Monday, May 24, 2021

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generating 200 foot high walls of water that travelled several hundred miles an hour all the way to the Arctic Circle. Alaska's Akiachak volcano erupted at the same time sending additional tsunamis southward. Yikes. And peeps are worried about "global warming"? 

p50 Human thought if properly focused has the ability to change physical reality. According to Dan Brown. Hundreds of others have said so before him but I guess if he can present the idea in a best-seller so that more peeps become aware of it, can't hurt. 

Zero Point Field. Uh, just another name for the Ether which is one of the 5 basic elements along with earth, fire, air & water. Again, read the Vedas, or Rene Guenon's writings about them.

Ted Kennedy in 1975 says: "the deputy director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an extensive testing and experimentation program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign. Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to unwitting subjects in social situations." Cool. Thus the UFO & ET craze which began in the 60's. CIA insisted MK-Ultra had been abandoned by early '70's, CIA vet says not so.

Remote viewing, claims that it actually worked. Publicly stated that it didn't.

p206 Roswell. If Marcel can be believed, we have a genuine UFO crash. The crash test dummy theory has been laughed at, but I think the dummies were plants. Make the peeps think aliens are flying these things instead of our own secret govts. Nobody saw them clearly. Corso's book is questionable as pointed out by Colvin? I think, the "antiquated" science he claimed was found. Carbide plastic found at the site, etc.

Redfern thinks the bodies were Japanese POW's being experimented on at high-altitude; many peeps in our rocket progs at the time were ex-nazi's, like Werner von Brahn...

p220 Copper Scroll is a treasure map. Article author believes the treasure had already been found in Egypt before the Scroll was even found, thought to be a thief's plunder, & is already on display at the Cairo Museum.

p230 Article writer cites Spiritualism as proof we survive death. All of his quotes can be debunked by reading Guenon's The Spiritist Fallacy, where he pretty much proves the whole thing is real but is generated by the minds of the medium & the participants; not dead peeps coming back to speak to us.

The real proof is in the NDE's which thousands of peeps have had (my uncle for one) and in the Vedas which says that our personality survives in a different state & continually moves into different undetermined states. Proof enough without citing phony spiritualism as a source. "All are wrong" my note in the book says, about deniers & believers both. Guenon settled this 100 years ago; no one paid attention & no one bothered to translate him into English until 20 years ago.

p236 Richard Feynman suggests that a positron might be an electron moving backwards in time. 

When an event occurs it generates various fields and gives off various waves that move both forward and backward in time. As we move forward through time we may encounter waves or fields from an event that has yet to occur. 

All events may not give off signals of equal magnitude; different types of waves may move faster or slower relative to each other. 

The past might be changeable also; Schoch has tested all this stuff in the laboratory; see The Parapsychology Revolution from 2008; have it but haven't read it yet.

The data or the past is only malleable before it is viewed or studied by someone. Hmm, so as long as an event in the past remains hidden, it can still be changed? By the mind? Is that the real purpose for all this obscure ancient history? The WTA's or whoever are trying to change the past? In order to accomplish... what? PKD said a long time ago he thought the past changed. 

FIP's, a phrase coined by writer J. B. Priestly, for Future-Influencing-Present effects.   

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Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...