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The Djinn Connection


Yes we are reading books with "Connection" in the title. No, by coincidence it was just sitting on top of the pile. Amazon has a used copy for $499.00. Yes that's right. I guess it's out of print because they don't want anyone to read this?

pIV "In the process of discovery, I have sometimes had to revise my beliefs in the face of evidence." Nice quote from the author. Everyone should be willing to do this but some dogmas just won't be overcome. Sir Francis Bacon thought the same.

Also mentioned in the intro is the author not favoring conspiracy theory (she does mention it sometimes tho), so everything is taken at face value without considering govt mind control or things of that nature; the fact that govts probably have the ability to remotely affect someone's mind & make them see shit like this; or hypnotize from a distance, the buzzing sounds being what puts them into trance. But there are "wandering influences" & possibly that's what these djinn are, whether or not they have independent existence & volition & motives of their own being the 5 million dollar question. Guiley thinks so; Guenon didn't think so, unless he knew very well & was hiding something.

p9 The djinn might be plasma beings and seem to be sensitive to electromagnetic energy generated by devices and equipment, as evident in testimonies and encounters. Author mentions they have trouble around TV and radio & I suppose now computers. Are our computers keeping them away? Compare to early Keel & Barker stories about various sasquatches & other creatures pounding on the hoods of cars, as well as cars stalling etc. Author could have drawn many comparisons but probably didn't have time amongst her own field research. For the plasma angle see LaV & his assertion that the US is testing plasma weapons and/or creating plasma "balls" & trying to steer them & use as a missile defense. Couple that with this author's other book where the US military is in Saudi Arabia trying to capture a djinn. Does all this fit together somehow? Is the military trying to artificially/electronically duplicate djinn powers & are being somewhat successful? Are the djinn electromagnetic leftovers of a previous advanced civilization; previous humans who reached Kurzweil's singularity & uploaded their consciousnesses to the stars? The ancient atheists? Although the djinn are always associated with God, as rebels etc... 

p37 Hypnotic regressions have revealed considerable information about the ET's... Regressions have missed a key element: probing for the participation of djinn. - Aha! Most hypnotists are unaware of djinn & very aware of aliens & greys; the subject takes this stuff from the mind of the hypnotist therefore spins a yarn about grays & not djinn or elves. This is not "proof" of alien abduction at all, it may all just be fantasy. Some of it could be mind control or experimentation; under cover of "aliens" our govts can experiment on us all they want. But of course black ops doesn't splain all the weird sightings that occurred before those programs existed, 19th century and before, or the 1897 airship. Which is probably why this author doesn't consider conspiracy theory; even though peeps nowadays consciously remember seeing military (possibly Nazi) uniforms; the Hills for example.

p57 Yeats - "Many poets and all mystics and occult writers, in all ages and countries, have declared that behind the visible are chains and chains of conscious beings, who are not of heaven but of earth, who have no inherent form, but change according to their whim, or the mind that sees them." This is what Keel agreed with later on.

p58 According to Keel, our reality and beliefs are manipulated by some unknown, nonhuman intelligence. Phenomena are generated to perpetuate certain belief systems. It's all a Disneyland of the Gods which may explain the bizarre nature of the paranormal and why we never get solid answers or evidence. We humans have no control over the process and we can only wonder at what is the real agenda. - Sums it up pretty well. The ICHC. Add in the shenanigans of the elites/CIA/military and it seems that their goal is to gain control of this process. They seem to be emulating it fairly well electronically & hypnotically ie the milabs etc. Obscuring the reality of these intelligences (through promotion of atheism and materialism and socialism and evolution and ET's - very easy to do here in the US with the aid of the mainstream media & academia idiots) by ridiculing anyone who believes in them, while behind the scenes they try to learn how to manipulate these forces for their own benefit.

p63 The Wild Hunt. See Lecouteux. Author doesn't say whether peeps still see this nowadays. Lecouteux's info is all from the middle ages. Author does say something about Africa as if it's current.

p65 Victims of fairies, djinn and ET's (supposed abductees) throughout history have suffered a loss of vitality. - So have mediums (not mentioned by this author). Is there a connection? Probably. 

One victim likened the feeling to being pierced with a needle. A doctor who treated victims of a modern UFO attack in Brazil saw they had small puncture wounds on their arms & thought they had blood taken. - Yes, but are these human (mad) doctors doing this? Using hypnotic suggestion to make the peeps think they are seeing UFO's and aliens? Djinn using humans to set up the ET smoke screen to hide behind?

Blood. Many sources say they are after our blood. Other sources say iron is their weakness (fairies mainly, also djinn tho). Our blood has iron in it. So does cattle blood or any other blood (cattle mutilations etc). Does this compute??

p69 Many abductees feel they have been given screen memories to mask the abduction. The ET abduction scenario itself is another screen memory though, brought out through regressive hypnosis and forever burying what really happened. This author does not even mention hypnosis & that virtually all abduction scenarios are remembered through hypnosis. Highly suspicious. Read some Keel who doesn't use hypnosis in any of his analysis. Travis Walton is not reliable because he underwent hypnosis by military doctors (as did the Hills) if I remember rightly.

p71 "Today, if he were regressed by hypnosis..." About a peep abducted to fairyland. Regression by hypnosis is the problem; all these authors who accept it as infallible are a problem. Not questioning this author's sincerity, still...

The Hills, under hypnosis, recalled... Argh. They also remembered military uniforms; this author doesn't mention that. Military doctors too...

p78 Tujunga Canyon "ET abduction" in 1953. Recalled under hypnosis... sigh...

p82 Budd Hopkins was unfamiliar with shadow people and djinn.  - Very important clue! Which is why his hypnotic subjects always saw ET aliens, because they got the idea subconsciously from Hopkins and his ET-believing hypnotists.

Following sections about Jacobs, Strieber & Mack, all alleged elsewhere to be CIA; which makes any of their testimony suspect and/or worthless. Disinfo. Jacobs has regressed hundreds of experiencers. Gawd... I feel sorry for them. Is he really trying to bury what really happened? National security? Ritual abuse by humans, according to Horsley. 

The abductors plant images in the minds of their victims to confuse, deceive and manipulate. - It's the hypnotists that are doing it!!! Govt controlled? Djinn controlled? Some of both?

p85 Strieber recalled under hypnosis... See? What did he recall before being hypnotized, hmm? Horsley pretty much proves Strieber was a victim of ritual abuse. By people, not aliens.

Mack was a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School who never mentioned djinn or shadow people in his work. Yikes. A psychiatrist making people see aliens. Author does not mention whether Mack's patients were hypnotized but I believe other sources say that they were. It's all in that X-Files episode where the "abductee" sees military guys. 

So this author doesn't consider shadow govt mind control type stuff, Mack & Hopkins don't consider djinn & shadow people, Strieber... None of these guys (or gals) are looking at the whole picture; they're all specialists. They believe in aliens so that's what their patients see. Unbelievable.

So the scenario is the victim is first sought out by the "UFO" to see if they are susceptible, if they are they are put into trance by the beeping sounds or flashing lights, ritually abused or experimented on, when bits of memory start coming back they are troubled & go to the psychiatrists who perform hypnosis that brings out the aliens cover story while burying forever all memory of the true events. Perfect setup.

Mack was hit by a truck & died. Not an accident? Was he about to confess to something? That it's all a big charade?

p91 Karla Turner & her husband underwent hypnosis... Sheezus... Their son also went under regression (hypnosis)... Double sheezus... Turner "regressed her husband..."   Triple sheezus. To be fair, some of her witnesses seemed to be recalling similar stuff without hypnosis interfering, but the author may just not have mentioned it, since it goes without saying & is totally reliable as evidence... ugh... There is no alien human hybrid breeding program, it's just a hypnosis fantasy.

p97 Pay dirt finally. Turner and her husband uncovered memories of military involvement in their abduction encounters. They say they were working with the aliens. - I say there are no aliens. Are there djinn? Maybe. So that's who the military is working with, or under the control of, or thinking they're controlling when the reverse is actually true... Or it's all just The Powers That Be using this other BS as cover. "They'll think it's aliens" followed by laughter. A quote I mentioned earlier from an "abductee" overhearing his captors. Exactly.

p98 Good quote from author's source in Morocco who claimed to have met real djinn. "The djinn that must be responsible for this ET phenomenon must have human handlers. Public is more receptive to this notion of a superior race coming to save the world. This is part of the program by people at high levels..." And yet this author doesn't consider conspiracy theory. Outside her level of expertise maybe, & time constraints with all these other studies maybe, but still... you gotta consider all of it, which very few of these researchers seem to do. At least she does mention possible conspiracy stuff finally.

p116 Blavatsky - problem is she made it all up, borrowed from all sorts of rare sources. Some of her more revealing letters are printed in Guenon. She wrote the "Ascended Masters" letters herself.

p144 Good summary of Gnosticism. 365 aeons in concentric spheres, God at the center, one ruler over each, Sophia at the 30th from the outside (us), creates the Demiurge who creates man & thinks he is God, etc etc. PKD goes into this too in his Exegesis. Yaldabaoth, Archons, etc. Where did these ideas originate? Story of the archons is from the Apocryphon of John, a vision of John the apostle, found at Nag Hammadi in 1945. Not the same as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

p160 It is said djinn possess people by entering the bloodstream & circulating through the body. Hmm... This after discussing Bramley's theory of aliens being behind the Black Plague (reports of black clothed or caped or hooded beings with scythes just before the plague hit) & of the possibility of them using diseases (against us, since they want the earth back etc). Hmm covid-19, covid-19 vaccine... entering the bloodstream through a needle... just throwing that out there! For no one to read hehheh... except the Google peeps who archive everything being done via their services. But it's okay, I'm safe as long as I don't have any readers... Which is not the point anyway; the point is taking notes because I'll never remember all this stuff...

Guenon lived in Cairo his last 20+ years, I wonder if he knew or at least suspected his "wandering influences" were genies... He must have...

p198 The scuttlers - black shadow spider-crab dealies that were seen inside a radio transmission box in Ireland. Found in other broadcasting equipment in England. Affecting the transmissions/broadcasts (negatively). In a medium of black fluid oil; hmm, see X-Files... They feed off the electricity. Possibly human made out of an ET-biological organism, a type of programmable nanotechnology that works inter-dimensionally. Hmm... real? Delusion? No mention of hypnosis here... This is around 1990. How does this compare to these other entities who are supposedly harmed by electromagnetics, or bothered by our home electronics? Now they're feeding off it? Doesn't add up to me... There's something else about transmission towers I read... Ah, the recycle company that was dismantling them, which was bothered by some type of shadow person that they all saw.... Weird stuff...

p213 Iron again. Iron is said to weaken fairies, and djinn are afraid of it. Again, if they don't like iron, how and why would djinn possess us through our blood, when blood has iron in it? Also magnetite in part of the brain, how & why would they possess people if that's the case? You'd think they'd be afraid to try. Also defensive use of sound & electronics (against them & possession by them) - although this electronic interference would prevent peeps from coming in contact with them in the first place. Hmm...

p216 "As long as we are distracted in dozens of directions by myriads of entity forms, we are not going to see our situation accurately." She cites movies etc., but I would cite regressive hypnosis as the chief culprit & the main weapon used by these whatever they ares. Hey I like that, new acronym, the WTA's the Whatever They Ares. Exc-ell-ent! 

Any regressive hypnosis will bring up the cover story, the real screen memory, or the subconscious ideas of the hypnotist, and erase forever the true memory of what really happened, as Keel said. Open to suggestion, as many have said about hypnosis. I have no experience other than research (and don't want any), but that's why Keel's work is so important; and so purposely neglected and ignored. Guenon too, who wasn't even in print in English until 2000 & now seems to be going out of print already for some mysterious reason; just like this book, try to find a copy for a reasonable price... New Saucerian is out of business so how long will Keel's work be in print...

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