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Forgotten Origins


p6 Neanderthals were intelligent: larger brain than us, knew astronomy, played musical instruments etc.

Ancient measures prove that man knew the exact size of the earth millennia before the Greeks.

Nineveh number:15 digit number inscribed on an Assyrian clay tablet; they weren't mathematicians. Worked out 65000 years ago.

Two numbers on a stela in Mayan city of Quiriga that can be divided by the number of years in the precession cycle. Knowledge of precession from some earlier civilization.

p7 Fused green glass in Libyan desert; not tektites. Manufactured 6000 BC by some industrial process that produced 6000 degrees of heat.

Brown's Gas (no not somebody's farts), invented by Ilya Velbov, aka Yull Brown who found a method of separating the hydrogen and oxygen in water and then recombining it in a kind of acetylene flame (?), it will punch an instantaneous hole in wood or burn tungsten (which requires 6000 degrees), weld glass to copper, etc. Chinese used it in their submarines to turn sea water into drinking water. (How?) Brown had no doubt it was known to the ancients who used it to extract gold from gold ore.

Pyramids, Tiwanaku, builders must have had some technology for lifting heavy weights. See the Coral Castle stuff, Leedskalnin, Poole etc.; not tech. Levitation.

p8 Four floods, not just one. Atlantis flood, Book of Enoch flood 2000 years later when "seven burning mountains" fell to earth from space one in the Sunda Strait causing great migration north to India & Mesopotamia, flood of Noah & Gilgamesh in 6000 BC that created the Black Sea, Deucalion's flood around 2000 BC. Disaster in 535 AD causing worldwide famine, drought & plague which ended Maya & Nazca Indians of Peru.

p11 John Michell, Nineveh number can be divided by the diameters of the sun and moon, mathematical principle called "the Canon" which states that the universe appears to be designed along mathematical lines, the "code of numbers that structure the universe," Fibonacci numbers, Anthropic Cosmological Principle, which all imply that there is an intelligence behind this design. - Gasp! No, you fool, it all happened by accident and evolution. Geez, how did you ever get published? I hope you're not a teacher (writer Colin Wilson actually) and teaching this kind of stuff to your students!

p42 6000-5000 BC earth was much warmer than today. - What?! With no human industry around to cause it? Impossible!

p43 As ice sheets warmed, glacial meltwater formed into giant lakes behind ice dams. When the dams gave way it produced great flooding (scablands of Eastern Washington) and tsunamis when they hit the ocean. LaV also refers to this independently in Earth Under Fire. Tsunamis and roaring floods that could have destroyed coastal cities (Atlantis at the end of the Ice Age). - We do not have the massive ice sheets nowadays so while sea levels may be rising, this type of disaster couldn't occur; even with parts of Antarctic ice breaking off. 

Seabeds also lower (sink) due to added weight of water (ice age times etc) so that something that is submerged 600 feet is due to 400 foot rise in sea level plus 200 feet of the seabed lowering; this process takes thousands of years. This author says 400 feet sea level rise from ice age ending, most others I've seen say 300 feet.

p50 Edgar Cayce & reincarnation *sigh*- because he believed in it his "life readings" produced it. The two examples given in the book as proof of his accuracy could have been precognition; him viewing the historical discoveries before they happened including the names involved, then projecting  those names as previous incarnations of his clients. According to Rene Guenon & his interpretation of the Vedas & other traditions, reincarnation not only doesn't happen but is impossible.

p55 Atlantis; disturbing parallel between the catastrophic fate of a once richly powerful society and the modern world's similarly global and materialistic civilization. Exactly. Could we be destroyed in a day like Atlantis? This age is supposed to end in fire; so a CME, a comet, a superwave from a galactic core explosion, an asteroid... Regarding the latter there are supposed to be 2 huge asteroids, big enough to cause global disaster, in the middle of the Taurid (I think that's the one) meteor shower, which the earth just happens to orbit through every year...

p86 Migration across the Bering Strait is just a theory; turns out not a very good one. Good explanation here of why it probably didn't happen, since those people would have had to cross a 2 mile thick ice sheet for 4000 miles. It couldn't have been done. Without them even knowing where they were going? Why would they even try? Not to mention the "perilous corridor filled with raging ice sheet melt waters." Yup I'd head into that blind. Any time.

p152 Hugh Brown's theory from 1948 that earth could capsize due to too much ice in Antarctica. Build-up is 2000 billion tons each year (this figure is published in 2015 but may refer to a calculation from Brown's time, the '40's). Now wait a sec. The ice is supposed to be melting off because of global warming. What's the deal? In the space of 70 years we have that kind of accumulation turning into a reduction? That's kind of alarming. No more pole shift or capsizing if that's the case! Or do we have a lesser accumulation of ice nowadays which they refer to as melting since it's not accumulating as fast? Hmm. First google link from 2015 says Antarctic ice sheet is thickening by 0.7 inches per year. Hmm. Another link (more recent) says Antarctic sea ice is growing in spite of slightly warmer ocean water. Hmm. A friend of mine wonders if 1 or 2 degrees of temperature will make any difference when it goes from minus 34 to minus 32. Will that matter? Hmm.

Two 16th century maps and one 18th century map that show Antarctica with no ice. Antarctica wasn't discovered until 1820. Wha? These maps are accurate. The map-makers said their info came from older 4000 year old maps. So at that time the south pole was free of ice? Was the south pole on the equator? Evidence there could have been a pole flip or crust displacement. Disputed by other alternative scientists as well as, obviously *cough cough* mainstream skience.

p153-4 According to The Omega File the Nazis found a 30 mile ice cave in Antarctica in 1938 & built a base there. It was warm at the end; geothermal activity. The British supposedly found the base (Nexus mag 2005). This led to Operation Highjump in 1947 led by the US. Led by Richard Byrd, commanded by Nimitz, the 6 month mission was abandoned in 3 months. Article doesn't say why. Easiest explanation is they didn't find anything. Or they did & we are now using the place. Or they found Nazi flying saucers...

p155 In 1957 Russians build Vostok station which turned out to be on top of a huge under-ice lake; the water is 50-65 degrees; underwater heat source, geothermal, volcanic or whatever. In 2001 scientists from Columbia University discover a "huge magnetic anomaly covering the entire southeast portion of the shore of the lake." Could be an accumulation of large metallic structures, an ancient buried city? Right after this finding JPL pulled out & turned matters over to the NSA.

p156 Around the same time scientists at Vostok Base die from mysterious illness right after discovering a series of geometric dunes in the middle of the anomaly. 12 emergency medical evacuations made from nearby US base McMurdo in 2001, all employees of Raytheon, who does black ops work for the US. Cover story for needing flights there & back to the US? Was the US drilling down to Lake Vostok & did they find something that they flew back here? An ancient artifact? Interesting stuff.

Uh, Lake Vostok Monster? Organism 46-B. A 33 foot long 14 tentacled squid-like thing in the lake. "Russian scientists claim team battled creature under Antarctic ice..." In 2012.

No photos though, dang it. I don't think this is it:


Or this:

Funny stuff online... Need to watch Ice Station Zebra again. Howard Hughes' favorite movie...

p157 "Today the government and the media bombard us with assertions that due to our production of carbon dioxide the world will soon end. We are led to believe our puny efforts can significantly alter the climate of our entire planet. In reality, we are completely at the mercy of vast forces over which we have no control. Ice ages come and go due to a complex interaction of purely natural forces and events, including earth's axial wobble and changes in its orbit, as well as changes in solar activity." Well put. Not just changes in orbit but the fact that the solar system is moving through space, up and down in a sine wav pattern as we orbit the galaxy, moving through areas of dust etc because outer space isn't a vacuum!!!!! No mention either (anywhere) in any media of carbon dioxide aiding plant life. They eat it. Wouldn't more carbon dioxide be a good thing? Oops, just lost my grant money for pointing that out.

Eruption of Krakatoa in 416 caused a period of cold and drought. Medieval Warm Period from 1000 to 1200 AD. Thanks for mentioning it. Liberals won't believe you though. In fact the UN will throw away the data. Little Ice Age in the 14th century (frozen Thames etc) which lasted well into the 19th century; which is where the global warming fanatics begin their count. Weather was particularly cold around AD 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1815.

Warm periods between ice ages, warmer than now. Yes I know I'm cookoo for cocoa puffs because such a thing is unpossible.

p167 Atheists trying to prove God doesn't exist, using flimsy evolution theory & stating it as fact. "Darwinism is a trivial idea that has been elevated to the status of the scientific theory that governs modern biology" - Dr. Michael Egnor, professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook. 700 dissenter scientists & academics here:

p170 Cambrian explosion. Most major animal phyla appeared fully formed in the Cambrian. According to Darwin they should all show a common ancestor. Fossil record doesn't support this. Darwin himself admits this is a "serious" problem which "may be truly urged as a valid argument against the views here entertained." Study in 1991 of newly found pre-Cambrian fossils shows that rather than the "bottom-up" theory of Darwin, the Cambrian pattern "creates the impression that metazoan evolution has by and large proceeded from the top down."

Microevolution yes, within a species. Macroevolution, one species morphing into others, there is absolutely no evidence of this. BS.

Some biology textbooks don't even mention the Cambrian and its challenge to Darwinism. Disservice to students of biology; fails to provide the resources for students to think critically... - Of course, they don't want students to think critically, they just want them to accept the dogma and learn to obey orders. It's the New Dark Age, I tells ya.

p174 Materialism holds that matter is the ultimate reality in the universe; a philosophy that leads toward atheism and extinction, denying the existence of a soul and the survival of consciousness after death. Age of Reason. (misnamed haha). Evolution provided the knockout punch for the rationalists against the "superstition" of religions. - That's why you question it at your own peril. 

Alfred Russell Wallace - Darwin's co-evolutionist & naturalist, a materialist but later spiritualist: "If all men without exception ever come to believe that there is no life beyond this life...then it seems to me that the condition of man would be altogether hopeless because there would cease to be any adequate motive for justice, for truth, for unselfishness, and no sufficient reason could be given to the poor man, to the bad man or to the selfish man, why he should not systematically seek his own personal welfare to the cost of others." Welcome to the materialist/atheist/socialist 21st century.  No socialist govt person will ever look out for anyone's welfare but his own. 

p187 We are all the product of racial mixing and interbreeding. There is no evolution in it. Unchanged, unevolved, if the evolutionary straight jacket forces the improbable "dwarfing" theory on us (for the "hobbit" found on Flores as well as bushmen & other perfectly formed little people). There is an alternative: amalgamations. 

p189 And what about giants? You scoff. King Og in the bible was 16 feet tall. Goliath was 11 feet tall. Bosh you say, the bible is bologna. Hmm, 15 foot long sarcophagi in the Cairo museum. Or this fella:

Creepy. Uncovered in Ireland in 1895. Fossilized. He was 12'2" tall. Yikes! Giants mentioned by Plutarch, Sertorius, Pliny, Pausanias, St. Augustine, Tertullian... Giant skeletal remains discovered near castle of Chaumont, France in 1613 that were 25'6", 23-foot human skeleton found in 1456 near Valence, France, giant human skeleton found in Canton of Lucerne in 1577 that was reported at 19'6'', 1856 in mine shaft in Italy finding of skeleton 11'6", skeletons of giants found all over the Americas... What did they evolve from, hmm Mr. Darwin???? You were still alive when that Irish dude was dug up... No comment from Mr. Darwin...

Several recent books document how the Smithsonian has been hiding or destroying evidence of giants for roughly a century. Why?

p208 Good summary of the anomalies on the Moon and Mars. What are those ribbed glass tube thingies on Mars?

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