Monday, March 22, 2021

The Sign and the Seal

I wasn't sure whether or not I would write up any notes for this book because, I reasoned, that when I knew that I had decided to discard it because I felt I would never read it again because I acknowledged that as I perused the book I thought I noticed.... omg, I've had enough of what I can only assume I... argh. The book is almost unreadable. At least Hancock tones it down in some of his future works but still... Not sure why the publisher didn't insist on editing some of this self-promotion out. It gets almost sickening at times.

p67 The tablets of stone within the Ark may have been two pieces of a meteorite.

p68 Meteoric origin to the Black Stone of Mecca, I believe. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach calls the Holy Grail the Grail Stone I think & says it has a meteoric origin, if I remember what I read when I opened this part of the book. I believe this is prior to other authors (Mallory etc) calling it a wessel or cup.

p92 Templars and the Dome of the Rock. I found out they never left it for almost 7 years and, I reasoned, because of the excavations I knew they had carried out, I came to my conclusion that they were looking for something. Maybe the Ark, I felt.

p110 Discusses the letter of Prester John to the Pope in 1165. Author wonders who really wrote it & why. The letter warns the Pope against the Templars.

p168 More Prester John, Prince Henry the Navigator who sought his land but apparently kept his findings secret.

p274 A fire came out of the ark & killed the 2 sons of Moses. Also other manifestations appeared, on the golden top (the "mercy seat") between the two cherubim. Voice, 2 sparks, fiery jets... Electricity? With 2 magnetite meteors inside, not the Ten Commandments on stone tablets... Unless the stone tablets were something else in addition to the meteors.. 

p276 The Ark sometimes killed the bearers with "sparks" or lifted them bodily off the ground, as well as itself. Defying gravity? The Ark was also used as a weapon in battle, uttering a moaning sound then rising into the air and rushing toward the enemy, discombobulating them.

p286 Were the Ark's powers man made? It lifted itself and bearers, emitted light, strange cloud formed between the cherubim, it afflicted people with leprosy & tumors, & killed peeps who accidentally touched or opened it (like Indiana Jones). Was it radioactive? What kind of machine could it have been? Microwaves? Similar to the way UFO's burn people, I feel. In fact, I believe, maybe the Ark had a mini-UFO inside? Or similar electromagnetic device anyhow. Peeps were getting electrocuted, thus the gold lining, otherwise maybe they couldn't have carried it around at all.

p319 Egyptian priest to Plato: "The necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured." Periodic. It happens in cycles, most likely aligned to precession. Was the arrangement of precession set up for precisely this reason? To warn us? Every 13,000 years. We are overdue, see LaV.

p328 The "funerary" boats buried near the pyramids. Maybe they were actually ocean-going vessels.

p370 Device called the Shamir dating back to the time of Moses, capable of cutting rocks. It could not be kept in an iron vessel or any metal; it would split it apart. It had to be kept in a lead basket. A laser device? It disappeared when the Temple of Solomon was destroyed.

p380 Missing in the Second Temple (rebuilt over the original on Mount Moriah) were the Ark, the Ark-cover, the Cherubim, the Fire and the Urim & Thummim (whatever those were), used for divining maybe.

Meanwhile the author thinks the Ark is in Ethiopia in a church, which he reveals in the first chapter then goes on for 500 more pages. ? Talk about putting the cart before the horse methinks, if I feel I'm reasoning correctly as I type this on the computer keyboard I am using as I sip my coffee & refer to the book I bought when I was in the store awhile ago, if I remember correctly.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

Are these peeps all nuts? Is there any truth to this stuff?

p33 Four pages of documents relating to the Philadelphia Experiment, talking about quarantining all ships personnel & material, request from Hoover for all personnel involved to have psychological testing at Quantico, the escape of 7 of the detainees at Quantico, and the finding of an implant in the cerebellum of a crew member. Remarkable if true, author admits these papers could be forgeries, but why? Why not? Help "implant" the idea of aliens in the public mind?

p41 Time Variance Formula. Tesla supposedly had one too - Eh, what is it? No clues on a couple pages of google search.

p44 Peter Robbins - Left At East Gate - account of 1981 Bentwaters AFB landing where witness soldiers said they were drugged & hypnotized. Their superiors wore rubber alien masks; psychological warfare set piece. The setting up of a screen memory to hide what they really saw. - I believe this is what has gone on every time "aliens" are remembered under hypnosis. Nice to see a report that verifies that. 

p46 Conspiracy authors; Martin Cannon later retracted what he had said about MK-Ultra etc, that "alien abductions" are actually screen memories relating to secret mind control experiments that have nothing to do with actual aliens whatsoever. Was Cannon coerced to retract his position, author asks. See Horsley for someone who agrees. Either mind control or ritual abuse or it could even actually be national security if we've developed flying machines with these properties & they're all ultra secret; better (to the mind of the Elites anyhow) to have peeps think they're aliens than let this technology become available to the public.

p47 Different combinations of drugs, hypnosis, stimuceiver brain implants, electromagnetic & optophotonic brainwave entrainment devices are also reportedly used to control an individual's thoughts and actions (even from a distance).

p48 Project Monarch mind control. Different levels described, such as Alpha, Beta, Delta etc.

p115 Alien invasion & alien manipulation of our govt, ala X-Files. Bush hahaha the biggest dunce who ever lived set all this up. Yup.

p123 The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics. - Once again we have theory stated as fact. Many (including me) believe the opposite happens, that the many worlds exist only in potential & as soon as an action is taken by anyone the universe is "frozen" into that reality.

So then we have all of these supposed alternate selves in these alternate universes overlapping & affecting our behavior in this universe. I'm not saying it's impossible, just not likely. 

So all of these Montauk peeps experienced what they did in alternate universes, which is why their stories are so weird. Okay...  Maybe... Eh, no.

Then we have the back cover blurb which states "It has long since been established by science that parallel universes exist." Eh, no it hasn't. It's just a theory. The Big Bang is a theory. Black Holes are a theory. Relativity is a theory. Evolution is a theory etc etc

These alternate universes exist in these peoples' imaginations... Does that make them real? To them probably, but to anyone else? Um...

p140 On a quantum level every possibility is true. - Uh, is this proven? Not that I know. Every possibility exists as a possibility, maybe it's nothing more than that.

p144 What if schizophrenia is related to a misalignment of mental & physical energy fields, resulting in the inability to distinguish between time streams. Nice theory as long as multiple time streams exist, which is not proven by any means. Just because you say it's true doesn't make it so.

p145 The bodies of the Phil sailors might have become separated into a number of isolated spaces where nerve signals could not flow across the dividing boundaries. Disruption of the functioning of the body. Similar to mental illness? Bob Beckwith - Hypotheses.

p154 Beckwith again. He heard stories from the sailors. Peeps in the inner cabin were unaffected & turned off the power when they ended up in Norfolk. Same testimony as Allende. Does that give it any credence or is it all disinfo spread to peeps who they know will babble about it.

p172 Jacque Vallee former member of the Aviary, ex-CIA; group dedicated to studying, infiltrating and disinforming the UFO community. Interesting if true.

p174 Phil Exp was about optical invisibility. Special plastic called diffraction film. Also there are the 4 references I've found to pre-ww2 invisibility projects that were all public. So this is a plausible scenario. Whether they pulled it off or not... Navy had the data and resources to experiment with invisibility in 1943. Yes, they probably did.

p178 Carlos Allende was a genius. Author defends him, says he might be victim of mind control & is doing his best to reveal what he knows as he knows it.

p203 Vacuum tubes. Field generators in Montauk Project all used tubes. Very primitive, according to commentator. Maybe it's a key, though. Maybe if any of this stuff is true about parallel dimensions, time travel etc. it all has to be done in analog. Digital doesn't work. Which is why they converted everything to digital & keep using analog for their own experiments? So us ordinary folks won't catch on? Distorted digital to entrain the masses...

p216 The Five Families. Talking about the supposed bloodlines handed down from the aliens. Royalty & the Rockefellers. How about the Rothschilds?

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...