Monday, March 22, 2021

The Sign and the Seal

I wasn't sure whether or not I would write up any notes for this book because, I reasoned, that when I knew that I had decided to discard it because I felt I would never read it again because I acknowledged that as I perused the book I thought I noticed.... omg, I've had enough of what I can only assume I... argh. The book is almost unreadable. At least Hancock tones it down in some of his future works but still... Not sure why the publisher didn't insist on editing some of this self-promotion out. It gets almost sickening at times.

p67 The tablets of stone within the Ark may have been two pieces of a meteorite.

p68 Meteoric origin to the Black Stone of Mecca, I believe. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach calls the Holy Grail the Grail Stone I think & says it has a meteoric origin, if I remember what I read when I opened this part of the book. I believe this is prior to other authors (Mallory etc) calling it a wessel or cup.

p92 Templars and the Dome of the Rock. I found out they never left it for almost 7 years and, I reasoned, because of the excavations I knew they had carried out, I came to my conclusion that they were looking for something. Maybe the Ark, I felt.

p110 Discusses the letter of Prester John to the Pope in 1165. Author wonders who really wrote it & why. The letter warns the Pope against the Templars.

p168 More Prester John, Prince Henry the Navigator who sought his land but apparently kept his findings secret.

p274 A fire came out of the ark & killed the 2 sons of Moses. Also other manifestations appeared, on the golden top (the "mercy seat") between the two cherubim. Voice, 2 sparks, fiery jets... Electricity? With 2 magnetite meteors inside, not the Ten Commandments on stone tablets... Unless the stone tablets were something else in addition to the meteors.. 

p276 The Ark sometimes killed the bearers with "sparks" or lifted them bodily off the ground, as well as itself. Defying gravity? The Ark was also used as a weapon in battle, uttering a moaning sound then rising into the air and rushing toward the enemy, discombobulating them.

p286 Were the Ark's powers man made? It lifted itself and bearers, emitted light, strange cloud formed between the cherubim, it afflicted people with leprosy & tumors, & killed peeps who accidentally touched or opened it (like Indiana Jones). Was it radioactive? What kind of machine could it have been? Microwaves? Similar to the way UFO's burn people, I feel. In fact, I believe, maybe the Ark had a mini-UFO inside? Or similar electromagnetic device anyhow. Peeps were getting electrocuted, thus the gold lining, otherwise maybe they couldn't have carried it around at all.

p319 Egyptian priest to Plato: "The necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured." Periodic. It happens in cycles, most likely aligned to precession. Was the arrangement of precession set up for precisely this reason? To warn us? Every 13,000 years. We are overdue, see LaV.

p328 The "funerary" boats buried near the pyramids. Maybe they were actually ocean-going vessels.

p370 Device called the Shamir dating back to the time of Moses, capable of cutting rocks. It could not be kept in an iron vessel or any metal; it would split it apart. It had to be kept in a lead basket. A laser device? It disappeared when the Temple of Solomon was destroyed.

p380 Missing in the Second Temple (rebuilt over the original on Mount Moriah) were the Ark, the Ark-cover, the Cherubim, the Fire and the Urim & Thummim (whatever those were), used for divining maybe.

Meanwhile the author thinks the Ark is in Ethiopia in a church, which he reveals in the first chapter then goes on for 500 more pages. ? Talk about putting the cart before the horse methinks, if I feel I'm reasoning correctly as I type this on the computer keyboard I am using as I sip my coffee & refer to the book I bought when I was in the store awhile ago, if I remember correctly.

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