old UFO books, all publicly mentioned or demonstrated. Wild. What happened to this technology? Why no follow-up? Classified, for sure, but why no follow-up in the media? No interest? Seriously? Because they're in on it people.

p103 By using 425-450mhz radio frequency power, the human mind can be manipulated and controlled. - I'm not sure that's the right frequency range, but the concept is more than likely correct. VLF maybe.

p115 Communication from the other side by someone they think is Jessup - well no, the dead don't speak in seances, it's the temporary form of the "wandering influence" prompted by the subconscious of the medium & participants. Sounds Adamski-like unfortunately. Or Derenberger. This is stuff any of those present could have contributed to the speaking entity. Thinking it was Jessup seems like kind of a stretch...

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Soul of Ancient Egypt


Not much here...

p3 However, what's in a name as the section is titled, methinks gives a clue to the Great Pyramid mystery, as far as who built it, or rather, didn't... "A thing had to be called by its correct allocated name and no other, for it was only the correct name and its proper utterance that made vocal the soul of the object or person so named. Names became talismans, magical devices imbued with an invisible, immaterial and immeasurable energy that, when correctly dispatched, would force the mind to unleash the most potent of emotions and the deepest of thoughts. An Egyptian would not, therefore, have hesitated to reply to Shakespeare's question with the words 'to lose my name is to lose my soul.'" - Very interesting because the name of Khufu is misspelled in the graffiti above the King's Chamber! Would one of Khufu's own workers have done this? Had this incorrect spelling been seen when actually placed inside the pyramid, and it had to have been seen, there would have been the biggest shitstorm of all time. The offending stone would have had to have been removed immediately. Workers would have been killed. So those who say the graffiti of Khufu's name is a forgery by Howard Vise the guy who supposedly discovered it, must be correct. Khufu had nothing to do with the Giza pyramids, nor did any other Egyptian in dynastic times. They were already there, found by the ancient Egyptians when they first moved into the area.

p5 Follow-up quoted by the author (from someone named Rohl) to prove my point, not his (because he doesn't mention this at all): "Speaking or writing his name gave 'existence' to a person, both in life but also for eternity - so long as that name was perpetuated in eternal stone - to be read and uttered by devout descendants or a mere passerby. To chisel out or erase a name was to kill a person in the afterlife. To forget a name was to make it "non-existent"... to the Egyptian mind the name was as important as the soul because, through the continuing memory of that name, the being continued to exist beyond time." 

So does this mean Khufu has been killed for all time by the dork who misspelled his name? How could the stone with the misspelled name even have been allowed into the pyramid in the first place, if it was actually there when the pyramid was built? Was the person who misspelled the name killed? None of the above because it had to have been added in modern times by Vise. If the Egyptians have such a reverence for a name, especially in those times, a misspelled Khufu could never have happened, sorry. "Alternative" authors like Bauval & Schoch don't even address this question, never mind mainstream Egyptologists.

Interesting that the person who discovered the truth of the forgery was none other than Zechariah Sitchin of 12th Planet fame, whose translations of Sumerian are questioned by some. (His Enki "biography" is epic regardless.) David Icke had 2 witnesses who swore Sitchin momentarily shape-shifted into a reptilian. True or not (not), possessed maybe, or arglebargle, his name on the forgery story discredits the whole idea amongst the mainstream. Can't be true if that guy found it out; although his correspondence is practically infallible in my view. See his book Stairway to Heaven. If Sitchin was one of the elites peddling disinfo to daze and confuse (successfully I'd say, if that's true), perhaps he was given the honor to print the Vise forgery story deliberately to discredit it before someone else more reputable came along and figured it out. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. BTW Robert Temple also thinks it's a forgery (in Egyptian Dawn) but I don't remember how old he thinks the pyramids are. If it actually even matters how old they are since we'll never know...

Now to what advantage is it of anyone to continue the false belief that Khufu built the Great Pyramid; to hide the fact that the pyramids are far older than we think. How does that benefit anyone, even the WTA's? Could they be pre-flood? Built by midgets as Morris Jessup suggests? (The descending & ascending corridors are so short you have to crawl on your hands and knees.) Just one of those dogmas like the Big Bang that will never die... Sheesh who knows, a mystery for the aged...


The Djinn Connection


Yes we are reading books with "Connection" in the title. No, by coincidence it was just sitting on top of the pile. Amazon has a used copy for $499.00. Yes that's right. I guess it's out of print because they don't want anyone to read this?

pIV "In the process of discovery, I have sometimes had to revise my beliefs in the face of evidence." Nice quote from the author. Everyone should be willing to do this but some dogmas just won't be overcome. Sir Francis Bacon thought the same.

Also mentioned in the intro is the author not favoring conspiracy theory (she does mention it sometimes tho), so everything is taken at face value without considering govt mind control or things of that nature; the fact that govts probably have the ability to remotely affect someone's mind & make them see shit like this; or hypnotize from a distance, the buzzing sounds being what puts them into trance. But there are "wandering influences" & possibly that's what these djinn are, whether or not they have independent existence & volition & motives of their own being the 5 million dollar question. Guiley thinks so; Guenon didn't think so, unless he knew very well & was hiding something.

p9 The djinn might be plasma beings and seem to be sensitive to electromagnetic energy generated by devices and equipment, as evident in testimonies and encounters. Author mentions they have trouble around TV and radio & I suppose now computers. Are our computers keeping them away? Compare to early Keel & Barker stories about various sasquatches & other creatures pounding on the hoods of cars, as well as cars stalling etc. Author could have drawn many comparisons but probably didn't have time amongst her own field research. For the plasma angle see LaV & his assertion that the US is testing plasma weapons and/or creating plasma "balls" & trying to steer them & use as a missile defense. Couple that with this author's other book where the US military is in Saudi Arabia trying to capture a djinn. Does all this fit together somehow? Is the military trying to artificially/electronically duplicate djinn powers & are being somewhat successful? Are the djinn electromagnetic leftovers of a previous advanced civilization; previous humans who reached Kurzweil's singularity & uploaded their consciousnesses to the stars? The ancient atheists? Although the djinn are always associated with God, as rebels etc... 

p37 Hypnotic regressions have revealed considerable information about the ET's... Regressions have missed a key element: probing for the participation of djinn. - Aha! Most hypnotists are unaware of djinn & very aware of aliens & greys; the subject takes this stuff from the mind of the hypnotist therefore spins a yarn about grays & not djinn or elves. This is not "proof" of alien abduction at all, it may all just be fantasy. Some of it could be mind control or experimentation; under cover of "aliens" our govts can experiment on us all they want. But of course black ops doesn't splain all the weird sightings that occurred before those programs existed, 19th century and before, or the 1897 airship. Which is probably why this author doesn't consider conspiracy theory; even though peeps nowadays consciously remember seeing military (possibly Nazi) uniforms; the Hills for example.

p57 Yeats - "Many poets and all mystics and occult writers, in all ages and countries, have declared that behind the visible are chains and chains of conscious beings, who are not of heaven but of earth, who have no inherent form, but change according to their whim, or the mind that sees them." This is what Keel agreed with later on.

p58 According to Keel, our reality and beliefs are manipulated by some unknown, nonhuman intelligence. Phenomena are generated to perpetuate certain belief systems. It's all a Disneyland of the Gods which may explain the bizarre nature of the paranormal and why we never get solid answers or evidence. We humans have no control over the process and we can only wonder at what is the real agenda. - Sums it up pretty well. The ICHC. Add in the shenanigans of the elites/CIA/military and it seems that their goal is to gain control of this process. They seem to be emulating it fairly well electronically & hypnotically ie the milabs etc. Obscuring the reality of these intelligences (through promotion of atheism and materialism and socialism and evolution and ET's - very easy to do here in the US with the aid of the mainstream media & academia idiots) by ridiculing anyone who believes in them, while behind the scenes they try to learn how to manipulate these forces for their own benefit.

p63 The Wild Hunt. See Lecouteux. Author doesn't say whether peeps still see this nowadays. Lecouteux's info is all from the middle ages. Author does say something about Africa as if it's current.

p65 Victims of fairies, djinn and ET's (supposed abductees) throughout history have suffered a loss of vitality. - So have mediums (not mentioned by this author). Is there a connection? Probably. 

One victim likened the feeling to being pierced with a needle. A doctor who treated victims of a modern UFO attack in Brazil saw they had small puncture wounds on their arms & thought they had blood taken. - Yes, but are these human (mad) doctors doing this? Using hypnotic suggestion to make the peeps think they are seeing UFO's and aliens? Djinn using humans to set up the ET smoke screen to hide behind?

Blood. Many sources say they are after our blood. Other sources say iron is their weakness (fairies mainly, also djinn tho). Our blood has iron in it. So does cattle blood or any other blood (cattle mutilations etc). Does this compute??

p69 Many abductees feel they have been given screen memories to mask the abduction. The ET abduction scenario itself is another screen memory though, brought out through regressive hypnosis and forever burying what really happened. This author does not even mention hypnosis & that virtually all abduction scenarios are remembered through hypnosis. Highly suspicious. Read some Keel who doesn't use hypnosis in any of his analysis. Travis Walton is not reliable because he underwent hypnosis by military doctors (as did the Hills) if I remember rightly.

p71 "Today, if he were regressed by hypnosis..." About a peep abducted to fairyland. Regression by hypnosis is the problem; all these authors who accept it as infallible are a problem. Not questioning this author's sincerity, still...

The Hills, under hypnosis, recalled... Argh. They also remembered military uniforms; this author doesn't mention that. Military doctors too...

p78 Tujunga Canyon "ET abduction" in 1953. Recalled under hypnosis... sigh...

p82 Budd Hopkins was unfamiliar with shadow people and djinn.  - Very important clue! Which is why his hypnotic subjects always saw ET aliens, because they got the idea subconsciously from Hopkins and his ET-believing hypnotists.

Following sections about Jacobs, Strieber & Mack, all alleged elsewhere to be CIA; which makes any of their testimony suspect and/or worthless. Disinfo. Jacobs has regressed hundreds of experiencers. Gawd... I feel sorry for them. Is he really trying to bury what really happened? National security? Ritual abuse by humans, according to Horsley. 

The abductors plant images in the minds of their victims to confuse, deceive and manipulate. - It's the hypnotists that are doing it!!! Govt controlled? Djinn controlled? Some of both?

p85 Strieber recalled under hypnosis... See? What did he recall before being hypnotized, hmm? Horsley pretty much proves Strieber was a victim of ritual abuse. By people, not aliens.

Mack was a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School who never mentioned djinn or shadow people in his work. Yikes. A psychiatrist making people see aliens. Author does not mention whether Mack's patients were hypnotized but I believe other sources say that they were. It's all in that X-Files episode where the "abductee" sees military guys. 

So this author doesn't consider shadow govt mind control type stuff, Mack & Hopkins don't consider djinn & shadow people, Strieber... None of these guys (or gals) are looking at the whole picture; they're all specialists. They believe in aliens so that's what their patients see. Unbelievable.

So the scenario is the victim is first sought out by the "UFO" to see if they are susceptible, if they are they are put into trance by the beeping sounds or flashing lights, ritually abused or experimented on, when bits of memory start coming back they are troubled & go to the psychiatrists who perform hypnosis that brings out the aliens cover story while burying forever all memory of the true events. Perfect setup.

Mack was hit by a truck & died. Not an accident? Was he about to confess to something? That it's all a big charade?

p91 Karla Turner & her husband underwent hypnosis... Sheezus... Their son also went under regression (hypnosis)... Double sheezus... Turner "regressed her husband..."   Triple sheezus. To be fair, some of her witnesses seemed to be recalling similar stuff without hypnosis interfering, but the author may just not have mentioned it, since it goes without saying & is totally reliable as evidence... ugh... There is no alien human hybrid breeding program, it's just a hypnosis fantasy.

p97 Pay dirt finally. Turner and her husband uncovered memories of military involvement in their abduction encounters. They say they were working with the aliens. - I say there are no aliens. Are there djinn? Maybe. So that's who the military is working with, or under the control of, or thinking they're controlling when the reverse is actually true... Or it's all just The Powers That Be using this other BS as cover. "They'll think it's aliens" followed by laughter. A quote I mentioned earlier from an "abductee" overhearing his captors. Exactly.

p98 Good quote from author's source in Morocco who claimed to have met real djinn. "The djinn that must be responsible for this ET phenomenon must have human handlers. Public is more receptive to this notion of a superior race coming to save the world. This is part of the program by people at high levels..." And yet this author doesn't consider conspiracy theory. Outside her level of expertise maybe, & time constraints with all these other studies maybe, but still... you gotta consider all of it, which very few of these researchers seem to do. At least she does mention possible conspiracy stuff finally.

p116 Blavatsky - problem is she made it all up, borrowed from all sorts of rare sources. Some of her more revealing letters are printed in Guenon. She wrote the "Ascended Masters" letters herself.

p144 Good summary of Gnosticism. 365 aeons in concentric spheres, God at the center, one ruler over each, Sophia at the 30th from the outside (us), creates the Demiurge who creates man & thinks he is God, etc etc. PKD goes into this too in his Exegesis. Yaldabaoth, Archons, etc. Where did these ideas originate? Story of the archons is from the Apocryphon of John, a vision of John the apostle, found at Nag Hammadi in 1945. Not the same as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

p160 It is said djinn possess people by entering the bloodstream & circulating through the body. Hmm... This after discussing Bramley's theory of aliens being behind the Black Plague (reports of black clothed or caped or hooded beings with scythes just before the plague hit) & of the possibility of them using diseases (against us, since they want the earth back etc). Hmm covid-19, covid-19 vaccine... entering the bloodstream through a needle... just throwing that out there! For no one to read hehheh... except the Google peeps who archive everything being done via their services. But it's okay, I'm safe as long as I don't have any readers... Which is not the point anyway; the point is taking notes because I'll never remember all this stuff...

Guenon lived in Cairo his last 20+ years, I wonder if he knew or at least suspected his "wandering influences" were genies... He must have...

p198 The scuttlers - black shadow spider-crab dealies that were seen inside a radio transmission box in Ireland. Found in other broadcasting equipment in England. Affecting the transmissions/broadcasts (negatively). In a medium of black fluid oil; hmm, see X-Files... They feed off the electricity. Possibly human made out of an ET-biological organism, a type of programmable nanotechnology that works inter-dimensionally. Hmm... real? Delusion? No mention of hypnosis here... This is around 1990. How does this compare to these other entities who are supposedly harmed by electromagnetics, or bothered by our home electronics? Now they're feeding off it? Doesn't add up to me... There's something else about transmission towers I read... Ah, the recycle company that was dismantling them, which was bothered by some type of shadow person that they all saw.... Weird stuff...

p213 Iron again. Iron is said to weaken fairies, and djinn are afraid of it. Again, if they don't like iron, how and why would djinn possess us through our blood, when blood has iron in it? Also magnetite in part of the brain, how & why would they possess people if that's the case? You'd think they'd be afraid to try. Also defensive use of sound & electronics (against them & possession by them) - although this electronic interference would prevent peeps from coming in contact with them in the first place. Hmm...

p216 "As long as we are distracted in dozens of directions by myriads of entity forms, we are not going to see our situation accurately." She cites movies etc., but I would cite regressive hypnosis as the chief culprit & the main weapon used by these whatever they ares. Hey I like that, new acronym, the WTA's the Whatever They Ares. Exc-ell-ent! 

Any regressive hypnosis will bring up the cover story, the real screen memory, or the subconscious ideas of the hypnotist, and erase forever the true memory of what really happened, as Keel said. Open to suggestion, as many have said about hypnosis. I have no experience other than research (and don't want any), but that's why Keel's work is so important; and so purposely neglected and ignored. Guenon too, who wasn't even in print in English until 2000 & now seems to be going out of print already for some mysterious reason; just like this book, try to find a copy for a reasonable price... New Saucerian is out of business so how long will Keel's work be in print...

Monday, February 15, 2021

Missing Connections

p18 - "Thought is free" - Sir Francis Bacon. Actually, Mr. Bacon, you might be censored nowadays if you're not expressing the correct thoughts. Welcome to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Your thought is their slave.

p22 Speaking freely had its price. Referring to the times of Elizabeth 1 where she had one dude beheaded and another drawn and quartered. Ditto above tho nowadays you're just censured by social media; so far anyways...

p30 1909 discovery in Grand Canyon of necropolis with tombs and mummies. Some question about the identity of the discoverers, whether they worked for the Smithsonian. Did the Smithsonian bury this story and hide the evidence?

1990 discovery of intricate passages and rooms at Casa Malpais, modified by the Mogollon culture into underground tombs.

p33 Seth Tanner supposedly finds a "cave containing sacred religious treasures of the Hopi tribe which no white man was allowed to see." He was blinded by them. Somewhere in Grand Canyon area.

p79 Bacon taught that concepts cannot be taken as fact, that what we thought always had to be updated by what we found out. Newton running counter to Bacon thought that theories could be proved, that ideas could be demonstrated to be fact. Mainstream media & skience then is Newtonian. I agree with Bacon. For instance, to use my favorite dogma as a whipping post, if you think humans are causing global warming and then discover that Mars is also warming at the same time at the same rate, as is another planet or moon further out in the Saturn/Jupiter area (I read about it quite awhile ago but don't remember which moon - data from Cassini maybe); but anyways, after finding that out don't you have to at least question the mainstream global warming dogma?

London - Great Fire was 1666 (since I always forget the date).

p178 Roswell. Affidavit from witness Haut who saw the "bodies" under a tarp with big heads protruding. The craft had no windows, like an egg. - It's all a hoax I tells ya. A hoax by the govt. The craft was a test flight of a US made un-manned vehicle that was probably deliberately crashed to set up the whole ET scam. The bodies probably did exist but were dummies (not costumes worn by pilots as in X-Files). Or it crashed by accident and the bodies were placed there by the first peeps on the scene, so they could be seen & the rumors started. Corso's testimony has holes in it  (see a previous entry), & of course we have the alleged Carbide materials alluded to by Colvin. Any supposed advanced tech from the "alien craft" could have been developed in secret by the US govt, they use this as an excuse to bring this stuff out into public (the transistor, Velcro, whatever else) & say it's alien technology, to get an advantage in the Cold War.

The earlier article about the alleged saucer crash in Italy in 1933 is a bit more puzzling but could have been the same type of disinfo campaign, since all the "evidence" was destroyed in a fire.

p182 Memory metal, shape-memory alloys. Supposedly from the crashed saucer but most likely already developed in secret by the US (Carbide) and/or other govts (at least 20 years ahead of what the public has etc etc). William Brazel: " a plastic of some sort..." Plastic = Union Carbide. Sponges have sprung back to their original shape forever. So this memory metal would be metal sponges. ?? Plastic sponges? The flying saucer evidence always disappears (other than some witness testimony which may or may not be reliable/exaggerated) because it could in all probability be identified as having been manufactured right here on good old earth; which is what they don't want us to know.

p208 Vinland Map authenticated. Mid 15th century map compiled from earlier maps supposedly going back to AD 1000. Still disputed by the Smithsonian, herald of the New Dark Age.

11th century Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows in Labrador discovered in 1960.

p217 Constantine X coin found in Wisconsin. He died in 1067. Found 9 feet down. Dismissed by the experts because they did not find it; an amateur did.

p233 North American Indians modified the natural environment, sometimes burning wooded areas to create more grassland for deer and other game animals. Shh, don't tell anyone, we're supposed to let our forests manage themselves as if humans didn't exist. That's why they're all burning down; bad forestry management. No all the massive forest fires are not because of global warming, they are causing global warming. They generate intense heat, which, uh, y'know, warms us up. Just like the constantly rising record heat in Phoenix. Global warming? How about the temps going up in pace with the population going up and all their air conditioners blowing out hot air 24/7 because that's the only way you can survive in that heat. Logical?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Forgotten Origins


p6 Neanderthals were intelligent: larger brain than us, knew astronomy, played musical instruments etc.

Ancient measures prove that man knew the exact size of the earth millennia before the Greeks.

Nineveh number:15 digit number inscribed on an Assyrian clay tablet; they weren't mathematicians. Worked out 65000 years ago.

Two numbers on a stela in Mayan city of Quiriga that can be divided by the number of years in the precession cycle. Knowledge of precession from some earlier civilization.

p7 Fused green glass in Libyan desert; not tektites. Manufactured 6000 BC by some industrial process that produced 6000 degrees of heat.

Brown's Gas (no not somebody's farts), invented by Ilya Velbov, aka Yull Brown who found a method of separating the hydrogen and oxygen in water and then recombining it in a kind of acetylene flame (?), it will punch an instantaneous hole in wood or burn tungsten (which requires 6000 degrees), weld glass to copper, etc. Chinese used it in their submarines to turn sea water into drinking water. (How?) Brown had no doubt it was known to the ancients who used it to extract gold from gold ore.

Pyramids, Tiwanaku, builders must have had some technology for lifting heavy weights. See the Coral Castle stuff, Leedskalnin, Poole etc.; not tech. Levitation.

p8 Four floods, not just one. Atlantis flood, Book of Enoch flood 2000 years later when "seven burning mountains" fell to earth from space one in the Sunda Strait causing great migration north to India & Mesopotamia, flood of Noah & Gilgamesh in 6000 BC that created the Black Sea, Deucalion's flood around 2000 BC. Disaster in 535 AD causing worldwide famine, drought & plague which ended Maya & Nazca Indians of Peru.

p11 John Michell, Nineveh number can be divided by the diameters of the sun and moon, mathematical principle called "the Canon" which states that the universe appears to be designed along mathematical lines, the "code of numbers that structure the universe," Fibonacci numbers, Anthropic Cosmological Principle, which all imply that there is an intelligence behind this design. - Gasp! No, you fool, it all happened by accident and evolution. Geez, how did you ever get published? I hope you're not a teacher (writer Colin Wilson actually) and teaching this kind of stuff to your students!

p42 6000-5000 BC earth was much warmer than today. - What?! With no human industry around to cause it? Impossible!

p43 As ice sheets warmed, glacial meltwater formed into giant lakes behind ice dams. When the dams gave way it produced great flooding (scablands of Eastern Washington) and tsunamis when they hit the ocean. LaV also refers to this independently in Earth Under Fire. Tsunamis and roaring floods that could have destroyed coastal cities (Atlantis at the end of the Ice Age). - We do not have the massive ice sheets nowadays so while sea levels may be rising, this type of disaster couldn't occur; even with parts of Antarctic ice breaking off. 

Seabeds also lower (sink) due to added weight of water (ice age times etc) so that something that is submerged 600 feet is due to 400 foot rise in sea level plus 200 feet of the seabed lowering; this process takes thousands of years. This author says 400 feet sea level rise from ice age ending, most others I've seen say 300 feet.

p50 Edgar Cayce & reincarnation *sigh*- because he believed in it his "life readings" produced it. The two examples given in the book as proof of his accuracy could have been precognition; him viewing the historical discoveries before they happened including the names involved, then projecting  those names as previous incarnations of his clients. According to Rene Guenon & his interpretation of the Vedas & other traditions, reincarnation not only doesn't happen but is impossible.

p55 Atlantis; disturbing parallel between the catastrophic fate of a once richly powerful society and the modern world's similarly global and materialistic civilization. Exactly. Could we be destroyed in a day like Atlantis? This age is supposed to end in fire; so a CME, a comet, a superwave from a galactic core explosion, an asteroid... Regarding the latter there are supposed to be 2 huge asteroids, big enough to cause global disaster, in the middle of the Taurid (I think that's the one) meteor shower, which the earth just happens to orbit through every year...

p86 Migration across the Bering Strait is just a theory; turns out not a very good one. Good explanation here of why it probably didn't happen, since those people would have had to cross a 2 mile thick ice sheet for 4000 miles. It couldn't have been done. Without them even knowing where they were going? Why would they even try? Not to mention the "perilous corridor filled with raging ice sheet melt waters." Yup I'd head into that blind. Any time.

p152 Hugh Brown's theory from 1948 that earth could capsize due to too much ice in Antarctica. Build-up is 2000 billion tons each year (this figure is published in 2015 but may refer to a calculation from Brown's time, the '40's). Now wait a sec. The ice is supposed to be melting off because of global warming. What's the deal? In the space of 70 years we have that kind of accumulation turning into a reduction? That's kind of alarming. No more pole shift or capsizing if that's the case! Or do we have a lesser accumulation of ice nowadays which they refer to as melting since it's not accumulating as fast? Hmm. First google link from 2015 says Antarctic ice sheet is thickening by 0.7 inches per year. Hmm. Another link (more recent) says Antarctic sea ice is growing in spite of slightly warmer ocean water. Hmm. A friend of mine wonders if 1 or 2 degrees of temperature will make any difference when it goes from minus 34 to minus 32. Will that matter? Hmm.

Two 16th century maps and one 18th century map that show Antarctica with no ice. Antarctica wasn't discovered until 1820. Wha? These maps are accurate. The map-makers said their info came from older 4000 year old maps. So at that time the south pole was free of ice? Was the south pole on the equator? Evidence there could have been a pole flip or crust displacement. Disputed by other alternative scientists as well as, obviously *cough cough* mainstream skience.

p153-4 According to The Omega File the Nazis found a 30 mile ice cave in Antarctica in 1938 & built a base there. It was warm at the end; geothermal activity. The British supposedly found the base (Nexus mag 2005). This led to Operation Highjump in 1947 led by the US. Led by Richard Byrd, commanded by Nimitz, the 6 month mission was abandoned in 3 months. Article doesn't say why. Easiest explanation is they didn't find anything. Or they did & we are now using the place. Or they found Nazi flying saucers...

p155 In 1957 Russians build Vostok station which turned out to be on top of a huge under-ice lake; the water is 50-65 degrees; underwater heat source, geothermal, volcanic or whatever. In 2001 scientists from Columbia University discover a "huge magnetic anomaly covering the entire southeast portion of the shore of the lake." Could be an accumulation of large metallic structures, an ancient buried city? Right after this finding JPL pulled out & turned matters over to the NSA.

p156 Around the same time scientists at Vostok Base die from mysterious illness right after discovering a series of geometric dunes in the middle of the anomaly. 12 emergency medical evacuations made from nearby US base McMurdo in 2001, all employees of Raytheon, who does black ops work for the US. Cover story for needing flights there & back to the US? Was the US drilling down to Lake Vostok & did they find something that they flew back here? An ancient artifact? Interesting stuff.

Uh, Lake Vostok Monster? Organism 46-B. A 33 foot long 14 tentacled squid-like thing in the lake. "Russian scientists claim team battled creature under Antarctic ice..." In 2012.

No photos though, dang it. I don't think this is it:


Or this:

Funny stuff online... Need to watch Ice Station Zebra again. Howard Hughes' favorite movie...

p157 "Today the government and the media bombard us with assertions that due to our production of carbon dioxide the world will soon end. We are led to believe our puny efforts can significantly alter the climate of our entire planet. In reality, we are completely at the mercy of vast forces over which we have no control. Ice ages come and go due to a complex interaction of purely natural forces and events, including earth's axial wobble and changes in its orbit, as well as changes in solar activity." Well put. Not just changes in orbit but the fact that the solar system is moving through space, up and down in a sine wav pattern as we orbit the galaxy, moving through areas of dust etc because outer space isn't a vacuum!!!!! No mention either (anywhere) in any media of carbon dioxide aiding plant life. They eat it. Wouldn't more carbon dioxide be a good thing? Oops, just lost my grant money for pointing that out.

Eruption of Krakatoa in 416 caused a period of cold and drought. Medieval Warm Period from 1000 to 1200 AD. Thanks for mentioning it. Liberals won't believe you though. In fact the UN will throw away the data. Little Ice Age in the 14th century (frozen Thames etc) which lasted well into the 19th century; which is where the global warming fanatics begin their count. Weather was particularly cold around AD 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1815.

Warm periods between ice ages, warmer than now. Yes I know I'm cookoo for cocoa puffs because such a thing is unpossible.

p167 Atheists trying to prove God doesn't exist, using flimsy evolution theory & stating it as fact. "Darwinism is a trivial idea that has been elevated to the status of the scientific theory that governs modern biology" - Dr. Michael Egnor, professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook. 700 dissenter scientists & academics here:

p170 Cambrian explosion. Most major animal phyla appeared fully formed in the Cambrian. According to Darwin they should all show a common ancestor. Fossil record doesn't support this. Darwin himself admits this is a "serious" problem which "may be truly urged as a valid argument against the views here entertained." Study in 1991 of newly found pre-Cambrian fossils shows that rather than the "bottom-up" theory of Darwin, the Cambrian pattern "creates the impression that metazoan evolution has by and large proceeded from the top down."

Microevolution yes, within a species. Macroevolution, one species morphing into others, there is absolutely no evidence of this. BS.

Some biology textbooks don't even mention the Cambrian and its challenge to Darwinism. Disservice to students of biology; fails to provide the resources for students to think critically... - Of course, they don't want students to think critically, they just want them to accept the dogma and learn to obey orders. It's the New Dark Age, I tells ya.

p174 Materialism holds that matter is the ultimate reality in the universe; a philosophy that leads toward atheism and extinction, denying the existence of a soul and the survival of consciousness after death. Age of Reason. (misnamed haha). Evolution provided the knockout punch for the rationalists against the "superstition" of religions. - That's why you question it at your own peril. 

Alfred Russell Wallace - Darwin's co-evolutionist & naturalist, a materialist but later spiritualist: "If all men without exception ever come to believe that there is no life beyond this life...then it seems to me that the condition of man would be altogether hopeless because there would cease to be any adequate motive for justice, for truth, for unselfishness, and no sufficient reason could be given to the poor man, to the bad man or to the selfish man, why he should not systematically seek his own personal welfare to the cost of others." Welcome to the materialist/atheist/socialist 21st century.  No socialist govt person will ever look out for anyone's welfare but his own. 

p187 We are all the product of racial mixing and interbreeding. There is no evolution in it. Unchanged, unevolved, if the evolutionary straight jacket forces the improbable "dwarfing" theory on us (for the "hobbit" found on Flores as well as bushmen & other perfectly formed little people). There is an alternative: amalgamations. 

p189 And what about giants? You scoff. King Og in the bible was 16 feet tall. Goliath was 11 feet tall. Bosh you say, the bible is bologna. Hmm, 15 foot long sarcophagi in the Cairo museum. Or this fella:

Creepy. Uncovered in Ireland in 1895. Fossilized. He was 12'2" tall. Yikes! Giants mentioned by Plutarch, Sertorius, Pliny, Pausanias, St. Augustine, Tertullian... Giant skeletal remains discovered near castle of Chaumont, France in 1613 that were 25'6", 23-foot human skeleton found in 1456 near Valence, France, giant human skeleton found in Canton of Lucerne in 1577 that was reported at 19'6'', 1856 in mine shaft in Italy finding of skeleton 11'6", skeletons of giants found all over the Americas... What did they evolve from, hmm Mr. Darwin???? You were still alive when that Irish dude was dug up... No comment from Mr. Darwin...

Several recent books document how the Smithsonian has been hiding or destroying evidence of giants for roughly a century. Why?

p208 Good summary of the anomalies on the Moon and Mars. What are those ribbed glass tube thingies on Mars?

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Paradigm Busters


pix Astronomer Halton Arp & the quasar that has too big a redshift, between us & a distant galaxy. If doppler effect is correct, redshift should be less. But it isn't. Therefore redshift isn't a measure of distance, as I've said many times. His challenge to the Big Band has turned him into a non-entity, his career virtually terminated.

p9 The ether. They don't want you to know. Michelson & Morley never claimed there wasn't an ether; they were simply unable to detect it. Michelson said later he suspected there was some kind of ether filling all of space. Einstein admitted that relativity required an ether.

p32 Elberfeld Horses. Hans (a horse) could do math, read, could distinguish between harmonious & dissonant chords. "To accept such intelligence in horses would be subversive of the theory of evolution (said in 1904)." Hahaha evolution, what a joke... Observed and verified by author Maurice Maeterlinck, as well as other scientists. Not fraud. Not subtle cues, not telepathy. Horse spelled out "Because I am tired" & "pain in my leg" when asked why it stopped in the middle of lessons.

p35 Academia is locked into scientific fundamentalism. - Sure, to keep the funding coming in. And to preserve their own work & self-importance. If they admit the Big Bang never happened, after championing it for 50 or whatever professional years, their career is down the drain & all for nothing. There's no way they'll consent to it; their whole worldview will collapse. Sort of like the humans causing global warming fanatics haha... Similar to the resistance to the Copernican view; actually exactly the same. If these people lived in those days they be's defending the flat earth.

p45 Sir William Barrett, professor of physics at Royal College in Dublin, verified levitating of tables, floating trumpet, etc., in 1918. "That there is an unseen intelligence behind these manifestations is all we can say, but that is a tremendous assertion, and if admitted destroys the whole basis of materialism." Yes. Exactly. That's why it's ignored by mainstream skience.

p46 Dr William J Crawford, lecturer at Ireland's Belfast University, began communicating with "spirit entities" (see Guenon for a different explanation) who told him that two types of substances (ectoplasm or whatever they called it) were used to produce the phenomena (levitation, disembodied hands, rapping etc.). One was taken in large quantities from both the medium and the sitter, and returned to them after the séance. The other was taken exclusively from the medium & could not be returned because its structure was broken up. - Interesting! Corroborates Guenon, in different terminology but essentially the same. This would be why the mediums suffer from health problems over time; which is documented. These manifestations all come from the peeps involved; not independent spirits of the dead; even though this guy thinks he is communicating with a spirit, it is a temporary construction of this very material it is talking about; a wandering influence or weird force that we don't know what it is, & never will. Can't. Same thing with hypnosis. Hypnosis doesn't prove alien abduction. It doesn't prove reincarnation, or aliens reincarnating as humans. It proves the personal beliefs of the hypnotist/medium & the sitter(s) but that's all. It doesn't validate anything, other than that we have gnarly powers our own selves (the prolongations or extensions to the physical body) that materialist atheist skience refuses to acknowledge & thereby keeps us in the New Dark Ages; which is their purpose.

p49 Here we go again... "Satan and demons do not belong to the human kingdom, being the negative aspect, composed of the fallen angels and their slaves. I have been told these things by the dark entities I encountered." Possibly true but "they" are not to be trusted, see Swedenborg, Keel etc. They're all liars. They may not know what they are either, so they just make shit up, or take it from the mind of the person(s) present. 

p50 Hypnosis again. Another writer accepting it unquestionably. 'Tis a pity. Psychiatrist uses regressive hypnosis past physical death into after death state. Earthbound entity, disembodied consciousness, go into the light, life review, some go into the light, some go into the dark, some remain on earth near their body, some think they didn't die, etc etc. Same old same old. Hypnosis is unreliable. This stuff is not necessarily hogwash, but it can't be trusted verbatim. Essentially worthless as evidence, sorry. Does this stuff really help people? Or does it just keep the person coming back to the psychiatrist for another session?

p56 Roswell crash involved 2 craft, one at Corona the other close to Datil. I was looking at properties in Datil! Oh well... It's all a setup anyways. Colvin says Carbide plastic was found at the crash site, as I've pointed out many times. this Serpo stuff is all disinfo to hide the fact that we are building these craft.

p60 Here's the giveaway. On Serpo no guns, no crime, they do have a police force tho, all adults do some type of work, and there's no money; everyone is given whatever they need from central distribution centers. A socialist utopia! Sharing all the world... hahaha extremely unlikely that this ever happened. Oh, nobody mentions whether they were all naked or not, like, y'know, Lanulos.

p67 Coral Castle. Leedskalnin: "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Yucatan, Peru and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons." Children spying on him one evening claimed they saw him "float coral blocks through the air like balloons." No one believed them, but it was probably true, exploiting a loophole in physics as discovered by R. L. Poole in his book. The Coral Castle commemorates a date in time, during a syzygy. Dates could be checked to see if his move to Homestead occurred during one of these, or the specific dates of his construction work.

p80 Georgia Guidestones. Doesn't mention one obvious candidate for putting them up: Ted Turner. He's there & he had the money. Therefore CNN = NWO.

p165 Creation of Nan Madol in India by 2 antediluvian gods who "by their magic spells, one by one, the great masses of stone flew through the air like birds, settling down into their appointed place." Compare this to the Coral Castle & what the children claimed they saw Leedskalnin doing. Also compare to Tibetan monks levitating boulders with sound of trumpets, drums & chanting. Sound trumps (eh perhaps I shouldn't use that word heh) vision...

Great Flood and underwater temples & constructions all over the world. 175 global flood myths among cultures supposedly with no contact with each other. Supports the comet theory which Danish scientists date to 9703 BC from ice core samples.

 p168 Easter Island; moai were moved by use of mana; by "words of their mouths" the enigmatic stone heads were commanded to walk through the air. Unusual individuals who could bend the presently known laws of physics. Uxmal is said to have been raised in just one night by a magician who whistled and heavy rocks would move into place. Tiwanaku: the great stones were moved from the quarries at the sound of a trumpet. Egyptian temples "speedy at construction." It had to be done speedily while the syzygy's were in effect. How does sound correlate with that though (gravity or lack thereof, & magnetism)? Syzygy's being rare, would eclipses have been enough?

p170 Locations chosen by the builder gods are places where planetary electromagnetics behave differently. Might I add, at certain times; which is why the giant observatories like Stonehenge were built, to track those periods of time (equinoxes, solstices, eclipses, whatever they were) so those peeps would know when to work their magic; including the precision carving, the stone also becoming soft enough to carve like butter.

Nag Hammadi codices: ancient temples were created as an antidote against forces of darkness "that steered the people who followed them into great troubles, by leading them astray with many deceptions... And thus the whole creation became enslaved forever..."

p173 Temples concentrate measurable levels of electromagnetism. Humans are electromagnetic by nature (I guess). Temples are always built near water which gets charged with an increase in vorticular motion which produces a corresponding effect in the human body, stimulating the iron that flows through the blood in the veins as well as the magnetite suspended inside the skull. (? Magnetite in the skull? Must research...) Any excitation can influence the body's state of awareness, primarily through the stimulation of the pineal gland. And what have we said earlier about the pineal gland, hmm? How fluoride in drinking water calcifies it; fluoride concentrates in the pineal gland & hardens the liquid crystals, making your pineal gland inactive. For a reason.

p175 Hartman net, Hartman knots; electromagnetic grid over the entire face of the globe. Spaced at intervals of 6 feet 6 inches by 8 feet (yay, thank you very much for not using meters). These lines can be moved or stretched with metal rods, dowsers can do it. All or most ancient Egyptian (and other) temples have 18 geomagnetic lines "of protection" around the perimeter. Inside would be magnetic neutral. - Hmm, this seems to contradict what he wrote above, about the temples concentrating electromagnetic energy.

"The holes of the Hartman net are places of neutral space where the weather is perfect." Er, every 8 feet or so? Hmm... Or, around every ancient monument where the Hartman net has been adjusted the weather is perfect? Is a temperature reading inside the protective perimeter of the pyramid different from the outside? As in not boiling hot? Hmm... Don't want to discredit the Hartman net idea if it's actually been measured, but does this make any sense?

p190 State vector collapse - what physicists say our ability to observe and perceive comes from; all possible states collapse into a single observed state. (Which is why the "infinite universes" theory of quantum mechanics doesn't work). Since matter is waves; but we perceive particles. Localization of the wave structure with its release of energy which we call a photon, a particle.

p204 - Terra Preta de Indio soil in Brazil Amazon basin, in measured plots averaging 2 to 4 hectares, containing billions of living organisms; plants thrive in it, an ancient culture used it. Studied at Cornell but no one knows how to recreate it.

Pre-Dark Age cultures predicted their own decline as a natural process of the Great Year (Egypt, India, Greece, Babylon). Great Year is precession of the equinoxes is 25,920 years or thereabouts. Where we be's at right now. Age of Aquarius exxetera. 

p215 The color, intensity and shape of the aura are said to be indicators of a being's physical, mental and spiritual condition. A highly spiritual person can be identified by their aura because it is literally visible and has an unmistakable golden color. - Hmm, one of the last times the Mrs. was in the hospital her roommate & husband said I was glowing. Which I thought was weird. Me spiritual? Not sure about that...

Which incidentally is this article writer's reasoning for humans' interest in and value of gold. He doesn't mention the Anunnaki starting it all by mining it cuz they needed it to preserve the atmosphere of Nibiru... hehheh...

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Secret Commonwealth

I'm not sure why they call this a book since the author's contribution is only 40 pages or so. The first half is intro, & there's 10 pages of notes at the end.

p14 Kirk swooned on a fairy hill. There aren't any ashes in his grave. He "appeared" at his son's baptism, having given instructions on how to return him to society; he was a captive in fairyland. Those instructions (throwing a knife over his head) weren't carried out. - The knife would presumably have been iron, fairies supposedly don't like iron because it can be injurious to them, so maybe that would have "broken the spell" and allowed him to return. If any of this actually happened... At the time they believed it, and saw him appear in the church...

p16 Whatever hallucination or illusion or imposture or the subliminal self can do today, has always been done among peoples in every degree of civilization.

p17 If there's an element of fact in modern hypnotic experiments, it is plain that old magic and witchcraft are not mere illusions. The subliminal self has his stroke in these affairs. - Again corroboration of Guenon about hypnotism. From 1893. Around the time RG was born; he might have been familiar with this work.

p24 Their speech is a kind of whistling, like the cry of bats. - Possibly worth noting is the high-pitched whistle or buzzing you might hear in either ear. Hearing it in the left ear is supposed to be bad, in the right ear good. I've heard both many times, sometimes when sound in general will reduce in volume when the whine is heard; but not always. A sherpa in Nepal at Mt Everest base camp heard that whine in his left ear whilst working on fixing the path through the Khumbu icefall for the climbers that spring, and hightailed it out of there, barely escaping before the earthquake hit. Some of his friends weren't so lucky. Now is this siths or fairies, or a defect of the ear? I do have ear issues, they don't drain easily & I can get dizzy spells when my sinuses clog. Maybe that's it. Maybe not... There it goes in my left ear as I re-read the following paragraph...

p27 Traditional form of imposture wrought either by conscious agents or unconsciously and automatically by persons under the influence of somnambulism (hypnotism). Or an unknown force of nature.

p47 These siths or fairies... Siths... No, not Star Wars.

Scotch-Irish in Scotland with second sight could see these beings (this is written in 1691). Of a middle nature betwixt man and angel, light changeable bodies similar to a condensed cloud, best seen in twilight. Bodies so pliable they can make them appear and disappear at pleasure.

p49 The Scotch-Irish seers have seen a double called the reflex-man or co-walker. If invited and earnestly required, they can make themselves known. Tghis double is of a living person though.

p52 The fairies live longer than us but die at last or at least vanish from that state. - Interesting use of words here, "vanish from that state." The change of state after death mentioned by all traditions, according to Guenon. This is  one of those traditions. Hmm, they don't reincarnate heh...

It is one of their tenets that nothing perishes, everything goes in a circle, lesser or greater (spiraling vortex or whirlwind?), and is renewed and refreshed in its revolutions. 

Every body in the creation moves, nothing moves but has another animal moving on it, and so on to the utmost minutist corpuscle. The different states of being? Or germs, atoms etc.?

They disappear whenever they hear the name of Jesus. Well well, similar to "alien abductions" where the grays also hightail it when someone calls on Jesus for protection. They're the same critters folks! They've always been here; they're not from outer space. They cannot act after hearing His name. Same as the "grays."

p53 Continual sadness because of their pendulous state; silent and sullen. Uncertain what will become of them at the last revolution when they are locked up in an unchangeable condition. 

Differing opinions on what they are. Departed souls clothed in an ethereal vehicle to hold them & keep from being scattered; some sleep in an unactive state until they assume terrestrial form again. - Here's a mention of reincarnation in 1691, but only the belief of some of the seers, not all. The low country Scot calls them a wraith, exuvious fumes of a man exhaled and congealed into a various likeness, called astral body, neither soul or counterfeiting spirit. Others say they are a people by themselves. - This "fumes" corroborates Guenon again, with his "psychic remnants" that linger after death, possibly the "wandering influences" that can be harnessed by peeps, or given temporary existence by mediums and hypnotists.

p63 Second sight is of no long duration, only continuing so long as they can keep their eye steady without twinkling (blinking I presume). They never see the species of any person who is already dead. They will ordinarily see their absent friends (still living).

p69 When transported to other countries (especially America) the seers lose this quality.

p87 Their speech is a kind of whistling, twittering or chirping, a very widely diffused and ancient belief; see Homer or a Professor Alexander about some manifestations in Rio that were frequent.

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...