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Paradigm Busters


pix Astronomer Halton Arp & the quasar that has too big a redshift, between us & a distant galaxy. If doppler effect is correct, redshift should be less. But it isn't. Therefore redshift isn't a measure of distance, as I've said many times. His challenge to the Big Band has turned him into a non-entity, his career virtually terminated.

p9 The ether. They don't want you to know. Michelson & Morley never claimed there wasn't an ether; they were simply unable to detect it. Michelson said later he suspected there was some kind of ether filling all of space. Einstein admitted that relativity required an ether.

p32 Elberfeld Horses. Hans (a horse) could do math, read, could distinguish between harmonious & dissonant chords. "To accept such intelligence in horses would be subversive of the theory of evolution (said in 1904)." Hahaha evolution, what a joke... Observed and verified by author Maurice Maeterlinck, as well as other scientists. Not fraud. Not subtle cues, not telepathy. Horse spelled out "Because I am tired" & "pain in my leg" when asked why it stopped in the middle of lessons.

p35 Academia is locked into scientific fundamentalism. - Sure, to keep the funding coming in. And to preserve their own work & self-importance. If they admit the Big Bang never happened, after championing it for 50 or whatever professional years, their career is down the drain & all for nothing. There's no way they'll consent to it; their whole worldview will collapse. Sort of like the humans causing global warming fanatics haha... Similar to the resistance to the Copernican view; actually exactly the same. If these people lived in those days they be's defending the flat earth.

p45 Sir William Barrett, professor of physics at Royal College in Dublin, verified levitating of tables, floating trumpet, etc., in 1918. "That there is an unseen intelligence behind these manifestations is all we can say, but that is a tremendous assertion, and if admitted destroys the whole basis of materialism." Yes. Exactly. That's why it's ignored by mainstream skience.

p46 Dr William J Crawford, lecturer at Ireland's Belfast University, began communicating with "spirit entities" (see Guenon for a different explanation) who told him that two types of substances (ectoplasm or whatever they called it) were used to produce the phenomena (levitation, disembodied hands, rapping etc.). One was taken in large quantities from both the medium and the sitter, and returned to them after the séance. The other was taken exclusively from the medium & could not be returned because its structure was broken up. - Interesting! Corroborates Guenon, in different terminology but essentially the same. This would be why the mediums suffer from health problems over time; which is documented. These manifestations all come from the peeps involved; not independent spirits of the dead; even though this guy thinks he is communicating with a spirit, it is a temporary construction of this very material it is talking about; a wandering influence or weird force that we don't know what it is, & never will. Can't. Same thing with hypnosis. Hypnosis doesn't prove alien abduction. It doesn't prove reincarnation, or aliens reincarnating as humans. It proves the personal beliefs of the hypnotist/medium & the sitter(s) but that's all. It doesn't validate anything, other than that we have gnarly powers our own selves (the prolongations or extensions to the physical body) that materialist atheist skience refuses to acknowledge & thereby keeps us in the New Dark Ages; which is their purpose.

p49 Here we go again... "Satan and demons do not belong to the human kingdom, being the negative aspect, composed of the fallen angels and their slaves. I have been told these things by the dark entities I encountered." Possibly true but "they" are not to be trusted, see Swedenborg, Keel etc. They're all liars. They may not know what they are either, so they just make shit up, or take it from the mind of the person(s) present. 

p50 Hypnosis again. Another writer accepting it unquestionably. 'Tis a pity. Psychiatrist uses regressive hypnosis past physical death into after death state. Earthbound entity, disembodied consciousness, go into the light, life review, some go into the light, some go into the dark, some remain on earth near their body, some think they didn't die, etc etc. Same old same old. Hypnosis is unreliable. This stuff is not necessarily hogwash, but it can't be trusted verbatim. Essentially worthless as evidence, sorry. Does this stuff really help people? Or does it just keep the person coming back to the psychiatrist for another session?

p56 Roswell crash involved 2 craft, one at Corona the other close to Datil. I was looking at properties in Datil! Oh well... It's all a setup anyways. Colvin says Carbide plastic was found at the crash site, as I've pointed out many times. this Serpo stuff is all disinfo to hide the fact that we are building these craft.

p60 Here's the giveaway. On Serpo no guns, no crime, they do have a police force tho, all adults do some type of work, and there's no money; everyone is given whatever they need from central distribution centers. A socialist utopia! Sharing all the world... hahaha extremely unlikely that this ever happened. Oh, nobody mentions whether they were all naked or not, like, y'know, Lanulos.

p67 Coral Castle. Leedskalnin: "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Yucatan, Peru and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons." Children spying on him one evening claimed they saw him "float coral blocks through the air like balloons." No one believed them, but it was probably true, exploiting a loophole in physics as discovered by R. L. Poole in his book. The Coral Castle commemorates a date in time, during a syzygy. Dates could be checked to see if his move to Homestead occurred during one of these, or the specific dates of his construction work.

p80 Georgia Guidestones. Doesn't mention one obvious candidate for putting them up: Ted Turner. He's there & he had the money. Therefore CNN = NWO.

p165 Creation of Nan Madol in India by 2 antediluvian gods who "by their magic spells, one by one, the great masses of stone flew through the air like birds, settling down into their appointed place." Compare this to the Coral Castle & what the children claimed they saw Leedskalnin doing. Also compare to Tibetan monks levitating boulders with sound of trumpets, drums & chanting. Sound trumps (eh perhaps I shouldn't use that word heh) vision...

Great Flood and underwater temples & constructions all over the world. 175 global flood myths among cultures supposedly with no contact with each other. Supports the comet theory which Danish scientists date to 9703 BC from ice core samples.

 p168 Easter Island; moai were moved by use of mana; by "words of their mouths" the enigmatic stone heads were commanded to walk through the air. Unusual individuals who could bend the presently known laws of physics. Uxmal is said to have been raised in just one night by a magician who whistled and heavy rocks would move into place. Tiwanaku: the great stones were moved from the quarries at the sound of a trumpet. Egyptian temples "speedy at construction." It had to be done speedily while the syzygy's were in effect. How does sound correlate with that though (gravity or lack thereof, & magnetism)? Syzygy's being rare, would eclipses have been enough?

p170 Locations chosen by the builder gods are places where planetary electromagnetics behave differently. Might I add, at certain times; which is why the giant observatories like Stonehenge were built, to track those periods of time (equinoxes, solstices, eclipses, whatever they were) so those peeps would know when to work their magic; including the precision carving, the stone also becoming soft enough to carve like butter.

Nag Hammadi codices: ancient temples were created as an antidote against forces of darkness "that steered the people who followed them into great troubles, by leading them astray with many deceptions... And thus the whole creation became enslaved forever..."

p173 Temples concentrate measurable levels of electromagnetism. Humans are electromagnetic by nature (I guess). Temples are always built near water which gets charged with an increase in vorticular motion which produces a corresponding effect in the human body, stimulating the iron that flows through the blood in the veins as well as the magnetite suspended inside the skull. (? Magnetite in the skull? Must research...) Any excitation can influence the body's state of awareness, primarily through the stimulation of the pineal gland. And what have we said earlier about the pineal gland, hmm? How fluoride in drinking water calcifies it; fluoride concentrates in the pineal gland & hardens the liquid crystals, making your pineal gland inactive. For a reason.

p175 Hartman net, Hartman knots; electromagnetic grid over the entire face of the globe. Spaced at intervals of 6 feet 6 inches by 8 feet (yay, thank you very much for not using meters). These lines can be moved or stretched with metal rods, dowsers can do it. All or most ancient Egyptian (and other) temples have 18 geomagnetic lines "of protection" around the perimeter. Inside would be magnetic neutral. - Hmm, this seems to contradict what he wrote above, about the temples concentrating electromagnetic energy.

"The holes of the Hartman net are places of neutral space where the weather is perfect." Er, every 8 feet or so? Hmm... Or, around every ancient monument where the Hartman net has been adjusted the weather is perfect? Is a temperature reading inside the protective perimeter of the pyramid different from the outside? As in not boiling hot? Hmm... Don't want to discredit the Hartman net idea if it's actually been measured, but does this make any sense?

p190 State vector collapse - what physicists say our ability to observe and perceive comes from; all possible states collapse into a single observed state. (Which is why the "infinite universes" theory of quantum mechanics doesn't work). Since matter is waves; but we perceive particles. Localization of the wave structure with its release of energy which we call a photon, a particle.

p204 - Terra Preta de Indio soil in Brazil Amazon basin, in measured plots averaging 2 to 4 hectares, containing billions of living organisms; plants thrive in it, an ancient culture used it. Studied at Cornell but no one knows how to recreate it.

Pre-Dark Age cultures predicted their own decline as a natural process of the Great Year (Egypt, India, Greece, Babylon). Great Year is precession of the equinoxes is 25,920 years or thereabouts. Where we be's at right now. Age of Aquarius exxetera. 

p215 The color, intensity and shape of the aura are said to be indicators of a being's physical, mental and spiritual condition. A highly spiritual person can be identified by their aura because it is literally visible and has an unmistakable golden color. - Hmm, one of the last times the Mrs. was in the hospital her roommate & husband said I was glowing. Which I thought was weird. Me spiritual? Not sure about that...

Which incidentally is this article writer's reasoning for humans' interest in and value of gold. He doesn't mention the Anunnaki starting it all by mining it cuz they needed it to preserve the atmosphere of Nibiru... hehheh...

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